Unboxing: The Ssum (Open Package) by Cheritz

Last August 16, the South Korean Game company, Cheritz, launched their newest game, “The Ssum” worldwide. And along this big release was also their official launching of The Ssum’s official merch.

The Ssum currently has two merch bundles that are currently available in Cheritz’s official online store:

Basically, the only difference between the two is that the Open Package one has the plaster sets and PIU PIU Shield included while the former doesn’t.

Today we will be unboxing and taking a look at what’s inside the merch bundle: “The Ssum Open Package“. I received this package a week ago but never got around to unboxing it! (laughs)



Since this package was shipped from South Korea, it took about two weeks to reach the US via standard shipping. The package came in a lovely white box with Cheritz’s official logo (outside).

  • 2 Teo Bromides (1 Official, 1 Randomized)
  • 1 Bromide with Seunghoon Seuk’s autograph (Teo’s VA)
  • 1 Mystic Messenger Bromide (bonus)
  • The Ssum U-U Plaster Set (3 total designs)
  • PIU PIU Shield
  • Piu’s Piu’s Love Bundle Box

One of the four bromides that came in the package is randomized. The one I got was Teo wearing a birthday hat. (lol) I also loved the Mystic Messenger one, which I believe was a bonus(?)

The Ssum U-U Plaster Set
PIU PIU Shield
Piu’s Piu’s Love Bundle Box
Inside PIU PIU’s Love Bundle Box:
  • The Ssum’s official soundtrack CD (with a few bonus content inside)
  • Piu Piu Journal (Mood) Stickers
  • Planetary Antenna Chip Card (redeemable on the app)
  • Mystery Letter for Forbidden Lab Participants (watch my unboxing video to know more about it!)
  • Piu Piu Love Journal
The Ssum’s Official Soundtrack CD

The Soundtrack comes with The Ssum’s official Opening theme “We Must Be The Ssum” (both KR and EN version – lyrics included). Besides the game’s official OST, a couple of bonuses are also included inside the CD. One of which is a 5-6 minute exclusive interview/voice recording scene with Teo’s voice actor, Seunghoon Seuk.

Unfortunately, the soundtrack doesn’t include the old theme song for The Ssum (the one used during the beta release four years ago).

My favorite out of everything in this package is the PIU PIU Love Journal. The journal is pretty detailed and even has some cool little features inside that are very relevant to the details of the “Forbidden Labs” portion of the game. Feel free to check out my full video unboxing above for a sneak peek on the journal!


You can purchase these bundles at Cheritz’s official online store below! The prices below does not include shipping fees. Be sure to take your time to read their shipping details and see if their store ships to your location/country before placing an order!


Price: $44.00
(Tax and Shipping not included)


Price: 55.00 (Discounted Price)
(Tax and Shipping not included)


Cheritz is a South Korea-based game company that develops and services storytelling games for the female audience (otome games).

Official Site | Twitter | Instagram | The Ssum Official Site