Code Realize Guardian of Rebirth – Arsene Lupin Walkthrough



NOTE: Lupin’s story can only be played after completing the True ends of the other bachelor’s routes.


Chapter 1 (London Steam)
– Take his hand

BAD END: Refuse

– Go with Lupin
– Remain defensive

Chapter 2 (The Strongest Stalker)
– I’m going with Lupin
– Attack!

Chapter 3 (A Girl’s Education)
– Ask Lupin to teach me
– Run!
– Ask Lupin to teach me
-Remember Van Helsing’s lessons

Chapter 4 (Train Robbery)
– Agree
– Check on Lupin
– Leave the station
– Speak with Lupin

Chapter 5 (The Vampire’s Requiem)
– Think it’s a good idea
– Persuade him
– Ask about his past

Chapter 6 (Negotiated Solution)
– Run into a back alley
– Can’t let him do this!
– Stay at the hotel

Chapter 7 (The Bouyant and the Bellicose)
– I don’t really understand
– Assist with the repairs

Chapter 8 (Nobody Understands the Truth)
– You wouldn’t understand

(If you made the correct choices so far, you will get Lupin’s route next chapter)


Chapter 9 (Someday’s Forgiveness)
– …

Chapter 10 (War)
– I’m going to help, too
– Stall for time

BAD END: Attempt to resist

Chapter 11 (Champion of Justice)
– … Thank you

Chapter 12 (Code:Realize)
– Don’t take it

BAD END: Take the pill

Chapter 13 (Warmth)
(Create a Save File)
– I can’t let him know I’ll become a monster
– Stay strong (TRUE END)image

BAD END: Give Up

– I can’t tell him that reason…
– Stay strong (NORMAL END)



10 thoughts on “Code Realize Guardian of Rebirth – Arsene Lupin Walkthrough

  1. I just finished Code realize and I loved it soooo much.

    Lupin’s ending was so beautiful and heartfelt and I enjoyed it sooo much and victor is my second favorite.

    I adored it sooo much thank you for introducing it too me. your walkthroughs really helped me a lot!

    I have a question, is there something missing in the game? In is my path of genesis, in the switch console, I notice after every love interest there is a empty box and I don’t know why? below chapter 13 the box is empty and I got the good endings for all of them and the side stories unlocked so I don’t know what the empty boxes mean?? would you happen to know?


      1. Hello ☺️

        Yes I did
        All the chapters for Cardia is filled in their boxes, It’s just the guys have the empty boxes after chapter 13.

        I did the true and normal ending for lupin and even he has an empty box after chapter 13.

        Unless there is another route I don’t know about lol

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        1. Hello Sonlia, have you unlocked all the glossary? Try checking if you’ve missed a glossary term, make sure to unlock it and see if that gets you the last CG. The last CG is where all the characters of CR cosplays into other otomate characters.


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