Product Review: Otome Game Gachapon + Other Merch by Squishylama

The floofy llama is back! And this time with more fan merch in their store! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was about this! Initially, I got these items a couple of months back, but since they sold out pretty quick (in just a span of one week, no kidding!), I had to wait for the seller to restock, to post this review! (laughs)

Just like usual, before we head over to the actual product, I wanted to give a shout-out to the artist behind all these fabulous otome game fan merch. None other than “Squishylama” (now goes by “Llamafloofs”). You can also check out my review on their previous line of merch here.


Squishylama or “Llamafloofs” is a fluffy simp Llama that resides in Singapore.

“I am a hobby anime artist who draws multi-fandom art. I started off drawing in general… (mostly horses lol) at a young age. One day my classmate looked at me and said “why don’t you try drawing anime for your stories?” and POOF… that was my origin story spiraling into full weab-mode. I’ve always loved art, gaming, and story-making and I want to do more of that in the future if time permits me as I also hold a main full-time job as well.”


Etsy Store | Twitter | Instagram | Pixiv | Reddit


**Games Available: Bustafellows, Cafe Enchante, Collar x Malice, Cupid Parasite, Olympia Soiree, Piofiore, Variable Barricade.

GACHAPON: Shaker Standees

Note: New Design – White line has been removed for all designs ( both 5 and 6 heads ), 5 head designs now have 1 capsule ball the size of 1 head instead of 2 small ones.

Size: 8.9cm x 6cm (3.5″ x 2.4″)
*Comes with protective film on
Price: $27
Set of 3: $75.61
Full Set of 7: $172.83


*MC + LI Charms come with an acrylic heart emblem as the charm ender with a rose gold heart clasp

*LI Charms come with an acrylic flower emblem as the charm ender with a rose gold flower clasp

*Comes with protective film on
Size: size per head 2.5cm x 3cm (1” x 1.2”)
Price: $17.33 (MC+LI)
2 Head Set: $17.33
3 Head Set: $18.42
4 Head Set: $20.04


*Waterproof Matte Vinyl Stickers

Size: (Sheet)13cm x 14cm ( 5.1” x 5.5” )
(Individual sticker): 3.5cm x 4cm ( 1.4” x 1.6”)
Price: $5.36
Set of 3: $14.08
Full Set of 7: $33.04


*Waterproof, Matte Finish, Wrapped in clear plastic with the design cover sticker

Size: 2cm wide, 10m long
Price: $7.58 (Individual)
Set of 3: $20.58
Full Set of 7: $47.67



I’ve been a fan of Squishylama’s fan merch since they released their Piofiore standees at the beginning of this year. So when I heard they’re releasing a new set of fan merch, mid of 2022, I was very much anticipating what they’d be. I was also surprised that they have other games in their selections now instead of Piofiore alone. 

The gachapons were such a fun idea, and I never thought I’d see an otome-themed acrylic one to have ever been made ’til today! It kinda reminded me at first of my fanfancy acrylic frames (that I got for my Douma acrylics lol). But the fact that this one is a shaker type adds more fun to it! You can view my unboxing video above to see how much of a fun time I had shaking these things repetitively!😄

My fav. of all the items in my haul was the washi tapes! I am just obsessed with them. If you’re curious about what I’d normally do with these tapes – I usually use them for arts and crafts stuff, or (if the mood strikes me) scrapbooking. The heroine-themed charm was also something I requested from the seller. Putting all my favorite MCs in one charm was honestly so enjoyable, (their tiny heads are so cute haha) and I can’t wait to use them on this heroine ita bag I plan to make really soon! 

As for the shipping, it took about two weeks for my package to arrive, and they all came home safely and undamaged. If you plan to get the gachapons, the shipping fee will most likely be $9.27 (untracked). There will be upgrades on the seller’s Etsy store for shipping with tracking options. If you plan to get the washi tapes, stickers, and charms alone, the shipping will most likely be $6.55 (untracked), but again, there will be options to upgrade if you want your package tracked.

If you are in any way, interested in these fan merch, the seller has recently restocked their store with all of these items just this week. But keep in mind, these things sell out REALLY quickly (esp. the Piofiore ones), so I suggest grabbing them as soon as you can while supplies last! (laughs)😄 As someone who’s typically a merch hoarder, the otome gachapons and washi tapes are A MUST BUY for me. Honestly, rarely do I ever see these things pop out in the market, they’re not even in the Japanese fan merch line (mostly from or in any official online stores in Japan. I am highly recommending this merch 100%! They are really of good quality and are too adorable all around. Otome fans, you really can’t miss this! 


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