Taisho x Alice Episode 1 – Red Riding Hood Walkthrough

Which Reflection will you choose?
-The man with the red riding hood

Create Save File 1 here


-Compliment his outfit
-It’s more efficient
-It’s impolite

Create a Save File 1.2 here (Optional)

-Give him a blanket
-The entryway
-My room
-The ballroom
-Remain calm and think of a solution
-To get to know him better

Create Save File 2 here

-He’s uncomfortable with women
-Yes, I want to do the most I can
-No, I’ll let him wake up naturally
-Calm him down
-Actual grapes
-Tickle him

Create Save File 3 here

-Tell him I forgive him

(Happy Ending)


Load Save File 1

(Bad Ending 1)

Load Save File 2

-He’s coming down with something
(Bad Ending 2)

Load Save File 3

-Tell him I’m no different
(Bad Ending 3)

CG Variation (Optional):
NOTE: Only do this if you want to complete Red’s first CG variation

Load Save File 1.2

-Change the subject (CG)

(Bad endings are uniquely fun! Try it!) 😀