Tears of Themis: “Fluffy Fuzzy Time I” – Limited Event Series

HoYoverse announced today that its romance detective title, Tears of Themis, will launch its limited-time event “Fluffy Fuzzy Time I” on May 27th. Players can embark on a heartwarming journey with Luke to help a brave German Shepherd adjust to retirement after life as a K-9, or spend relaxing days bonding with an adorable odd-eyed Persian cat with Vyn.

  • Feed the pets delicious Canned Food and Freeze-Dried Delicacies
  • Keep them in good condition by calling for it and cleaning it regularly
  • Take the pet on leisurely outings, which will trigger Outdoor Events
  • Build a strong bond with lovely pets and be rewarded with S-Chips and other generous bonuses!

At the same time, the Event Shadow of Themis will also be available with increased draw rates for the two event-limited SSR cards. Luke’s dynamic Invitation “A Calm Break” and Vyn’s dynamic Invitation “Snowball in Dreams” will also be obtainable during the event.

Players can obtain these cards to experience exclusive stories and phone calls from the corresponding male leads. Get ready to be moved once again as you delve into Luke’s SSR story, “A Dream of Benji,” which is sure to tug on your heartstrings. Immerse yourself in Vyn’s SSR story, “Trace of Puff,” and listen to sweet murmurs that will make your heart flutter.


For more information about this event, you can check out Tears of Themis’s event posts and updates on their official website here or follow Tears of Themis’ official Twitter page.


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