Kitty Blabs: Stuck in Animal Crossing Hell

Hello, my lovely kittens! It’s been a while since my last otome-related post. Sadly, today’s post is not otome-related (if it ain’t too obvious in the title lol) but I’ve been wanting to get back on finishing my backlogs, most particularly in the otoge category. Right now, I’m in the middle of playing My Secret Pets and Princess Closet, but these games haven’t really caught my interest (as expected for most non-voiced mobile ports) that I keep putting it down delaying my whole progress.  Anyway, I’ll definitely be posting reviews of these games soon, once I get to finish them that is, (who knows when that’ll be).

But back to the supposed topic 🤣 (cackles). Currently, just like everyone else in the world. I am playing Animal Crossing New Horizons, and I confess I play this game religiously… every day since week one! It also doesn’t help that since I am now working remotely on a daily basis, all my games are obviously within reach and I can just play them whenever I want, even in my working hours (I hope my boss never reads this ha!).

But yes, It’s true! I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours building my island, doing daily activities, trading online, shopping for villagers, and grinding for bells. I have terraformed til midnight, demolished and reconstructed bridges and inclines because they were wrongly placed by a mere inch, and I have relocated all my buildings countless times only to put them back in their original places a few days later.

Am I crazy?

No, just stuck in Animal Crossing Hell!



Video above shows a couple of vistas on my island. Please forgive the upload, it was rendered in a rush! 🤣 *cackling*

…So I realized that even though I’ve reached a five-star rating on my island, it’s not going to satisfy me if it’s just going to look like any other person’s 5-star island. I had to make sure I can distinguish mine by having a specific theme. So I’ve turned my lil’ island into a busy Mong Kok-ish town paying homage to my Asian roots.

With almost four hundred hours of gameplay, I have finally completed my entire town. So here, I’ll be spamming ya’ll with BEFORE and AFTER pics of my island. Ha! Get ready!

Games by Kitty



Waterfalls look nice as entrances but they take up a lot of island space so I had to get rid of this.



Disclaimer:  I’m awful at taking pictures both in-game and in real life! 😂







I initially wanted a secret area on my island that goes straight to my secret beach so I made this entrance path and just planted a couple of flowers around it. It looked pretty tacky and I hated it. lol 😆 Hence, I had to demolish!



I’m quite happy with how my renovations turned out. I realize I’m not a big fan of massive rows of flowers on islands, so I gave all my flowers away and perhaps kept a couple of rare ones. Shrubs, however… they look REAAALLY fantastic! 



I reduced my picnic area by half and took all the rivers out because rivers and ponds take up a lot of space. I want my island roads to be as narrow as possible.





It’s always raining on my island too so some pictures I took recently, turned out grayish dark, I had to turn the pop filter on to make them look decent! I’m sorrrrryyy! 😭

I wish I have more before and after pics to flood this post with but this will have to do for now. I know my lil’ island needs more improvement. There are a couple of areas in my town that I wanted to demolish and renovate such as my orchard, I wanted to turn it into a park of some kind but I’m slowly getting burnt out from the game that I had to relax my completionist head for a bit. lol


I initially browsed around ACNH /subreddit to get some island ideas which basically inspired me to build my first waterfall entrance and my current museum, but most of my rural town fantasy was inspired by these two magnificent Twitter accounts.

Their islands are truly immaculate. Like literally, I have no words! These artists are geniuses!

Games by Kitty

Did I mention I played for almost 400 Hours?

Scratch the “almost” part, because I just checked my playtime and it now says 400+ glorious hours. Oh boy! Do I even have a life you ask?😂

To be honest, most of those hours are actually spent on trading items instead of actually building my island. I normally just dock my console and leave it on so other players can come to me for trade while my gates are open.



If you’re unfamiliar with Animal Crossing trading, there’s a website called Nookazon where you can buy and sell almost anything in the game (even villagers). If you think your trash items are useless, think again! I just paid about 100,000 bells for 30 pieces of wood and almost half a million bells to buy trash items like boots, empty cans, and old tires.  This site is extremely helpful when it comes to getting the in-game items you need for your island.

