Collar x Malice: Mineo Enomoto Walkthrough


MINEO ENOMOTO  ╰(*´︶`*)╯


Hoshino’s Route (Common Route)
-Don’t report it

-Lie to him (this choice will be available after completing a route in the game)

-You don’t care if I die?
-I want to trust you
-Is working for the SP hard?
-Review All X-Day Cases
-(Go to) Forensics


(If you made the correct choices so far, you will get Mineo’s route next chapter)image


Chapter 1
-Someone reckless
-It will work out

(Create Save File here 1)

-Take the normal route
-(Go To) Field Operations Support Team
-Their methods are wrong



Chapter 2

(Create Save File here 2) 


(Create Save File here 3)

-Chase after him



Chapter 3
-Say it one more time!

1. Roman Numeral
2. Curtains
3. Wall
4. Bloodstain
5. Chair on Side

-The numbers were written in Fujii’s blood
-The bullet holes around Fujii’s body
-Murder via an unrelated conspirator



Chapter 4
-I’ll eat it for him
-I was thinking that
-Fujii’s murderer…
-Someone who likes them

(Create Save File Here 4)
NOTE: Do not forget to SAVE the moment Kazuki confronts Hana about being Ishikki’s fan. You can go back to this part, in case Trigger Mode fails.



Chapter 5
-He probably wouldn’t try to help others
-A pre-planned response
-Was set up ahead of time
-Vengeance against the police
-You want me to support you?

(Create Save File Here 5)

-Where Fujii was killed
-Move close to him



Chapter 6
-You did
-Kiss Mineo image



Tragic Love End

1. From the Main Menu, select a chapter
2. Choose Chapter 6
3. Select Low

-Gaze at Mineo


(Load  Save File 1)

-Take the shortcut
Adonis Bad End


(Load Save File 2)

-That’s not true
-It’s my SRCPO mission
Bad End 1


(Load Save File 3)

-Stay here for now
-Bad End 2


(Load Save File 4)

-If Trigger Mode fails
-Bad End 4


(Load Save File 5)

-Shinjuku Station
-Bad End 4




Hope this helps!image

The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya Review (Nintendo Switch)



Release Date: February 1, 2018 (North America)
: D3Publisher Inc.
Publisher: D3Publisher 
Platforms: Steam, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, Mobile (iOS and Android)
ESRB Rating: M (Age 17+)





STORY (from Nintendo Eshop Page)
“A closed island where baby boys are not born… A unique culture that is completely different from the mainland has been flourishing on the island. In the middle of the island, there is a district where men are gathered. Some women just want children. Others are looking for love. Knowingly deceived by a lie, and deceived in return, all in a single night’s dream. In the end, to whom is it that you will be talking of love?”

Okay, so this sounds rather appealing for the likes of me who’s a sucker for +17 otome games (snickers). I dove into the game expecting to have steamy romances with hot courtesan guys. Technically, this game does not disappoint.

When Your Lover is a Courtesan (Prologue)
The story starts with you (MC) helping a male courtesan and his lover escape the island to live a free life in the mainland. Courtesans are not allowed to leave Yoshiwara. Helping them out literally means you’re engaging in an illegal activity that can get you into major trouble when caught. The couple, in return, gave you a good amount of cash and some valuable items as their way of saying ‘thank you’. After acquiring this sudden inheritance, MC then goes to Kikuya on a whim because ya know…where all dem hot boys are!


The art style is extremely beautiful that it was such a treat to acquire the game’s CGs. Tbh they all look great! (some of them are even a tad bit PG rated) Hah. The artist responsible for these character designs is nonother than Hs (pen name). This illustrator is widely known for her hit R18 project, Jooubachi no Oubou.


Can we please take a moment and admire this precious man’s beautiful sleeping face?


Some routes are definitely better than others, some are more steamy while others are rather boring so to speak. All of the happy endings consist of you marrying one of the characters and live happily ever after!



TAKAO Biggest Flirt, Chain-smoker, Knobby feminine knees, Incest(?)
Takao is Kikuya’s number one courtesan. He’s the first ever guy you saw at the courtesan’s procession and was the first guy that captivated you with his breathtaking looks and alluring charms.

