Spiral Memoria – The Summer I Meet Myself – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Spiral Memoria -The Summer I Meet Myself- is a game developed by Operahouse Japan, and published by Digimerce. This game was originally released for mobile systems (Android, iOS) in Japan back in the year 2015 and was recently ported over to the Switch console this year.

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Collar x Malice -Unlimited- Review (Nintendo Switch)

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COLLAR X MALICE UNLIMITED is the first fandisc of the series Collar x Malice. This FD consists of “After Stories” continuing all the romantic endings of Collar x Malice’s main cast. It also offers extra stories for side characters: Kazuki, Seiji Minegishi, and Hideaki Yoshinari, as well as an alternative story that continues one of Adonis’s bad endings of the first game.

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