Butterfly’s Poison; Blood Chains (Chou no Doku) – Majima Walkthrough


  • Majima’s route will only unlock AFTER you finish everyone else’s.
  • Clearing Majima’s best ending will unlock extra stories in the “Extra Section”.
  • The missing CGs in the gallery’s ‘Other’ section will unlock after reading the “Extra Stories”.
  • Recommended Route Order: Shiba → Fujita Hideo → Mizuhito → Kyoko → Majima.


**A new intro is added to the prologue (this is an indicator that you have unlocked Majima’s route).

-I don’t want to go back to the party
-I’m not going to answer that
-Thank you
-Tell him
-You’re wrong

Create Save File 1 here

-Do you hate me?

Create Save File 2 here

-I’m not going back to the manor either

“Secret Feelings”


Load Save File 2

-Take me with you

“A Bad Man”
(Bad End: Unlocks 1 CG )

Load Save File 1

-I get it…
-It’s about our family…
-Who are you?
-Ask Majima
-Pick no one
-I’m not going

-Drink Majima’s tea
-You’re fine, Majima
-The flower’s name itself
-First floor
-Hamper 1
-First floor
-Hamper 2
-First floor
-Hamper 3
-First floor
-The wall
-Second floor

“A Strange Lady”
(Tragic End 1: Unlocks 2 CG )

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