R18 Otome Game: memories メモリーズ Review

Release Date: April 28, 2010 (Japan)
Developers:  Chocolatier
Publishers:  Chocolatier
Platforms:  PC
Languages: Japanese Only


The protagonist Higuchi Yumi’s parents get transferred overseas due to work. For the sake of her studies and her future, they decide that it’s best for Yumi to stay in Japan alone. With her best interests in mind, her parents arrange for Yumi to attend Saint Claus Academy. Apparently, they decided on this school due to its reputation for having numbers of students from respectable families, its firm administrative policies, and how it also has a joint university.

Yumi struggles to get used to being in a new town, living on her own. And though she’s apprehensive about a lot of things, she was still able to make great friends and develop a positive outlook in her school life.

At school, she meets various boys and feelings of love begin to faintly grow in her heart. As she grows closer to them, she starts to see the various problems the boys were dealing with. Seeing their struggles inspires Yumi to seriously think about her own future, rather than aimlessly living day-by-day. As Yumi gradually matures through overcoming the hurdles of friendship and love, what awaits her in the end…?


Let me start by saying the overall art of this game was a bit dated. Given this title was released more than a decade ago, this is quite understandable. While the majority of the CGs looked great (beautiful even), there were a few that appeared really wonky, especially during the explicit scenes. Some sprite variations looked off too (in the body anatomy department), Onose-sensei being the worst offender as his hands were bigger than his head! 😔 It’s a shame since I really like Ryo Nakajou‘s (game artist) art style in their yaoi mangas and doujinshis. Perhaps this was their first R18 project as an illustrator? Idk.

The soundtrack was alright. I always appreciate it when a seiyuu portraying an in-game character, sings the game’s OP. In memories, the voice actor Atsushi Kakehashi, who played Hayato, performed the opening track “Hear Me Cry Instead of Leavin'”. This track was nice & decent, tbh! It gave me early 2000’s shoujo anime vibes, and I’m here for it!

Voice Acting
The names of the cast listed in the game all used these voice actors’ aliases and pseudonyms. They normally do this for their R18 works, to separate them from their main works and projects.

Kannagi Hakana as “Saishoji Yoshitaka – Chinami (Harukanaru 5), Sorata Suzuhara (Norn9), Kohaku (Harukanaru 6), Arnaud (Gensou Manege), Suishinshi Masahide (Touken Ranbu), Musashi Miyamoto (Harukanaru 7)

Kanna Kouhi as “Itsuki Asagi” – Norizuki Ren (Kaeru Batake DE Tsukamaete), Nova (Arcana Famiglia), Wataru (Gakuen Club), Kurumi (Side Kicks!!), Nagisa Hazuki (Free!), Rin (Hiiro no Kakera 3)

Sakiware Spoon as “Tozu Michinari” – Mikazuki Munechika (Touken Ranbu), Ichiya (Variable Barricade), Saito Hajime (Hakuoki), Poyo-Poyo (Period Cube), Shuu (Diabolik Lovers), Kagiha (Psychedelica BB), Rei Mikuni (CollarxMalice), Chojiro (Nightshade), Cecil (Utapri)

Satou Takao as “Kamijo Hayato” – Axel (Ozmafia!!), Susumu Miyanomori (Hanayaka Nari), Lee Fitzwilliam (Iris School of Wizardry Vinculum Hearts), Keneth (Suikoden IV)

Aoshima Yaiba as “Onose Atsushi” –  Sesshomaru (Inuyasha), Nakago (Fushigi Yuugi Suzaku Ibun), Valeria Trifa (Dies Irae), Doman Shirino (Gintama), Tetsuya Kajiwara (Fushigi Yuugi), Philippe de Chagny (PersonaA Opera)


This is a slice-of-life smut game, so there’s really no plot or story to follow. You can just start with any route you want without worrying about any spoilers. The story flow for each route was very homogeneous, too. They were predictable to a T – where it’s always: “you meet the guy, canoodle with him, he ignores you the next day, you hash out the conflict, bang each other’s brains out, then bam! you reach the good ending”. Yep, it’s pretty straightforward like that!😂

Perhaps the only exception to this is Onose-sensei (the headmaster lol), as you’ll need certain *requirements* to get to his route.


