The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya – Takao Walkthrough


TAKAO – Kikuya’s number one courtesan.

NOTE: This guide is for the SUPER HAPPY ENDINGTo get the HAPPY ENDING CG,simply start from Chapter 13 (likability should be  at 0%). It shouldn’t matter what your last two choices are. 


Chapter 1
-Stare in awe
-Push him aside



Chapter 2
-I’m sorry
-Takao san



Chapter 3



Chapter 4
-Ask Takao to save you
-Don’t touch



Chapter 5
-Tokiwa-san said something mean
-Tell him that you scared



Chapter 6
-A noisy place
-Call his name
-Will still wait



Chapter 7
-You want me to make a move?
-It’s for you
-Surrender your body



Chapter 8
-I’ll think of a better way
-Try your best to buy his freedom



Chapter 9
-It doesn’t matter



Chapter 10
-I won’t dream anymore
-Won’t dissapear



Chapter 11
-I’m scared



Chapter 12
-Me too
-Is it really okay?



Chapter 13
-I’ll go too



-Super Happy Ending-

The First Nintendo Switch Otome Game – The Men Of Yoshiwara

Note: I wrote this around early February (2018) and forgot to publish. I am fully aware that there are now at least three new otome games for the Switch Console. The recent one that was just released was The Charming Empire.


The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya

Release Date: Feb 1, 2018
Digital Download of the NSwitch game here.

I can’t believe we are finally getting the first ever Otome Game for the Nintendo Switch!  Thanks to D3Publisher Inc. they have just released The Men of Yoshiwara (localized) for the Nintendo Switch Port. This is nothing but awesome news to Nintendo Switch owners who are huge fans of otome games.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming!

Another good news is that they’re also porting the sequel for this game: The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya. They don’t have the release date for it yet, but the game is probably under wraps for completion by now since it’s already in their Nintendo Switch page.

EDIT: The game was just recently released around Mar. 8, 2018. Click the link above for its digital download. ^^

One tiny gripe I have for this Switch game though is that they ported the PC version instead of the one in Vita. PS VITA, of course, gets character voices, a bonus character, and a physical version of the game. As expected, from being the ultimate Visual Novel console, the PS VITA gets more goods. image

But then again… even though the switch gets an inferior version of the game, as long as I get to see my hot courtesan boyfriends dominating my 55″ tv screen, I don’t really mind…

The game so far
I just picked up the digital download of the game recently so I’ve yet to play all the routes but I’ll make sure to do a separate post of my own personal review of the game soon. But, le’mme tell you right now, this game is STEAMY af! omg I have no regrets nyan!  image