The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya – Takao Walkthrough


TAKAO – Kikuya’s number one courtesan.

NOTE: This guide is for the SUPER HAPPY ENDINGTo get the HAPPY ENDING CG,simply start from Chapter 13 (likability should be  at 0%). It shouldn’t matter what your last two choices are. 

Chapter 1
-Stare in awe
-Push him aside



Chapter 2
-I’m sorry
-Takao san



Chapter 3



Chapter 4
-Ask Takao to save you
-Don’t touch



Chapter 5
-Tokiwa-san said something mean
-Tell him that you scared



Chapter 6
-A noisy place
-Call his name
-Will still wait



Chapter 7
-You want me to make a move?
-It’s for you
-Surrender your body



Chapter 8
-I’ll think of a better way
-Try your best to buy his freedom



Chapter 9
-It doesn’t matter



Chapter 10
-I won’t dream anymore
-Won’t dissapear



Chapter 11
-I’m scared



Chapter 12
-Me too
-Is it really okay?



Chapter 13
-I’ll go too



-Super Happy Ending-