7’scarlet – Hino Kagutsuchi Walkthrough





August 1 

-Yeah, I’ll wake you up.
-Purple Flower Hair Ornament
-I don’t like him that much.
-I’m more of a dog person.
-Hmmm… Did we meet…?
-Hino Kagutsuchi
-Take a bath
-Go through the red curtain

August 2

-Take a good look at the wind chimes
-Swim in the river with Hino

August 3

-I’m honestly just on vacation
-Go with Hino

(If you made the correct choices so far, you will get Hino’s route next)



August 3

-It looks good on you
-Want some shaved ice?

(Create Save File here 1)
-Go check on Hino

August 4

-Go for a walk

(Create Save File here 2)
-Dry it with a handkerchief
-Clean the baths with Hino

August 5

-I can’t think of anyone
-Yeah you’re right

August 6

(Create Save File here 3)
-Continue looking for your brother
-Examine the object housing the shrine deity
-Examine the walls
-Examine the floor



Tragic Love Ending:

Load Save File 3

-Think it over for a bit
-Examine the object housing the shrine deity
-Examine the walls
-Examine the floor
(Tragic Love Ending)




Load Save File 1

-Go thank Mr. Tsukuyomi
-Tell him you came to look for your brother
Bad End 1


Load Save File 2

-Wash it off with water
-Say you’ll take a bath tomorrow
-Any of the first three choices
-You seem kind of different
-Continue looking for your brother
Bad End 2


Load Save File 3

-Go back to Tokyo for now
Bad End 3



TIP: There are no CG’s in the Hino’s bad ends, however, there’s a ‘TIP’ that unlocks in his Bad End 1, so be sure not to miss it!

Hope this helps!


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  1. There is actually a CG for Hino’s Tragic Love Ending, so if there’s anyone reading this in the future, that’s how you get Hino’s last CG c:

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