The Charming Empire: Kagemitsu Togawa Walkthrough


KAGEMITSU TOGAWA – Your childhood friend.

Take note, this is a walkthrough for the Happy End, to unlock the Normal End CG, just choose the opposite choices (the game only offers two choices).

Chapter 1
-The future



Chapter 2
-A sugar candy



Chapter 3
-“This is all new to me …”



Chapter 4
-“I’ve never seen this design”



Chapter 5
-“I was spacing out”



Chapter 6
-“I’m happy”



Chapter 7
-“You seem so tired… “



Chapter 8



Chapter 9
-“That’s embarrassing”



Chapter 10
-Hold his hand



Chapter 11



Chapter 12
-“Why a revolution?”



Chapter 13
-“Forget the revolution”



Chapter 14
-Ask about the promise



Chapter 15
-“You do deserve it”