In his route, your mother confronts you to stay away from this man because of *cough* #hemightbeyourbrother *cough*. So you get to escape with him to the mainland to sort things out and find out both of ya’lls identities.



TOKIWAMole, Green eyes and highlights, Scandalous, has foreign blood.
He’s the second best courtesan of Kikuya and claims that he used to be number one until he involved himself in some sort of scandal – seducing other courtesan’s women (which is a grave sin in Yoshiwara).

In his route, he strives to be the number one courtesan again with your encouragement. He also reveals a sad backstory of his youth along with the reason why he ended up being sold in Yoshiwara.image



IROHA Manager, Turns into a ‘demon’ when horny
Iroha’s route was probably the steamiest and the most mature among all the routes in this game. His story involves a lot of kissing, bathtub naked exchanges, a few scenes where you get to see his dom nature (like beating up a poor courtesan with a stick as punishment). (⊙_⊙)

There were also a couple of wtf moments in Iroha’s story that totally confused the hell out of me like him turning into an ogre when he gets mad or horny. Like literally!  Although in his story, it was explained that he was born from a human and an ogre, they never really touched up or expounded on “why is this even a thing?!!” leaving this subject in the dark for the rest of his route.

But what the heck, you fell in love with him in the end and that’s all that matters right? (sarcastic laugh).image



KAGURABest Boy, Samurai, Gets fascinated by everything ‘western’
Kagura was my first route. (I’m glad I played his story first too). This man is serious and doesn’t play around like the rest of the courtesans. He doesn’t want to have sex on first dates too so, you get the gist.

He’s very knowledgeable and if not in the red light district, he spends his free time studying and training (sword fight). His route was a little ‘angsty’ and a little sad but this man, gosh isn’t he just the sweetest! …I believe his happy ending was the BEST in the game. What’s even better was his sequel stories, where he becomes a respected school teacher and buys both of you a house to live in. The Ultimate Yoshiwara best boi imo!



KAGEROUBaby, Tsundere af, Virgin.
Kagerou’s route was also one of my favorites, mainly because his story had a little touch of drama to it? (and his CG’s were beautiful). During his route, his sister, who married a foreigner in the mainland tried to buy his freedom from Yoshiwara but he declines the offer thinking he shouldn’t depend on any help and wants to buy his freedom on his own because he has PRIDE & EGO!

He acts really terrible towards you because he’s a baby tsundere who’s got no chill. Lol. In his route, You were also tasked by the manager Iroha to take this beautiful boy’s virginity during his debut.



HAYABUSAChildhood friend, Big bro, Boring.image
Your childhood friend Hayato, went completely AWOL since you last saw him back when you were just a little bean. Now you see him after a long time in Yoshiwara as a courtesan called Hayabusa. He tells you that you’ve grown up into a beautiful flower and thinks you’re hot. You think he is too so you both have this mutual thing going on.

Hayato’s route mainly focused on continuing the prologue story where some policewoman suspects you for your crime (helping a couple elope to the mainland) and catches you red handed. Hayato tries to cover for you and gets arrested instead. He gets tortured badly but then your mum comes to the rescue so everything turned out fine in the end. image

This is probably my least fav. route because of how boring the conversations were between you and Hayabusa, plus he only gets 8 CGs in total while others get 16. 



YOUNgh.  Ngh.  Ngh.  Ah.  Ngh.image
imageYou are the most annoying MC with no personality whatsoever. The stereotypical otome game heroine who’s too shy to state her own opinions. If not trying to ugly cry your heart out because you miss your courtesan lover, you are out and about Kikuya trying to figure out your hormonal impulses.image




The game’s play length wasn’t too long but wasn’t extremely short either. You can literally finish one route in 2-3 hours max. Story-wise, I like the game’s concept (Romancing with hot beautiful male courtesans *chuckles*), Although It would have been nice if there was a “true route”  where I can buy all their freedoms? SOB.

I enjoyed about 3 routes (Kagura, Kagerou and Takao’s). The rest is literally “ehh”. The CGs were all beautiful though, I have to give them that. The game design was just sooo pretty and the steamy love scenes do not hold back, which is good. Some of the translations were a little off but only a few.

