Otome Game: Koezaru wa Akai Hana Localization Confirmed for the Nintendo Switch and PC

Today, Japanese developers Operetta Due and publishers, Dramatic Create and HuneX announced that they are porting the otome visual novel, Koezaru wa Akai Hana, to the Nintendo Switch console and PC (Steam) with language support for Japanese, English, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified). This news was recently revealed in Sweet Princess Vol.37 Magazine. This port will be released on February 23, 2023.

Koezaru wa Akai Hana “The Crimson Flower That Divides: Lunar Coupling” (or 紅花 “BeniBana”) was originally published back in September 2012 as an R18 Otome Game for the PC. Two years later, a “toned down” version was published in March 2014 for the PSP and was ported to the PS Vita in April 2016.

UPDATE: The Developers Operetta Due, has confirmed via their official twitter page, that the toned-down version (17+) will be ported to both the Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. The developers also added that they will be adding more content to the Switch version such as the newly written after-stories for each of the eight romanceable characters, including new event CGs. In addition, new episodes pertaining the perspectives of the love interests have been added to the main story as well, revealing each character’s innermost self.

UPDATE: HuneX has recently confirmed that BeniBana will also have a physical release for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. The physical copy will have multiple language support (Japanese, English, and Chinese Traditional and Simplified).


The story is set on a continent where the number of women has been drastically reduced due to an incurable disease. Naala, a young girl living in the southern country of Ruse, loses her parents at an early age when her mother is abducted by the Northern country, Nasula. She is supported by her childhood friend, the next king of Ruse, Olli.

Several years later… Naala was taken in by the royal family and declared as Olli’s fiance, and thus, has been living her days peacefully that way.

Until one fateful day, when she is attacked and taken by the Nasura army. What possibly lies in Naala’s destiny after this incident?



CV: Chihiro Suzuki

The king’s most trusted vassal, in the political arena his influence is second only to the king’s.
While he may seem kind and agreeable, sometimes his cold-blooded side can be seen in his stance of putting the country above all else.


CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana

The king of Nasla, who ascended to the throne just one year ago.
In accordance with a law that his father, the previous king established, he kidnaps many women from Rus (including the heroines) in order to prevent their bloodlines from dying out.


CV: Hideki Makino

Nohl’s secretary. While he executes his job flawlessly, normally he’s indifferent and unfriendly.
It seems that he is entrusted with other jobs as the political assistant’s right-hand man.


CV: Masatomo Nakazawa

A young man that the heroine comes into contact with normally as everyone around him is embroiled in competition to find their bride.
He is a pacifist with a relaxed nature, who does not anger easily. Through his profession as a doctor, he is extremely popular among both men and women, and often acts as an arbitrator.


CV: Tetsuya Kakihara

One of Esta’s subordinates, but unlike Esta, he does not work as one of Nohl’s secretaries. He accompanies primarily when Esta has “another job” for him.


CV: Eiji Miyashita

Nasla’s military commander. On the battlefield his authority is second only to the king.
As his attitudes towards the opposite sex are pompous and coercive, he is feared by the Rus women, but his subordinates trust him immensely.


CV: Noriaki Suguyama

A lively guy who thinks of Suren as an older brother, and is always following him around.
His personality is straightforward and pure, but this sometimes makes him clumsy emotionally.
On a certain route, he provides emotional support for the troubled heroine.


CV: Toshimitsu Oda

The only son of the minister of the opposition forces. Currently he serves as the minister (his father’s) secretary…officially at least. He is a troublemaker who doesn’t care for taking a wife and doesn’t take anything seriously. Under his philosophy of “don’t get into conflict with anyone” he has lived an idle life.



CV: Ryouko Tezuka

– Naala has been robbed of her blood relatives from a young age. She was meant to wed Olli without issues, but then gets attacked and abducted by the Nasura army.


DEVELOPERS: Operetta Due, Dramatic Create
PUBLISHERS: Dramatic Create, HuneX
DIRECTOR: Ume Matsutake
SCENARIO WRITERS: Ume Matsutake, Kirin Mise, Yuriko Shimizu
ILLUSTRATOR: Omame Tsukino
PLATFORM: Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam)
Release Date: TBA 2023
Rating: M (Mature)


For more information about this announcement, visit Dramatic Create’s official website for BeniBana here.

Source: Sweet Princess Magazine Vol. 37, pages 8-9.


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      1. The press release states they are adding more content to the Switch version on top of Vita content, but yeah, PC version will likely be identical

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  1. I’m here for it – I do enjoy a good saucy Otome.

    I mean, I enjoy it if it’s fiery spicy too xD but this sounds like “A little spice, as a treat” and that’s fine too~

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  2. I don’t mind the toned down version, just being localized is a miracle it selves. Hoping it would get to steam soon.


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