  • rich playboy prince
  • chocolate enthusiast 🍫

Yoshitaka is the heir to the Saishoji Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Japan. He spent most of his early school years abroad (in England), and has recently returned to Japan so he can train and become the Saishoji successor after he graduates high school. He is very friendly to everyone and is constantly being asked out by girls, and he never turns them down.😏

I started with Yoshitaka’s route, because heck, he’s the most attractive out of everyone! Yumi, the protagonist even describes him as “someone who came out of a shoujo manga” and she ain’t wrong! In his route, Yumi meets him at a CD shop for the first time. He flirts with her and randomly asks her out on a date, to which she replied YES.😏 He then goes and buys her the CD she was listening to, as a means of thanking her for agreeing to date him.😚 Their date night finally arrives and Yoshitaka picks up Yumi in his luxury car, takes her to this fancy cruise ship owned by his family where they spend the entire evening together, fine dining and enjoying the cityscape scenery. The next day at school, she bumps into Yoshitaka and his tsundere sister Riko. Riko warns Yumi to stay away from her brother, but Yoshitaka tells his sister off, that it’s him who wants to get closer to Yumi. He then asks Yumi out for the second time, to which the heroine agrees (lol MC is kinda thirsty). But this time, she wants their second date to be more simple and to show Yoshitaka what it’s like to date a commoner.🤣 For their second date, Yumi takes Yoshitaka window shopping, eating home-cooked food at the park, and chocolate tasting at this cheap chocolate joint. Yoshitaka becomes overwhelmed after experiencing a “commoner’s date” and tells Yumi how much he really enjoyed his day out with her doing common-people-things. (cackles) 🤣

The next day, Yoshitaka finds Yumi at school and tells her she’s all he could think of, since their last date. He then proceeds to kabedon her, makes out with her on the school grounds, takes her to the school’s greenhouse, and bangs her there.😳😳 I have to say, their first time, was actually kinda cute as Yoshitaka clumsily stumbles to unbutton Yumi’s uniform (aww).🤭 The day after their first greenhouse sex, Yumi finds Yoshitaka flirting with other girls at school. Heartbroken, she runs off crying and bumps into Riko and Itsuki (Yoshitaka’s best friend). Riko tells her to just give up, but Itsuki confronts Yoshitaka out of concern for Yumi. Yoshitaka then explains to Yumi the reason he’s surrounded by women is that the daughters of the most powerful families in Japan will constantly continue to vie for his attention, and he’s only hanging out with them to “fulfill his role” as the Saishoji heir. 😤 Ehh, whatevs mann… In his good ending, Yoshitaka asks Yumi to be her fiancé and puts her on training to become a fine ojousama destined to marry the successor of Japan’s number one conglomerate. In return, he promises not to flirt with others anymore and will always stay loyal to her. His bad ending took a funny turn, where Yoshitaka continues to shower Yumi with expensive gifts, takes her on luxury dates, and buys her whatever she wants to a point where she couldn’t care less if Yoshitaka flirts with other women as long as she’s constantly showered by her man’s coins honeeey! 🤑😂

***I thought I was going to hate this route but to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it! The heroine was a bit thirsty here too and their lovemaking was consensual.❤️ I thought Yoshitaka was a genuinely sweet LI. I love that he constantly calls the MC “koneko-chan” (kitten), and the short English phrases in his dialogues added extra charm to his character. Kudos to his seiyuu for doing an excellent job delivering his adorable lines! Yoshitaka was also probably the only guy in this game that developed a reason to fall in love with Yumi. Their spicy scenes were amazing!🥵🥵🥵 I guess my only gripe was that one of the CGs (during their greenhouse sexcapade) looked really weird af (it made Yoshitaka look like a creepy old man, ooof!) It was such a bummer too because that H-scene was pretty good! Haha! Oh well…😩


  • oresama rockstar
  • moody, rude

Hayato is Yumi’s sharp-tongued, impertinent classmate. He does things on his own and rarely hangs out with anyone at school. He’s normally seen butting heads with the school council president, Michinari Tozu.