Would I recommend this game? Yes. If you are looking for a decent +17 otome game with steamy content to pass the time, feel free to dive into the Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya.


Chlo’s Rating: 5/10

Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth Review



Release Date:  October 20, 2015 (North America)
Developers:  Otomate
Publishers:  Aksys Games
Platforms:  PS Vita, PS4, Nintendo Switch
ESRB Rating: T (Teen)



Impey Barbicane
Abraham Van Helsing
Victor Frankenstein
Saint Germain
Arsene Lupin


Steampunk! Steampunk! Steampunk!
One factor I really liked about Code Realize is its steampunk theme. The game is set to London’s 19th Century Victorian Era and all of the main characters are uniquely based on famous fictional personas in this period.


Read the game plot here.


Art and Music 
The game’s art style was phenomenally done by the artist Miko. The steampunk outfits were drawn in intricate details and I wouldn’t have it in any other way. The CGs were absolutely gorgeous! I guess one of the main treats of playing this game was unlocking all of the CG’s (including the bonus ones which I think was solely for fan-service! ha!) 

The soothing BGMs were on point during story transitions and the track “Floatable”  would have to be one of my fav. otome game OP themes. I love how its tune matches the industrial theme the game portrays. Listen to it below!

Voice Acting

“Impey” Morikubo Showtaro– Musica (Fairy Tail), Okita Souji (Hakuoki), Shikamaru (Naruto), Toa (7’scarlet)

“Van Helsing” Junichi Suwabe – Jae-ha (Akatsuki No Yona), Kaname (Brothers Conflict)

“Victor Frankenstein” Tetsuya kakihara – Shin (Amnesia), Toki Tanba (The Charming Empire), Karasuba (Psychedelica BB)

“Saint Germain” Daisuke Hirakawa- Ukyo (Brothers Conflict)Laito (Diabolik Lovers)

“Lupin” Tomoaki Maeno –  Son Hak (Akatsuki No Yona), Natsume (Brothers Conflict), Keisuke Sanjou (Collar x Malice)



For the best gaming experience, below is the recommended play order:

1) Impey
2) Van Helsing
3) Victor Frankenstein
4) Saint Germain
5) Lupin – his route only unlocks after clearing the others’ (happy ending)


Cardia (Best Girl) – Cardia’s development as a character was so well written that it was so bracing to play her as the protagonist. This heroine can hold her ground during a fight (Van Helsing’s training), can sneakily escape when caught or cornered (Lupin’s training), can maneuver steam engine vehicles as well as understand their mechanics (Impey’s training), can distinguish chemical properties (through studying with Victor) and has the wit to think quick in hopeless situations or when being chased (through studying with Saint Germain).


Unlike most otome MCs (the generic sass mouth damsel-in-distress type), Cardia is the exact opposite. She can take two or three mean punches and would still be able to get up on her feet afterwards.



  • Genius Engineer
  • the “lovable idiot”
  • Best Cook. 

Impey’s route was a nice ride. This man is just a darling of a character. Impey is usually the comic-relief of the bunch and the most energetic. Despite being barraged with playful insults by his comrades, everyone seems to respect Impey’s engineering expertise as well as his exemplary cooking skills. Impey is also the only guy among the bachelors who falls in love with our heroine, at first sight.


I really enjoyed playing Impey’s route. It was lighthearted and very refreshing (a route that kind of prepares you for the train wreck you’re about to experience as you later on progress on other routes lol). If I had to nitpick on this route, there were a few revelations regarding Impey’s character (e.g. his past life) that was pretty much cut short since his story didn’t go deeper with it which to me, was a little disappointing. Nevertheless, this route very well paced, action packed and it made me like Cardia and Impey even more.


  • Unlimited Ammos
  • Worst Cook
  • Best Ass. 

Van Helsing was the last to join Lupin’s gang and Cardia’s harem. Van’s introduction in the game was perhaps one of the most intense scenes in the common route as he started as an enemy who hounded the group and threatened to kill them if they don’t surrender the “secret weapon” Lupin stole from London’s elite soldiers, (not knowing the weapon he’s referring to was Cardia all along). He reluctantly joins the group with the common goal of finding Isaac Beckford, although his main concern was initiating his plan of revenge to someone connected to Isaac and Cardia.

