New Company: TIS Creation – Established to Create Games Catered for Women has launched in Japan today!

Asahi Takamura, former Scenario Writer and Game Director of Design Factory, together with Shigenobu Iwata and Reiko Shima (who are also former writers and Directors of Otomate & Design Factory), have launched their newly established company: “TIS Creation” in Japan today. 

TIS Creation Co., Ltd’s main business focus is the production of media content for women. According to their official website, the company was established in January 2022, with Yurie Mito as President and CEO.


What colors go with this picture?
What kind of ending is appropriate for this story?

Creative work is a series of choices and decisions.
“TIS Creation” was founded with the philosophy that each creator is responsible for his or her own work, and that each design and story they create should lead to “fun” and enjoyment for customers.

Our main business is the development of home video games mainly for women, character content planning, scenario creation, and 2D illustration production, and we aim to create works that meet the needs of our clients and color their daily lives.

-TIS Creation Company Profile

According to Asahi Takamura’s Twitter post (see below), TIS Creation is a company that brings together creators with a wealth of experience in developing games for women and will provide new varieties of content in different forms of media including (but not limited to) video games, social games, CDs, books, stage performances, and events.

TIS Creation Co., Ltd is a company headed by experienced Otome Game Directors and Scenario Writers. Asahi Takamura is well-known for her role as head Director of Otome Games; Yunohana Spring and the Piofiore seriesShigenobu Iwata has worked as the scenario writer for popular series like Hakuoki, Hiiro no Kakera, Collar x Malice, Variable Barricade, Wand of Fortune, and was one of the producers for otome titles, Lover Pretend and Radiant Tale. Reiko Shima is the head Director of the otome game; Clock Zero and has worked with popular titles in the past, like the AMNESIA series and Collar x Malice.

In addition, Japanese illustrator RiRi, known as the lead illustrator and character designer for otome series like Binary Star, Yunohana Springand Piofiore, has joined the company respectively, together with UI designer Manji Suzuki who has also worked with the UI’s of previous otome game titles.

The leading staff of TIS Creation have clarified that they will still continue to cooperate with Otomate on the titles they have worked on previously.

TIS Creation Co., Ltd’s Business Description are as follows:

  1. Planning and development of home video games and smartphone games. (Including production of plots, scenarios, 2D illustrations, and UI designs).
  2. Planning and production of original characters. (Including character contents for CDs, books, stage performances, events, goods, etc.)
  3. Direction and Scenario production for existing projects, as well as advisory services and various consulting services for quality improvement.
  4. 2D illustration, UI design, web design, book planning, writing, editing, and DTP.

The company, TIS Creation Co. Ltd, is located at 1-22-2 Nakamachi, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Japan. For more information about TIS Creation and their projects in the future, you can follow their official Twitter Page, or check out their official company website here.

Sources: Press Release, TIS Creation Official Website


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