Byakko-tai Samurai Boys is now available in the Nintendo E-shop

Release Date: February 4, 2021
Developers: OperaHouse
Publishers: OperaHouse
Price: 19.99 USD
Supported Languages: French, English

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The protagonist Chisato and her older brother, Chitose, is ordered to attend the Aizu clan school, Nisshin House. Boys attending are usually considered normal however, girls are not.

Along the way, Chisato also deepens her friendship with her childhood friend Mineji, the cheerful Matahachi, the serious Gisaburou, and the gunnery instructor Towako. She also meets Koutarou, who owns a fine clothing shop in the castle town, and Narihira, whose a mysterious youth.

Peace continues to prosper in their domain but unfortunately doesn’t last long as hints of war approaches. Soon, the guns started firing, and as the war begins, the boys of the Nisshin House are recruited to the battlefield. They would eventually be known as the “Byakko Troop”.



Byakko-tai Samurai Boys was originally released for the mobile platform back in 2012 Japan, and was picked up by NTT Solmare for mobile localization in 2016. It’s English title was “Teen Samura, I’ll be back my love” which used to be available in the iOS app store, and Google Play store but for some reason was discontinued.

Keep in mind that the Nintendo Switch port for this game, is not voiced, despite listing VA’s in their VNDB page.

3 thoughts on “Byakko-tai Samurai Boys is now available in the Nintendo E-shop

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like there’s a lot more Otome titles coming over to consoles this year than even the last 5 years or so. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but it feels like the pace is picking up.

    And yeah, there’s plenty of “duds” coming over, but sometimes a god awful trash novel is what you want anyway, so I’m not even salty about those kinds of games being brought in. I’m just really looking forward to this trend continuing. XD

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    1. LOL This comment is M O O D. 🤣 You’re right! sometimes, I’m in a mood for some really angsty bittersweet read and sometimes i just crave for some trashy smut to pass the time. haha and yes, same! crossing fingers this trend will continue! 🤞

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