Van Helsing is also the most distant among the group but initially opens up to his comrades in the long run. His combat skills are god-tier which basically lives up to his famous title as the “The Human Weapon“.


Playing Van Helsing’s route was one emotional roller coaster. At some point I got so infuriated on the fact that he kept pushing Cardia away but his reasons for doing so was thoroughly explained in the middle of his route. His character development was very well written and the story of his past life will put a pang in your heart. I love how cute his after story turned out and I was thrilled to unlock his bonus story (plus CG) which I believe was the best part! *grins*


Victor Frankenstein

  • Best Doctor
  • alchemist boyfriend

Victor is a well-known alchemist who’s incredibly knowledgeable in his field. He’s sweet, adorable and exceptionally smart, it’s hard not to like him at first glance. This humble and gentle-hearted man is also the group’s reliable doctor. Despite his nonviolent nature, he is very capable of defending himself on a fight, and would rather sacrifice himself to save the group (his friends).


His route tells a deeper story of his past experience working for the Royal Society (under Queen Victoria) and working with Isaac Beckford himself, Cardia’s father. Because his route delved on a huge backstory, I felt that there was a lot to take in during the downpour of events. His story pacing, however, was consistently good, even though I think it needed more chapters. *shrug*.


Saint Germain

  • Filthy rich
  • Mysterious

Because not much is revealed on this character other than the fact that he is exceptionally skilled in combat, (as Van Helsing remarked) and that he’s very knowledgeable around London’s routes and paths, playing Saint Germain’s story was definitely a wild treat. Brace yourself!


His route consist of a whole different setting as well as different sets of new interesting characters. It felt more like a side story to me, since the game touches on a new plot line (Saint Germain’s history) rather than continuing the events in the common route (Cardia’s story). I also liked how this route offered a fair amount of interactions with LupinSince the Count’s story was a little grim and darker, I think it’s a good idea to play him last, prior to unlocking Lupin.



  • Dorobo Shinshi “Gentleman Thief”
  • Best Boy?

This gentleman thief was obviously the main guy our heroine’s supposed to end up with, canonically. He prides himself of his crafty skills of escapism and has a lot of clever plans up his sleeve to retort to when faced danger. During the common route, he made a promise to Cardia to grant her her wish, of wanting to touch and feel the warmth of another human being. He also promised to help her get rid of the poison in her body. In his route, He kept all his promises and did so, with style! 


Lupin’s story was the true route in Code Realize Guardian of Rebirth. It’s where everything was put together, concluding the rest of the other character route’s cliffhangers. It’s also, the only route that had “Code Realize” as the chapter title. To put it simply, his route was the grand finale.  Although I felt that his past story lacked in depth as it only touched on a few events of his life as a gentleman thief in training, I love how the romance never took a back seat in his story while it brought about the perfect conclusion of the game’s plot, all at the same time.




Code Realize would have to be one of my favorite Otome / Visual Novel titles. It’s one of those “play it once ~ and become a fan for life” type games. I pretty much got fully invested with the characters quickly as each of their story pacings were consistently good, every route.

Perhaps its only downside was that the game was too long, it probably took me 40-50 hours to finish the entire thing. So if you’re not very fond of lengthy gameplays, it’s narratives may turn you off.

Although, I do strongly believe that Code Realize is worth your time and money for that matter. *wink*

Would I recommend this game? YES
Code Realize was actually one of the first few titles I’ve played that sucked me right into the otome niche. I want to recommend this game, not only to otome fans but also to visual novel junkies like myself who enjoys gorgeous art, amazing storylines, and very likable characters (consider the hot male sprites a plus).


Chlo’s Rating: 9/10


Code Realize Guardian of Rebirth – Arsene Lupin Walkthrough




NOTE: Lupin’s story can only be played after completing the True ends of the other bachelor’s routes.



Chapter 1 (London Steam)
– Take his hand

BAD END: Refuse

– Go with Lupin
– Remain defensive



Chapter 2 (The Strongest Stalker)
– I’m going with Lupin
– Attack!



