The Crimson Flower that Divides: Lunar Coupling – Naran Walkthrough


  • To start this route, you need a save file from Suren’s route. If you haven’t created a save file, you can follow the walkthrough for Suren’s route until you reach the point where you can create “Save File 1.”
  • Naran has three endings: one best ending and two bad endings. Only the best ending unlocks a CG.
  • Route order doesn’t matter in this game. However, it’s worth noting that Touya’s route contains most of the “plot spoilers,” so if you want to save certain story elements for last, it’s best to play his route last.

Load Save File 1 Naran Route (from Suren’s route)

-“I understand.”
-What if Nalan was my husband…
-“…I’ll try.”

Create Save File 1 here

-(I can’t lie…)
-(That would be for the best…)
-“…I don’t think that’s right.”
-“Did you get it?”
-“…Then, I’ll take Nalan with me.”
-“That’s not true.”
-(Suren…what would you say to him?)
-“I lost that kind of emotion when I became Suren’s wife.”
-(Could it be, the one I saw at the market back then…)
-(I can’t be the only one with lingering feelings, can I…?)
-(Nalan is more relaxed than before…)
-“As long as you’re here, that’s all I need.”

Create Save File 2 here

-“Nalan, you don’t think anything about what happened last night…?”
-“…Can you really put your emotions behind you so easily?”

~BEST ENDING: Faraway Future~


Load Save File 1

-“That…that can’t be right.”
-(I wish I could forget as soon as possible…)
-“No one is empty.”
-“Thank you.”
-“It was reassuring to know you were there.”

BAD END: Broken Ruby

Load save File 2

-(That’s good…)
-“…I don’t want to be protected.”

BAD END: Until That Day


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