Even If Tempest – Finale Walkthrough


  • The Witch of Ruin’s chapter will only unlock after reading all of the main cast’s final chapter. Unlocking all of the main’s cast final chapters will require you to play Lucien’s Route.
  • The choices you make in this chapter doesn’t really affect the story. They are basically answers to some of the plot holes that were not explained in the previous routes.
  • Make sure to keep a save file to come back to and view other choices/answers.
  • (Soft) Recommended Route Order: Crius → Tyril → Zenn → Lucien → ???.

LOAD: Recent ‘Clear Data’ File  → (Select) Witch of Ruin

Finale for a Pitiable Witch

-Don’t tell him.

Create Save File 1 here

Pick either:
-Norna and Endy’s nature.
-Zenn’s transport to this world.
-The Witch of Cessation.

Pick either:
-The Ishik clan.
-Witch trials.
-The Fatal Rewind.

Pick either:
-Lucius Neuscnburn.
-The other attendants.

~Finale End Cleared~ (with CG)

***Load Save File 1 and select the other choices until you’ve complete them all. ☺️


3 thoughts on “Even If Tempest – Finale Walkthrough

  1. Hi, I just almost finished the game, however after I read all the main cast final chapters, for some reason I can’t get to the finale chapter ( FINALE FOR A PITIABLE WITCH). While I clearly saved the recent chart data. How come? Did I miss a previous step? Or do I need to play all the death end endings?


    1. Never mind, I found the main reason why I couldn’t get to the finale chapter. Apparently after reading through Cruis, Tyril and Lucien finale chapter I went to my previous file to make the other choice in order to play Zenn finale chapter. Which resulted only have read Zenn finale chapter according to the game saving files 🤦🏻‍♀️🤡.


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