Chapter 3 (A Girl’s Education)
– Ask Lupin to teach me
– Run!
– Ask Lupin to teach me
-Remember Van Helsing’s lessons



Chapter 4 (Train Robbery)
– Agree
– Check on Lupin
– Leave the station
– Speak with Lupin



Chapter 5 (The Vampire’s Requiem)
– Think it’s a good idea
– Persuade him
– Ask about his past



Chapter 6 (Negotiated Solution)
– Run into a back alley
– Can’t let him do this!
– Stay at the hotel



Chapter 7 (The Bouyant and the Bellicose)
– I don’t really understand
– Assist with the repairs



Chapter 8 (Nobody Understands the Truth)
– You wouldn’t understand


(If you made the correct choices so far, you will get Lupin’s route next chapter)




Chapter 9 (Someday’s Forgiveness)
– …



Chapter 10 (War)
– I’m going to help, too
– Stall for time

BAD END: Attempt to resist



Chapter 11 (Champion of Justice)
– … Thank you



Chapter 12 (Code:Realize)
– Don’t take it

BAD END: Take the pill



Chapter 13 (Warmth)
(Create a Save File)
– I can’t let him know I’ll become a monster
– Stay strong (TRUE END)image

BAD END: Give Up

– I can’t tell him that reason…
– Stay strong (NORMAL END)





Genbu Kaiden (Fushigi Yuugi) Manga Review

This is my first manga review and what better way to start than to tackle up Watase Yuu’s classic mangas. 




Mangaka: Yuu Watase
Manga Release Date: August 2003 (early chapters in Japan)  September 2005(North America)
Chapters: 40
Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Reverse Harem

I am really picky when it comes to reading fantasy mangas. I planned to read this when the first 11 chapters came out but held back because I wanted to binge on this manga so bad without getting stuck on cliffhangers, not to mention, the whole waiting game for the next chapters to come out… and boy I’m glad I did! This here is one of Watase Yuu-sama’s masterpiece! image

Although Genbu Kaiden was a prequel to the original FY (Mysterios Play), the story can perfectly stand alone on its own. Those who have not heard of the first FY would still be able to fully enjoy this book. In addition, those who were a fan of the first FY will automatically fall in love with Genbu Kaiden. 

Fun Fact: There is an otome game created for this manga. It also has it’s very own drama CD, and the opening song for the drama CD “Towa no Hana” sounds very fitting for the series.




Set in the early 1920s of Japan. The story revolves around the main character Takiko Okuda, a 17-year-old girl who lives with her sickly mother and a father, who’s a well-known scholar that’s been currently busy obsessing about translating a particular book (The Universe of the Four Gods). When her mother passed away, Takiko blamed her father for his neglect and decided to destroy the book out of sheer anger. The moment she opened The Universe of the Four Gods book, she was transported into an unfamiliar foreign land called Hokkan, where she gets caught up in a difficult dilemma she couldn’t easily shake off. In order to get back to the real world and to save Hokkan from doom, Takiko must fulfill her destiny as the chosen Priestess and summon the celestial beast of Genbu together with the seven celestial warriors as the prophecy has foretold.

Okay, so plot-wise, it’s not anything different compared to the original. It still follows the same storyline: Gather the celestial warriors and summon the great beast! But mind you, once you start reading the story you’ll notice how much different the story events are portrayed. Genbu Kaiden has more depth and details and is probably a little darker compared to the first FY series.image


To start off, the main character Takiko is by far the most promising character in FY Genbu Kaiden. She is very different from Miaka (Suzaku Priestess from the first Fushigi Yuugi). She’s smart, athletic, can fight battles on her own and her way of thinking is very realistic, selfless and mature. I believe  Yuu Watase has improved in brandishing a stronger heroine this time after taking into consideration countless feedback from fans regarding the main heroine of the first series (Mi-chan).  Unlike most MCs in reverse harems, Takiko Okuda has the will and prowess of how a real priestess should be and it’s definitely not in a Mary Sue kind of way. This chick got some backbone!image


NGL, I like Miaka and her story in the first FY… but then Takiko happened… and I’m just like “woah this babe is hardcore!”image


Celestial Warriors
Although I love the Suzaku seishis to heart, the Genbu celestial warriors are the REAL DEAL. I’m not even exaggerating. I fell in love with all of them. Each character has strong back stories that didn’t come out forceful in the plot line. I think Yuu Watase has profoundly written the Genbu Seven as these fierce likable individuals to set an example for the next set of seishis and priestesses to come. They do not play around when it comes to where their loyalty stands and the hardships they put up with in this series are AGAINST ALL ODDS.