For the majority of Hayato’s route, he keeps calling Yumi, a ‘monkey’ which I find rude as heck, Idc if he’s just being crass with his jokes. I’m not here for it!😤 Anyway, during his route, Hayato, after barraging the heroine with his crude jokes, convinces her to go out with him. They go karaoke-ing together, and Yumi starts complimenting Hayato for his incredible vocals.😏 There were lots of scenes depicting Hayato singing during their date, and I wish they would’ve actually let the VA sing a line of two even just for a split second, but they probably don’t have the budget for this. Plus, Hayato’s already singing the game’s OP, so…. Moving on to their date, Hayato shares with Yumi how he’s very passionate about becoming a musician. They stroll around the park, and Hayato asks a random busker if he could borrow his guitar for a minute. He then plays and sings an English song for Yumi in public that caught a lot of the passerby’s attention. The crowd cheers for Hayato and starts asking him for song requests afterward, lol.😄 The next morning, Hayato finds Yumi at school and hands her out a piece of paper with the lyrics to the song he sang last night. Since the song was in English, he made the effort to translate it for her (aww). He also asks Yumi to hang out with him after school so he can *show her something* (Uhh, okay…).😳😏Later that day, Hayato tells Yumi about his part-time job as a vocalist in a band. He then takes her to the bar where their band usually performs and drags her along the sound room so he can make out with her and bang her there. What’s funny was while they were finishing up the deed, Hayato’s other band members showed up unexpectedly, so Yumi and Hayato had to awkwardly hide in a corner of the room butt-naked! (cackles)😂😂

The next morning at school, Hayato and Yumi get assigned some school duties together after class and Hayato instantly becomes cold to Yumi. He gets upset that the heroine is calling him on a first-name basis and deliberately walks out every time he sees her. Lunch hour arrives and Yumi asks Hayato if he wants to spend his free time with her; he turns her down so Yumi goes to the cafeteria alone. She gets comforted by Michinari-senpai and he tells Yumi to just break up with Hayato. The next day, Hayato is still trying to avoid Yumi as if his life depends on it, so Yumi chases him down everywhere! ( ಠ ʖ̯ ಠ) I swear this was so stupid… like, why do you even bother with this jerk? girl bye! Hayato finally relents, and Yumi catches up with him in an empty classroom. They talk about his issues & why he’s been avoiding her. Turns out, he got jealous that she spent time with Michinari during yesterday’s lunch; he also tells her he doesn’t like PDA. So calling him by his first in public name makes him feel weird.🙄 I swear this dude is just….🙄 They realize this whole argument was stupid and a waste of time (no kidding!!!) so they decide to have makeup sex right then and there. For someone who just told MC he doesn’t like PDA, this sure is ironic.🙄In his good ending, Hayato becomes a popular rockstar after six months and Yumi tries to support him in any way she can as his girlfriend and number one fan. In his bad end, Hayato and Yumi become fxxx buddies and he uses her body every time he wants to “feel inspired” to write a new song. I believe he also cheats on Yumi with other girls (including Yukari, Yumi’s bff).💀

***Ew, this route! I just can’t! Not only was Hayato unlikable from the beginning, he got absolutely no redeeming qualities til the end. It was just terrible from start to finish.. Admittedly, I thought, banging in the sound room was kinda hot, but if you’re going to be a jerk to me the next day & let me chase you around, then I want my virginity back and an asthma pump cause boooooi that was one hell of a chase! 😑 Don’t even get me started with his bad ending! Was the cheating part really that necessary? (╯°益°)╯彡┻━┻


  • b a b y with a greenthumb
  • cinamon roll

Istuki is a freshman student at St. Claus Academy. He is very close to the Saishoji siblings (Yoshitaka and Riko) since his father is employed as the Saishoji family gardener. He grew up watching his father at work, so when it comes to plants, he is very bright and knowledgeable. He is often found in the school’s greenhouse, making sure the flowers there are well taken care of.

