Otome Game Dormitory Love Gets A Worldwide Release for the Nintendo Switch!

This just in today! The Japanese developers, Hase im Haus and PLiCy, one of the major indie game platforms in Japan, has announced that their Otome Game Dormitory Love is getting a world release this coming April 28, 2023. Pre-order sales will begin on April 20, 2023. To celebrate its release, the game is being listed at 15% off on pre-orders for a limited time!

The game was originally released as a series of consecutive titles on the Japanese PC platform in 2011. These titles are; Aru Kanrinin no Koi: spring + summer, Aru Kanrinin no Koi: autumn + winter, and Aru Kanrinin no Koi: between the seasons. A complete edition of the game was later released on April 2021.

Since then, Dormitory Love has garnered attention from numerous Otome game enthusiasts in Japan due to its unique love stories featuring the heroine and foreign students from abroad. The game has been awarded the ‘Honorable Game Award’ by PLiCy and was also selected as one of the top 100 games of 2022 on Freem, Japan’s biggest indie games platform.

Dormitory Love is is a sweet and chaotic romantic comedy featuring foreign exchange students as love interests with peculiar personalities. Although it may appear as a conventional romance game, the story exceeds in its genre through the lively interactions among the residents in the dormitory and their rich background stories.

The game takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride, filled with thrilling highs and lows, as well as fun seasonal events like flower viewing, hot spring visits, and summer festivals, which offer an authentic glimpse into Japanese culture. One of the game’s standout features is that it’s fully voiced and boasts over a hundred stills (Cgs).

SYNOPSIS (from the Japanese E-shop)

The story takes place at “Shirakabaso,” where six foreign exchange student boys live as dormitory residents. They are all proficient in Japanese and have their own exceptional talents.

The students always have fun and exciting adventures, enjoying their dormitory life to the fullest. However, their lives suddenly change when a college student, Jun Minase, is appointed as the new dormitory manager.

From spring to the end of summer, the dormitory residents enjoy seasonal events such as cherry blossom viewing, hot spring trips, cultural festivals, and summer festivals. The story is filled with heart-throbbing situations and lots of commotion in the lively dormitory, with some heart-warming scenes as well.

  • Jun Minase (CV: Nashinosuke) – protagonist/heroine
  • Felix Scheider (CV: Konoe Yoritada) – a serious and skilled German who is good at household chores.
  • Guillaume Dubois (CV: Inusaki Ayutomo) – a selfish Frenchman who likes to wear girls’ clothes.
  • Joshua Reynolds (CV: Star Hoshi) – a popular American athlete who is a ladies’ man.
  • Ling Wei (CV: Narumi Shuuji) – a mysterious and introverted Chinese student.
  • Sasha Lebedev (CV: Yayoi Yamato) – a gentle and self-proclaimed artist and photographer from Russia.
  • Sean Orwell (CV: Shinba Ryou) – a sarcastic British tutor who is an otaku.
  • A voiced heroine
  • English and Japanese language available. Voice acting is Japanese only.
  • The name of the heroine, Jun Minase is changeable.
  • The entire story is fully voiced.
  • Over 100 still images.
  • Recommended for those who likes a gentle sweet atmosphere that pervades the narrative; perfect for romance-lovers.
  • Detailed depictions of various cultures from different countries.
  • Recommended for those who want to savor the romance with unique characters. (*Description provided by the developers.)


Dormitory Love is set to release worldwide on April 28, 2023, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch platform. The game will be available for digital purchase, and there is currently no official announcement regarding a physical release.

About Hase im Haus

Hase im Haus is an indie game label which was founded by the developer Mirin in 2010. Mirin grew up in Japan and has since lived in the United States, France, and currently resides in Germany. She has a good understanding of the fine arts and holds a license to teach traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Since starting to create visual novel games, she has been working on various tasks, such as illustration, game design, video production, scenario writing, character animation, and translation.

About PLiCy

PLiCy is an active agency for discovering high-quality indie games known for its popular platform for indie games in Japan. They are also a host of PLiCy Game Awards, where many indie titles make their appearances. They have been publishing numbers of indie titles on Nintendo Switch, introducing various kinds of games from puzzle games to novel games. Dormitory Love is the first otome game they have published.


4 thoughts on “Otome Game Dormitory Love Gets A Worldwide Release for the Nintendo Switch!

  1. I wonder if this is based on something. The artstyle looks really familiar and gives me the vibe of a retro anime. Either way, good post and I’m looking forward to your review (if you do)! lol

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  2. So the switch version is also a complete edition or are other parts going to be separate like the original release?


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