My favorite episodes are probably the last 5 chapters where we get to see all of the Genbu Seven fight 100,000 enemy soldiers. They are indeed the best and probably the strongest of all the seishis in the Universe of the Four Gods.


One of the reasons why I love reading Yuu Watase’s works are her drawings, they are absolutely beautiful. Even the details of each character’s clothing were as clear as day. She did make an itty-bitty change with her art style in Genbu Kaiden compared to her old works e.g. the first Fushigi Yuugi, Alice 9, Ayashi no Ceres (like the character’s eyes and the shape of their faces seemed more elongated)  but it is not something to frown upon really. The characters, as expected are still gorgeous.image



Of course, what’s a Yuu Watase branded manga without her famous romantic tropes?  Expect love triangles, through-thick-and-thin romance, sudden breakups and makeups and a band of extremely gorgeous men swooning over the main heroine. (ohoho!)image


My whole reading experience with Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden is a very gripping one. I had to take a few breaks just to calm my nerves image(laughs). It’s a very enjoyable ride. I like how the story did not focus on the romance factor alone. I believe that it had the perfect blend of comedy, captivating drama toppled with a lot of compelling action-packed moments. I have gotten attached to these characters to a point where I’ve cried with them, laughed with them and fell in love all at the same time. The bittersweet ending broke my heart to pieces but seriously, it is worth all the tears.
Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden is such a beautiful story and undoubtedly a superior reverse harem manga choice. I would rate this a 10/10 and would recommend this to all shoujo fans out there, a must read!( ´ ▽ ` )


Code Realize Guardian of Rebirth – Saint Germain Walkthrough






Chapter 1 (London Steam)
– Take his hand
– Remain defensive



Chapter 2 (The Strongest Stalker)
– I want to go with Victor
– Come out



Chapter 3 (A Girl’s Education)
– Ask Saint-Germain to teach me
– Go to Central London
– Ask Saint-Germain to teach me
– Mysterious



Chapter 4 (Train Robbery)
– Can’t decide
– Check on Saint-Germain
– Leave the station
– Speak with Saint-Germain



Chapter 5 (The Vampire’s Requiem)
– Isn’t there another way?
– Persuade him
– Don’t ask



Chapter 6 (Negotiated Solution)
– Keep walking down the main street
– …



Chapter 7 (The Bouyant and the Bellicose)
– I’m having a lot of fun
– Prepare for a counterattack!



Chapter 8 (Nobody Understands the Truth)
– Thank you



(If you’ve made the correct choices so far, you will get Saint Germain’s route next chapter) image




Chapter 9 (Twilight)
– What do you think of me?
– … will stay here

BAD END: …want to go back to the old mansion

– Resist

BAD END: Don’t Resist



Chapter 10 (Seeker)
– Is that the only way?
– Try picking the lock

BAD END: Keep using the poison



Chapter 11 (Saint-Germain)
– All right



Chapter 12 (Time For Decision)
– Don’t hesitate

BAD END: I’m still uncertain



Chapter 13 (Promise)
– … accept her terms (HAPPY END)image

NORMAL END: …reject her terms




Code Realize Guardian of Rebirth – Victor Frankenstein Walkthrough






Chapter 1 (London Steam)
– Take his hand
– Allow it



Chapter 2 (The Strongest Stalker)
– I want to go with Victor
– Come out



Chapter 3 (A Girl’s Education)
– Ask Victor to teach me
– Leave the tube alone
– Ask Victor to teach me
– Interesting!



Chapter 4  (Train Robbery)
– Disagree
– Check on Victor
– Board the train
– Stay hidden



Chapter 5 (The Vampire’s Requiem)
– Isn’t there another way?
– Persuade him
– Don’t ask



Chapter 6 (A Negotiated Solution)
– Run into a back alley
– Can’t let him do this!



