7’scarlet – Isora Amari Walkthrough




August 1

-Wake yourself up
-Crescent Moon Pendant
-I don’t like him that much
-I’m more of a dog person
-Of course I remember
-Isora Amari

August 2

-Talk a little longer with Yua
-Help Isora

August 3

-I’m honestly just on vacation
-Go with Isora


(If you made the correct choices so far, you will get Isora’s route next)



August 3

-Look Away

August 4

-I wanted to watch you cook
-Thank Isora

August 5

(no choices)

August 6

-I trust you

August 7

-Go for a ride on a boat
-After Yuki left

(Create a Save File 1 here)
-I’ll get them

August ???

(Create Save File 2 here)
-Blindly trust him

(Create Save File 3 here)
-Stay in the room




Tragic Love Ending:

Load Save File 2

-Ask him what’s going on
-Stay in the room
(Tragic Love Ending)



Load Save File 1

-Let’s get them together
-Bad End 1


Load Save File 3

-Leave the room
-Bad End 2



TIP: You can get Isora’s last CG by unlocking his Tragic Love Ending. All his bad ends doesn’t have any CGs in it.

Hope this helps!

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