The Crimson Flower that Divides: Lunar Coupling – Suren Walkthrough


  • Make sure to create a save file for Naran’s route (Save File 1).
  • The Endings: ‘Broken Bird’ and Suren’s Epilogue unlock CGs.
  • Route order doesn’t matter in this game. though I’ll say, most of the “plot spoilers” are in Touya’s route, so play him last if you’d rather want to save certain story element/s for last.


-(…Maybe I’ll see him in a different light after we get married?)
-“You might look like a gentleman, but are you making fun of me?”
-(What’s this guy talking about?)
-(Maybe I can relax, just a little.)
-(But this is happening faster than I expected…)
-(You’re still the one who brought us here…!)
-(He doesn’t look like a Nasla man..)
-“What. Geez.”
-I’m interested in the child
-Call out to him
-“That’s wrong, isn’t it?”
-“…Is that supposed to be a compliment?”
-(…For now I’ll pretend to be asleep.)
-He gives off a different impression.
-“What do you mean, beautiful woman…”
-(Because it was my first time…?)
-Maybe he really is concerned for me…
-(I wonder if there’s some other reason why…)
-“…Go ahead.”
-(Do it yourself.)
-(I wonder when he could have seen that…)
-“Don’t get the wrong idea.”
-I remembered a strange pain in the back of my chest.
-“Ah, thank you…”
-“Please! You’re my only ally right now!”
-I might start to see him as a regular guy…
-(It’s not like I’m feeling lonely or anything…)
-“Perhaps you’re not feeling well this morning?”
-(Maybe he’s trying to understand me…)
-“I don’t think so.”
-(…C’mon, as if I could say that to a boy)
-I don’t hate him.
-(It’s strangely comforting.)
-(Come to think of it. I do wonder why…)

Create Save File 1 here (Naran route)

-“I have to go see him.”
-(If I’m going out, I should call for Nalan.)

Create Save File 2 here

-(By the way, Salanna…)

Create Save File 3 here

-Don’t take the spy’s hand
-(I chose this path. I have no regrets.)

Create Save File 4 here

-Believe in Suren

~BEST END: The Battle for Love~


Load save 2

-“Right, then let’s hurry.”

Bad end: Sinner

Load Save 3

-Take the spy’s hand

Bad end: Hidden Confession

Load Save 4

-Protect Suren

Bad End: In the Red Sea

Load Save 1

-“…I understand.”

Bad end: Broken Bird


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