Voltage Inc.’s “Seduced in the Sleepless City” is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Voltage Inc. has announced that the popular mobile title, “Seduced in the Sleepless City” from their Love 365: Find your story app, will be heading to the Nintendo Switch™ console. this coming October 20, 2022.


Dating the handsome celebrities of Seduced in the Sleepless City means romance, luxury, and a hint of thrill.  First released on feature phones via a monthly subscription service in September 2010, SitSC now celebrates its 12th anniversary, making it one of Voltage’s longest and best-loved titles.  While currently available on the romance story apps “Love 365: Find Your Story”, these tales will now find audiences new and old alike on the Nintendo Switch.


As an editor of a woman’s magazine, you’re assigned to cover the grand opening of a new hotel and casino.

In the party’s VIP room, you get up close and personal with a famous actor, a best selling novelist, a charismatic plastic surgeon, and an F1 racer...



  • Brand New Opening Movie – a new opener’s been added to celebrate the title’s move to the Nintendo Switch.
  • Easy, Stress-free Gameplay Streamlined for the Nintendo Switch – Contains Main Stories for all love interests up to “The Heights of True Love.” New features – including an updated menu layout, a rewind function, quick saves, quick loads – make for even smoother gameplay!


Title:Seduced in the Sleepless City
Release Date:October 20, 2022
Genre:Adventure Game, Otome Visual Novel
Price:$29.99 (Digital Only)
Languages:Japanese, English
Rating:(IARC) Generic 12+
Developers / Publishers:Voltage Inc.

For more information about Voltage Inc.’s Nintendo Switch Otome Games, visit their official website here!


3 thoughts on “Voltage Inc.’s “Seduced in the Sleepless City” is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

  1. If this is on the spice level of Irresistible Mistakes (since both are Voltage) I feel like Nintendo is slowly moving away from the G – PG – Disney vibe it’s had for years as a gaming platform. For a long time it was nintendo for kids, playstation for teens, and xbox for adults – at least based on their marketing focuses. But I feel like Nintendo is steadily deciding they can in fact cater to all, especially since a lot of their base kid-demographic is now grown with their own kids.

    So hey, here’s some spicy titles for mom while the kidlets are playing Smash brother 23 XD lol

    Joking aside though, if I’ve cleared my backlog by then (doubtful tbh) I’ll give it a look. Irresistible Mistakes is decent enough, but non-voiced games don’t really hit the right way in my experience.

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  2. I also think the newer otome games on switch tend to be bolder as many of them are 17+. I remember checking the vndb and see that the older titles on previous platforms usually vary from 13-15+. It may not be correct when generalizing this tendency, but I still somehow feel that switch-based otome games are trying to appeal nearly-adult audience too

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  3. Does this mean that Satsuki isn’t going to be in it? Do we know if there’s a chance that they’ll release updates for it later? He was my favorite character back in the day, so it would be super super sad if they didn’t add him in as well D:


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