Piofiore: Fated Memories – Gilbert Redford Walkthrough


START New Game
Select The main storyline (La Storia)


  • Gilbert’s route will only be available after completing the previous four LI’s.
  • Some “Meanwhile Stories” in this route plays automatically. In this guide, I’ll only be listing the ones that should be played manually.
  • You will need to play the “After Stories” (Storia Triste and Prologo 1926) to collect all the CGs.


-Good morning.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-You’ll have a happy life.
-I understand why they left.
-(Ask a question.)

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-(Speak to the person.)
-Of course.
-(Give thanks for the day.)


-You’re right, he is a nice person.
-…It’s unusual to see someone so young.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-Just keep smiling.

CHAPTER 01 – Let the Good Times Roll

-(Be clear about it.)
-It’s delicious.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-Don’t you think it’s wasteful?

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 02 – Guess What?

Create (Optional) SAVE FILE 1 here

-But how did you negotiate, Oliver?
-I don’t want to go, but…
-(Stay quiet.)
-Thank you…

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 03 – Discovery

Create (Optional) SAVE FILE 2 here

-(Visit the Falzone.)
-Please don’t apologize.
-Gil, you’re so kind…
-I couldn’t ask him to go away…

CHAPTER 04 – Take a Gamble

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-It’s my first time seeing them.
-I’m concerned about the Lao-Shu.
-I want to say hi to Sister Sofia.
-(Take a bite.)

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-I don’t mind.
-God won’t mind.

CHAPTER 05 – Hole Card

-How about with you, Gil?

Create (Optional) SAVE FILE 3 here

-I’m concerned about Creta.
-No, we’ll take her.
-You must be a hard worker.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 06 – To tell the Truth

-I want to go out.
-You knew all this time?

CHAPTER 07 – Hear Me Out

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 08 – Bring it Down

(No Choices)



Select “GILBERT” Chapter 7 Good with:
Affinity: LOW
Trust: LOW

CHAPTER 07 – Hear Me Out

SKIP Meanwhile Story “Judgement”

CHAPTER 08 – That’s That


(TRAGIC) BAD ENDING (Unlocks 3 CGs):

Select “GILBERT” Chapter 6 with:
Affinity: LOW
Trust: LOW

CHAPTER 06 – To Tell the Truth

-Maybe that’s for the best…
-I’m so embarrassed…

CHAPTER 07 – Walk It Off

Create SAVE FILE 4 here

-I don’t hate you, but…

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 08 – Falling Down

-That’s not true!

~BAD (Tragic) END~


Bad End 1

Load SAVE File 4

-I like you, but no!

Bad Ending 1

OPTIONAL CHOICES (to complete Dictionary):

Load (Optional) SAVE File 1

-Are you all right, Gil?
*Unlocks the word “Mussolini”

Load (Optional) SAVE File 2

-(Visit the church.)
*Unlocks the word “amaretti”

-(Choice doesn’t matter)

Load (Optional) SAVE File 3

-I want to go to the Falzone’s with Leo
*Unlocks the word “Briscola”

-(Choice doesn’t matter)


12 thoughts on “Piofiore: Fated Memories – Gilbert Redford Walkthrough

  1. Hi! I love your walkthroughs, they are super helpful and you can obviously tell you put a lot of time and effort into every one of them, thank you! You said on here that you do the optional choices to complete the dictionary, I was wondering will you ever do a walkthrough to complete the dictionary? I’m missing one word between ‘Brindisi’ and ‘Buona Natale’ that I can’t seem to find no matter how many times I re-read…


    1. Hi Aimee, the word you’re looking for is “Briscola” which is still in Gilbert’s Route. See “Optional Save 3” (I’ve just added this a week ago ^^;hehe) If you’ve already finished the route, just load Gilbert’s Ch5 and select the choice “I want to go to the Falzone’s with Leo”. This was quite an enjoyable scene too if I may add! 😀


      1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! T_T I’ve been trying to find it for ages and I completely missed that V_V” Thank you so much!


  2. Hi, thanks for your walkthroughs – they’ve been super helpful! But I’m in an odd situation now… I’ve reached 100% completion for the entire game, but I’m missing the last 2 images for Gilbert and the last 3 for Orlok… would you have any ideas? Thanks!


    1. Actually I’m also missing the last and 4th/5th photos in the gallery section… although I’ve also done the finale route.


      1. Hello! To get all the CGs you’ll need to play all of the character’s after stories too! Go to START but instead of selecting “La Storia” move your curser to the right (using the left joystick) – Pick either Storia Triste or Prologo 1926 (these are the after stories).


  3. Heeey! Just wanted to say I found an interesting feature that was not mentioned in any walkthroughs: I replayed Gilberts route (I love him too much lol, he is my favourite) and I get extra scenes, choices and mean-while stories. I dont know if that is the case with the others, but they seem to connect with the final route. Atm saving at every choice, to see if they do something about the ending.
    Fyi it was after the best ending.

    The beginning of chapter 5 in Gilbert’s route changed completely and I got a bunch of choices. I will update if I learn they affect the ending as I have tried to find it in the walkthroughs, but they don’t mention anything.


  4. Hello, I have a question! 🙂 I’m trying to replay Gil’s route (I’ve already played the finale and 100% the game thanks to you) since I didn’t get to properly enjoy it the first time (I was expecting him to have further motives when he was being nice to Lili xD), but if I follow the choices in this walkthrough, I always end up on the finale route. Are there different choices to make to stay on Gil’s route after the finale has been unlocked?


    1. Hi there! If you want to replay Gil’s route. You can always go to ‘Chapters select’ instead of starting a new game. Choose Gilbert and go through his route choices.


      1. Sorry for the delayed reply to this, I got super busy >.< And omg you're so right, somehow I just selected the first chapter of his route, always ended up back on the finale route despite going through the correct choices, and it never crossed my mind to just select the next chapter manually to avoid that xD Thank you so much for your reply and for your walkthroughs!

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