Even If Tempest – Tyril I Lister Walkthrough


  • You can only play Crius or Tyril’s route at the start.
  • (If this is your first route) After clearing Tyril’s route, the game throws you to Crius’s route right away. The only way to do Tyril’s DEAD ENDS, BAD ENDS, and SAD LOVE END is to save your current progress, then come back to it later. Then again, you can always do the bad endings at a later time, when you’ve cleared the entire game. This is all up to your playing preferences.
  • (If this is your second route), the game will immediately throw you to Zenn’s route after clearing Tyril’s main ending. You’ll need to do the things above if you want to unlock his other endings before proceeding through Zenn’s story.
  • (Soft) Recommended Route Order: Crius → Tyril → Zenn → Lucien → ???.



Overture for a Pitiable Girl
-(No Choices)

A Cruel Fate’s Single Ray of Light
-A ghost.

Two Extremes of Hope and Despair
-Ignore him.
-Turn him down.

Tarot Card Selection: (Pick) JUSTICE


Withering Flower I
-“Allow me to investigate.”
-“Please tell me.”

Create Save File 1 here

-“He had no other choice.”
-“To remove his organs.”

Create Save File 2 here

-(Start This Investigation) Cardinal Rick Monaghan
-(Start This Investigation) Crius Castlerock
-(Start This Investigation) Sammy Tippet
-(Start This Investigation) Conrad Neuschburn
-The sleeping magic.
-(End Investigation)
-“Why was Sammy punished?”

Withering Flower II
-The witness.
-The circumstances of the murder.
-Make them debate it.

Create Save File 3 here

-The witch’s sleeping magic.
-(Select) The Cardinal Loves Art
(Select) Hugo Article
(Select) Witness Account

Create Save File 4 here

-Provide a new discussion topic.
-The culprit’s state of mind.
-Relationship with the victim.

Create Save File 5 here

-What everyone did this morning.
-Continue the conversation
(Select) Orphanage Theft
-Help him.
-Choose Tyril.

Withering Flower III
-Stop them.
-Don’t tell him.

Withering Flower IV
-Ishik clan.

~Aria of the Mistletoe~ (Tyril Route Cleared)


Load Save File 4

-“What do you mean?”
-Indict the Membrum.
-The culprit’s alibi.
-Sleeping magic.
-What everyone did this morning.
-Move on to the next topic.
(Select) Autopsy Report
-Don’t help him.
-Choose Crius.

Withering Flower III
-Keep going.
-Tell him.

Withering Flower IV

~SAD LOVE END~ (with CG)


Load Save File 1

-“A knife was nearby.”
-“He wanted to try stabbing him.”
-Killing intent.


Load Save File 2

-**Press B to End Investigation (Do not Investigate any Sacrificia).


Load Save File 3

-The incident 13 years ago.


Load Save File 5

-Push for a confession.
-Continue to press for a confession.



4 thoughts on “Even If Tempest – Tyril I Lister Walkthrough

  1. Hey,
    Thank You for always giving these walkthroughs.
    I am actually stuck in the tyril’s ending aria of spider and I used your walkthrough. I tried 2-3 times already but don’t know where I am doing wrong.

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    1. Hello,
      Aria of the Spider Lily means you have cleared Crius’s route and not Tyril’s. Once you have cleared Crius’s route (which I assumed you did since you mentioned you’ve reached ‘Aria of the Spider Lily’ Ending), the game should automatically lead you to Tyril’s route. If you finished both Crius and Tyril’s route already, the game will automatically throw you to Zenn’s.


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