Chapter 7 (The Bouyant and the Bellicose)
– I’m having a lot of fun
– Prepare for a counterattack!



Chapter 8 (Nobody Understands the Truth)
– You wouldn’t understand


(If you’ve made the correct choices so far, you will get Victor’s route next chapter)image




Chapter 9 (A Wanted Man)
– Victor would never do something like that
– I’m so glad you’re safe



Chapter 10 (The British Queen)
– I don’t know…
– Step back

BAD END: Step toward her



Chapter 11 (The Alchemist’s Secret)
– Don’t be so kind to me
– Thank you
– Don’t run




Chapter 12 (Calamity)
– Reassure Victor
– Search for a way out



Chapter 13 (A Princess’s Knight)
– I promise
– I believe in you… (HAPPY END)

NORMAL END: I don’t want to kill you



Code Realize Guardian of Rebirth – Abraham Van Helsing Walkthrough







CHAPTER 1 (London Steam)
-Take his hand
-Allow It



CHAPTER 2 (The Strongest Stalker)
-I want to go with Victor
-Come Out



CHAPTER 3 (A Girl’s Education)
-Ask Van Helsing to teach me
-Insight to catch the opponent off-guard
-Ask Van Helsing to teach me
-Raise my hands and surrender



CHAPTER 4 (Train Robbery)
-Check on Van Helsing
-Board the train
-Come out of hiding



CHAPTER 5 (The Vampire’s Requiem)
-Think it’s a good idea
-Persuade him
-Ask about his past



CHAPTER 6 (Negotiated Solution)
-Keep walking down the main street
-Can’t let him do this



CHAPTER 7 (The Bouyant and the Bellicose)
-I don’t really understand
-Prepare for a counterattack!



CHAPTER 8 (Nobody Understands The Truth)
-Thank you



(If you’ve made the correct choices so far, you will get Van Helsing’s route next chapter) image




CHAPTER 9 (Serial Killer)

BAD END: Resist

-Find another route

BAD END: Melt the door



CHAPTER 10 (Vampire)
-I consider you a friend
-Help Delly



CHAPTER 11 (Dollface)
-Chase after Van Helsing

BAD END: Remain here




CHAPTER 12 (Walking Evil)
-You’re important to me!




CHAPTER 13 (Stand By Me)
-Protest (HAPPY END)image

NORMAL END: Fall Silent



Enjoy the rollercoaster!image

Code Realize Guardian of Rebirth – Impey Barbicane Walkthrough






CHAPTER 1 (London Steam)
-Take his hand
-Allow It



CHAPTER 2 (The Strongest Stalker)
-I’ll accompany Impey
-Come Out



CHAPTER 3 (A Girl’s Education)
-Ask Impey to teach me
-Wait in Anticipation
-Ask Impey to teach me
-“Are you sure?”



CHAPTER 4 (Train Roberry)
-Check on Impey
-Leave the Station
-Speak with Impey



CHAPTER 5 (The Vampire’s Requiem)
-Really I can’t say
-Capture him
-Don’t Ask



CHAPTER 6: (Negotiated Solution)
-Keep walking down the main street
-Can’t let him do this



CHAPTER 7 (The Bouyant and the Bellicose)
-I’m having a lot of fun
-Prepare for a counterattack!



CHAPTER 8 (Nobody Understands The Truth)
-You wouldn’t understand


(If you’ve made the correct choices so far, you will get Impey’s route next chapter)image




CHAPTER 9 (Steampunk)
-It made me happy
-I’ll protect you



CHAPTER 10 (Captured)

BAD END: Fight them!

-Yes, it was all for love



CHAPTER 11 (Criminal Intent)
-Is it all right for me to stay?



CHAPTER 12 (The Grandest Dream)



CHAPTER 13 (Fly Me To The Moon)
-… That’s what I was going to do
-Let’s keep going

BAD END: We should head back

-… step forward
-Stay with him (HAPPY END)

NORMAL END: Have faith in Impey





AMNESIA Memories – Ukyo Walkthrough


UKYO (Joker World Complete Walkthrough)



Before August 1
-I can’t remember anything
-(Choose all options)
-Yes, let’s hurry.
-Right, let’s hurry and look.

