Nightshade – Goemon Ishikawa Walkthrough



-I should make preparations



Chapter 1
-I’m glad we get to work together


Chapter 2
-You’re leaving me here?
-Keep quiet
-Main Street
-I’ve never had such good dessert before
-Try to resist
-Bow deeply in silence


Chapter 3
-All right


Chapter 4
-I’m sorry



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Chapter 5
-I’m fine here
-Residential District
-Main street
-Fushimi castle, Main gate


Chapter 6
-I don’t think I can play a good wife


Chapter 7
-I feel shy


Chapter 8
-You’ll make a wonderful husband
-That doesn’t change the fact that it hurt


Chapter 9
-You’re coming with me


Chapter 10
-Having you stroke my head


Chapter 11
-I believe we’re destined


Chapter 12
-Meet his eyes


Chapter 13
-Is it really a pain killer?

(Good Ending)




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Chapter 5
-Let’s go to the dessert shop
-Fushimi castle, Main gate


Chapter 6
-I don’t think we’d be convincing


Chapter 7
-Stop teasing me


Chapter 8
-You’ll be a good father
-Don’t force yourself to laugh


Chapter 9
-That’s unlike you


Chapter 10
-Sleeping in the same room as you


Chapter 11
-I’ll be waiting


Chapter 12
-Look away


Chapter 13
-Is it poison?

(Bad Ending)

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