When Nookazon first started out, the only feature you get is to list the items you’re selling and for you to make offers on other player’s items. Mostly, P2P messaging is done through discord or other social media platforms (twitter being the most common).

Now, Nookazon offers a player-to-player messaging option and an “On my way” button to let the other player know you’re on your way to visit them. Nifty right?

I’ve used the site perhaps hundreds of times to trade, so I can completely vouch for it. If you do as well, maybe you’ve already traded with me? haha who knows!


  • Don’t be cheap. Make an offer a seller can’t refuse. If the item’s price is listed for 5,000 bells at Nook’s Cranny, DO NOT offer 6,000. Because seriously, who needs that extra 1K bells for profit?!  My flat offers for rare items are usually 100,000 tops.
  • Be on time.  One of the things I hate about AC trading is that some players take forever to get to you. A fifteen-minute wait is understandable but an hour or more? No sir! Take your business somewhere else please, or at least have the decency to message the other player that it’ll take you this amount of time to trade.
  • Trade accurately. Please do not offer 100K bells and then fall off short by one thousand when you get to my island. Bruh, I will kick you out! Every bell counts! I know this kinda sounds a little petty but it’s not really the shortage of extra bells I’m annoyed with but the lack of common courtesy. 🙄

Games by Kitty

With all that said and done, there’s no denying that Animal Crossing New Horizons has tremendously helped me cope up with life’s stressful circumstances, especially in today’s current times. Right now, I can totally say that I am completely burnout (in a good way, I guess?), but nonetheless, I’m definitely feeling pretty satisfied with my current Island (aesthetically speaking 😂)  and my accomplishments as a Meowspring resident! Ha Ha Ha~!🤓

Are you stuck in Animal Crossing Hell too? How was your experience? 😬

**Btw, anyone is welcome to visit and tour Meowspring. So if ya’ll wanna play with yo girl and get stuck in ACNH hell together, let me know! *cackles*




6 thoughts on “Kitty Blabs: Stuck in Animal Crossing Hell

  1. Your entrance is beautiful! I’d love to make something like that, but my plaza is really close to the airport, like 5 blocks close lol. I can relate to the “not beautiful enough” feel of the island www. I feel like I’ve finished designing it, and now, I want to terraform the entire island again. I love your island though!

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    1. Thanks! (≧∇≦)
      Totally! I’ve been there… it took me about a hundred hours to terraform and build stuff only to demolish them right after hhhhhh it’s p crazy! Would love to see pics of your island too! 🥰

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  2. Your island looks so beautiful, I’d love to visit it if possible! The new secret beach entrance is my favorite part! I’m also stuck in ACNH hell, 700+ game time, and slowly redecorating the island too. I also love making custom designs so I’ve probably spent at least 100 of those drawing clothes~
    (by the way just want to say that I found your site recently because of your Switch otome game recommendations and I’m so happy I did! I’m playing Collar x Malice now thanks to your review, and loving it ❤ )

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    1. Hi! You’re welcome to come visit and tour anytime! Jus msg me (or email) me here or on Twt when. ^-^ I checked your designs in your ig page and omg they’re beautiful! You even have Yona’s outfit! ❤

      Yay, im glad you picked up CxM too! Enjoy and have fun! 😀


  3. wow your island is beautiful!! i especially love the two secret beach entrances, hope you don’t mind if i take some inspiration from your ideas. i have an image of a small marketplace that’s kind of secluded and your areas are close what to i want on my island ^o^ i’m always in awe of people who have spent a few hundred hours and their islands look complete! meanwhile i’m at similar hours but half of my island is still a dump (literally, with items all over haha;;;) at the moment, since collar x malice just came out, i’m juggling between that and AC so i haven’t made much progress on island but your seeing yours is making me want to go full on with decorating again!

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    1. Hello shun!
      Thank you! Of course,go right ahead! I don’t mind at all!^^ I feel you! Been wanting to get back to plying AC so I can clean up all the items (mostly diys) I dumped at this one section of my beach. Haha Oh and glad you picked up CxM! Hope you’re enjoying it so far! ^^


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