August 1
-It’s because I’d be limited, right?
-I don’t.

Create Save File 1 here

-I’ll pass.
-I think we can trust him.

August 2
-Until about 3 minutes ago.
-No, I feel fine.
-Can I work inside instead?
-Where is it?

August 3
-Why did you save me?
-I’m sorry, I don’t remember

August 4
-Were you alright, ukyo?
-Would you like to come over?
-I’m fine, thank you.

Create Save File 2 here


August 5
-I don’t know.
-No I haven’t.
-I’m fine.
-How can you predict the future?
-Have we held hands before?
-Your logic doesn’t make sense…

August 6
-Welcome home, Masters.
-Sorry, I can’t decide.

August 7
-Sawa, did you know Rika?
-I guess I do.
-Are you alright, Ukyo?
-Why did you tell me?

August 8
-What would his purpose be?

Create Save File 3 here

-I’ll stay home.
-Would you like to come in for tea?

August 10

Create Save File 4 here

-…Let me go!
-I was just kidding.
-So can I approach you when you’re awake?
-Are you homeless?
-Did I used to have feelings for you?

August 12
-I’ll talk it over with Ukyo.

August 13
-Maybe we shouldn’t go…?
-I’m a little worried about Ukyo.
-I think I should.
-I wanted to see you.

August 14
-Don’t worry about it.

Create Save File 5 here

-I think it was just a prank.
-I want to know him more.

August 15
-Yeah, let’s go out.
-How about places where Ukyo might be?
-Should I sue you, then?
-Okay, I understand.

August 16
-Do you speak another language?

August 18
-Why don’t we stay here and talk?
-As long as I’m not near you, we’re good, right?
-Would I not be good enough to talk to?
-Is that the only reason?

August 19
-Let’s go outside.
-Do you like the outdoors?
-Would you like to nap at my place?

August 20
-Maybe I’ll go to kandagawa park.
-So I can’t look at you at all?

August 21
-Let’s go to Myouga university.
-I was just curious…

August 22
-Did you text me earlier?

August 23
-I want to go.
-Would you like to come over?
-…Maybe I shouldn’t have.
-Please don’t go.

August 24

Create Save File 6 here

-No… I think it’s better to keep it from him…

August 25
-I’m curious about Ukyo.

Create a Save File 7 here

-I forgive him.

-Good Ending!




Load Save File 7

August 25
-I can’t forgive him…

-Normal Ending!



Bad Ending 1

Load Save File 4

August 10 
-So can I approach you when you’re awake?
-Are you homeless?
-How do you feel about me?

August 12
-I’ll talk it over with Ukyo.

August 13
-Maybe we shouldn’t go…?
-Yup, yup.
-We should probably stay inside…

August 14
-Don’t worry about it.
-I think it was just a prank.
-I think he’s a bit scary.

August 15
-Let’s stay home today.

August 16
-Do you speak another language?

August 18
-I just feel like walking around.
-Is that the only reason?

August 19
-I’ll stay inside.
-Good luck with studying!

August 20
-Maybe I’ll go to Meido no Hitsuji.
-You sure are popular.

August 21
-Let’s go to Seichi University.
-I’ve made friends.

August 22
-Did you text me earlier?

August 23
-I don’t really want to, but…
-Would you like to come over?
-It’ll be fine.

Create Save File 8 here

-Okay, that sounds good.

August 24
-No… I think it’s better to keep it from him…

August 25
-I wonder what “fate of death” mean.
-He would never do that.

-Bad Ending 1


Bad Ending 2

Load Save File 8

August 23
Please don’t go
-Bad Ending 2


Bad Ending 3

Load Save File 1

August 1
-Bad Ending 3


Bad Ending 4

Load Save File 2

August 4
I don’t know about that…
-Bad Ending 4


Bad Ending 5

Load Save File 3

August 8
-I’ll go
-Bad Ending 5


Bad Ending 6

Load Save File 5

August 14
-Ikki’s fanclub did this to me.
-…I don’t know
-Bad Ending 6


Bad Ending 7

Load Save File 6

-August 24
-I’ll try..
-Bad Ending 7