Piofiore: Fated Memories – Gilbert Redford Walkthrough


START New Game
Select The main storyline (La Storia)


  • Gilbert’s route will only be available after completing the previous four LI’s.
  • Some “Meanwhile Stories” in this route plays automatically. In this guide, I’ll only be listing the ones that should be played manually.


-Good morning.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-You’ll have a happy life.
-I understand why they left.
-(Ask a question.)

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-(Speak to the person.)
-Of course.
-(Give thanks for the day.)


-You’re right, he is a nice person.
-…It’s unusual to see someone so young.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-Just keep smiling.

CHAPTER 01 – Let the Good Times Roll

-(Be clear about it.)
-It’s delicious.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-Don’t you think it’s wasteful?

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)
PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 02 – Guess What?

Create (Optional) SAVE FILE 1 here

-But how did you negotiate, Oliver?
-I don’t want to go, but…
-(Stay quiet.)
-Thank you…

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 03 – Discovery

Create (Optional) SAVE FILE 2 here

-(Visit the Falzone.)
-Please don’t apologize.
-Gil, you’re so kind…
-I couldn’t ask him to go away…

CHAPTER 04 – Take a Gamble

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-It’s my first time seeing them.
-I’m concerned about the Lao-Shu.
-I want to say hi to Sister Sofia.
-(Take a bite.)

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-I don’t mind.
-God won’t mind.

CHAPTER 05 – Hole Card

-How about with you, Gil?

Create (Optional) SAVE FILE 3 here

-I’m concerned about Creta.
-No, we’ll take her.
-You must be a hard worker.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 06 – To tell the Truth

-I want to go out.
-You knew all this time?

CHAPTER 07 – Hear Me Out

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 08 – Bring it Down

(No Choices)



Select “GILBERT” Chapter 7 Good with:
Affinity: LOW
Trust: LOW

CHAPTER 07 – Hear Me Out

SKIP Meanwhile Story “Judgement”

CHAPTER 08 – That’s That


(TRAGIC) BAD ENDING (Unlocks 3 CGs):

Select “GILBERT” Chapter 6 with:
Affinity: LOW
Trust: LOW

CHAPTER 06 – To Tell the Truth

-Maybe that’s for the best…
-I’m so embarrassed…

CHAPTER 07 – Walk It Off

Create SAVE FILE 4 here

-I don’t hate you, but…

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 08 – Falling Down

-That’s not true!

~BAD (Tragic) END~


Bad End 1

Load SAVE File 4

-I like you, but no!

Bad Ending 1

OPTIONAL CHOICES (to complete Dictionary):

Load (Optional) SAVE File 1

-Are you all right, Gil?
*Unlocks the word “Mussolini”

Load (Optional) SAVE File 2

-(Visit the church.)
*Unlocks the word “amaretti”

-(Choice doesn’t matter)

Load (Optional) SAVE File 3

-I want to go to the Falzone’s with Leo
*Unlocks the word “Briscola”

-(Choice doesn’t matter)

4 thoughts on “Piofiore: Fated Memories – Gilbert Redford Walkthrough

  1. Hi! I love your walkthroughs, they are super helpful and you can obviously tell you put a lot of time and effort into every one of them, thank you! You said on here that you do the optional choices to complete the dictionary, I was wondering will you ever do a walkthrough to complete the dictionary? I’m missing one word between ‘Brindisi’ and ‘Buona Natale’ that I can’t seem to find no matter how many times I re-read…


    1. Hi Aimee, the word you’re looking for is “Briscola” which is still in Gilbert’s Route. See “Optional Save 3” (I’ve just added this a week ago ^^;hehe) If you’ve already finished the route, just load Gilbert’s Ch5 and select the choice “I want to go to the Falzone’s with Leo”. This was quite an enjoyable scene too if I may add! 😀


      1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! T_T I’ve been trying to find it for ages and I completely missed that V_V” Thank you so much!


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