Tears of Themis Limited Time Event: Blizzardous Threads of Red

HoYoverse announced today that its romance detective title, Tears of Themis, will launch a series of limited-time event under the historical theme “Blizzardous Threads of Red” coming this January 12!

Amidst the snowy landscape, a lifetime passes by in a moment. Attorneys will visit Blizzard Villa together with the four male leads, complete the “Snowy Mountain” Main Story and Side Story tasks, collect Holly Stationery, and obtain the Event-Limited Badge, R cards, and various rewards!

Blizzardous Threads of Red

On a cold and snowy night, at an old manor deep in the mountains… An antique magnate, Mevis Zeng, is about to hold an auction at this manor for precious treasures. Many guests from all walks of life have been invited to join the event, but then an accident happens right before their eyes… Is the legend of the soul-reaping snow beast a truth? Or has someone meticulously set up this trap? What secrets are hidden in this old manor?

What’s in “Blizzardous Threads of Red” Limited-Time Event:

  • Investigate with the other 4 members of NXX, on a cold and snowy night, at an old manor deep in the mountains.
  • Obtain various artifacts from the Villa Courtyard, and uncover their respective Artifact Stories concerning the guest involved.
  • Participate in the event to obtain R cards of the four male leads, along with the Event-Limited Badge, Namecard, Invitation, and other exclusive rewards!
Event-Limited Cards You can Obtain During this event:
  • Marius SSR “Mirage of You”
  • Artem SSR “The Weeds”
  • Luke SSR “Dreamlike Drama
  • Vyn SSR “Burning Embrace

There will be a limited-time sale for the four male leads’ “Blizzardous” Themed Outfits as well as the “Stage” and “Old Manor” Backgrounds in the Cosmetics Shop. “Blizzardous Threads of Red” Event Shadow of Themis will be available for a limited time.

For more information about this event, you can check out Tears of Themis’s event posts and updates on their official website here or follow Tears of Themis’ official Twitter page.


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