Voltage’s Even If Tempest Announces that a fandisk is in the works!

Otome Game developers and publishers, Voltage Inc., together with EiT Director and scenario writer Ayane Ushio, has confirmed on B’s-Log magazine (December 2022 issue) that a fandisk is in the works for the otome game, “Even If Tempest”.

“I’ve always desired to see what the future holds for these characters from the moment the first installment ended, but I’ve never dreamed that it’ll come to fruition too soon. It’s all thanks to the people who bought and played the game and to everyone who made this (project) very exciting. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. We will make sure to aim for a story where ‘Everyone can feel happy‘. So please continue to support us.”

Ayane Ushio (Scenario Writer and Director for Even if Tempest) – B’s Log December 2022

The FD for Even If Tempest will be distributed on the Nintendo Switch Platform. A release date for this fandisk is yet to be announced.

Furthermore, a “Makuhari SS” 幕間SS or “Intermission SS”, which are basically scenes that were omitted from the main game due to a number of reasons (such as voice recording schedule conflict), were added in B’s Log article along with character interviews. Ayane Ushio also explains in her Twitter what these scenarios are.

Author’s note: It’s only been four months since the initial game was released, so this is by far the fastest FD announcement I have seen in an otome game, for years! If you want to read my impressions of the first game, you can find my full review here.


Title: even if TEMPEST
Platform: Nintendo Switch™ (Download only)
Price: $49.99
Languages: Japanese, English
Genre: Adventure Game, Visual Novel Otome Game
Voices: Fully voiced except the heroine
Developers/Publishers: Voltage Inc.

Kaito Ishikawa, Makoto Furukawa, Noriaki Sugiyama,
Shunsuke Takeuchi, Suzuko Mimori, Yuichi Hose, Yu-ki Fujisawa, Naomi Iida, Natsume Oki, Shoya Chiba, Sho Nogami, Hiroyuki Tsunakawa, Ryuichi Kijima, Tasuku Hatanaka, Tetsuya Kakihara

Check out Even If Tempest’s official Twitter page for more information about this announcement.

Sources: B’s Log December 2022, Twitter


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