INDIE CORNER: Deliver Us From Evil (DUFE) now available on Steam

Developers: Galen Games
Platforms: PC (Mac, Windows)
Voiced? YES (English)
Price: Free (with paid DLC for $6.99)
Release Date: March 2, 2022

Indie Developers, Galen Games, just released their new indie otome project, Deliver Us From Evil (DUFE)!

Deliver Us From Evil is a gothic otome visual novel featuring a cast of characters with personalities of biblical proportions. Angels, demons, and all the wonderful things in between, this game has a little something for everyone – whether you’re into the bad boy with a heart of gold or the devoted and honest friend.

Fun Fact: According to the devs themselves, mangas like Angel Sanctuary and D.N.Angel inspired them to create the game’s overworld.


Mankind has wished since the dawn of time, but when those pleas turn dark, Heaven answers. Tasked by the Archangel Michael to investigate, will our young angel Ariel follow her mission? Or will she stray from the light?



  • Two main love interest on the (free) base game (Michael and Ace), and one on the paid DLC, (Keldran)
  • Partial voice acting (English)
  • Base Game is free with paid DLC for only $6.99 (optional)
  • A Gothic overworld experience.
  • Six beautiful in-game CGs.
  • A polyroute of Keldran & Ace (DLC)



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For more information about this otome game, check out the game’s website here. To view more projects from Galen Games, including their upcoming otome projects, visit Galen Games official website.

About Galen Games
Based out of the UK, we are a female-owned studio making historical and fantasy visual novels.

“We started in 2019 when Crysil began drawing the first sketches of the lead character, Keldran. Back then there wasnt much in terms of story, only a few odd tidbits of what would become the world of Aradal. It was a year later that she began working on our debut game, Dual Chroma in earnest. Along with the help of many talented people, we’ve slowly grown as a company to bring you a variety of otome games!”


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