During the common route, Yumi bumps into Istuki (who looks like he’s about to collapse) at the school gate. She helps him up and even offers to take him to the infirmary. They’ve been friendly acquaintances, since then. A few days later since their first encounter, Yumi visits the school’s greenhouse and bumps into a sickly Istuki again who seems to be out of breath. She offers her lap for him to lay down his head with, and wipes his sweat off (this poor guy😭). The next day, they meet again at the greenhouse and Itsuki is all puppy-dog-eyes happy to see her there. 🥺🥺🥺 They chit-chat about flowers and plants, and Yumi realizes that Itsuki was probably lonely for a while since he’s sickly and didn’t have that many friends that share the same interest as him. She feels the need to be protective of him, so she makes it a point to see him every day. Yoshitaka notices that the two are getting super close, so one day, he corners Yumi at school, kabedons her, and tries to kiss her 😱😱😱 (they pretty much recycled a CG here from Yoshitaka’s route lol). He then stops and tells the heroine he’s only joking, and that he wouldn’t dare steal his best friend’s girl (what a cockblock move! lol).😂 Itsuki, unfortunately, saw the whole thing and thought maybe she’s better off with Yoshitaka, so he starts ignoring her the next day. Without completely giving up on his girl, Itsuki confronts Yoshitaka and asks him if he’s indeed interested in Yumi, to which Yoshitaka replies “Yes” 😱 but adds that he’s backing off because it’s the right thing for him to do (aww).

The next day, Yumi and Itsuki meet up at the greenhouse, and Itsuki apologizes for ignoring her previously. He then starts to feel dizzy, so Yumi takes him to the infirmary. There, he lays down, and both of them confess their feelings for each other. Things got heated up, and they kissed and bang each other. This love scene was actually pretty cute since Itsuki was too innocent and struggled to take MC’s bra off, so Yumi had to step up and help him with it lol.😂 While doing the deed, Itsuki began sweating like crazy and Yumi panics thinking he was about to die! 😂 Itsuki tries so hard to make love to her but in the end couldn’t finish off.😲🤯 A couple of days later, Itsuki starts avoiding Yumi out of the blue and even broke up with her without spelling out any reasons. Yumi sought help from Yoshitaka, and he suspects it has something to do with Itsuki’s recent trip to the hospital for his monthly check-ups. A few weeks passed, and Yumi finally confronts Itsuki about his cold treatment towards her. Itsuki then apologizes to her in tears, as he tells her he doesn’t have enough time left to live.😨

***I really like Itsuki, but holy crackamole! This route was a total downer. It’s a shame since Yumi and Itsuki genuinely seem to have the most wholesome relationship out of everyone in the game. Idk about you but I’m really not a fan of LI’s dying in their good endings; sorry to say, this trope is just not for me…😔


  • tsundere senpai
  • do-s

Michinari is the student council president of St. Claus Academy. He is very strict and uptight but does his daily school responsibilities in a calm and collected manner. While everyone respects him for his outstanding repertoire, a lot of students still considers him as cold and unapproachable.

In Michinari’s route, Yumi clumsily keeps bumping onto him in the hallway, so he gives her detention after class. He bosses Yumi around during detention and works her to the bone (this guy’s got no chill). 🤭 The next day, Yumi and her best friend Yukari flunked their math quiz. Yukari suggests they ask Michinari to tutor them since he’s a math genius. He outright declines to teach them both, but then orders Yukari to do some work at the student council’s office, and proposes he doesn’t mind tutoring Yumi alone…😏😏 (lol I rolled my eyes so hard on this, though I actually found this scene really cute!) After their tutor session, Michinari offers to walk Yumi home since it’s already late, and Yumi agrees. On their way home, Yumi decides to stop by the arcade so she can play the crane game. She tries but fails so many times, so Michinari steps up and takes over. It turns out he couldn’t do it either lol. He got so annoyed and worked up over it (it was so cute!). In his 10th attempt, he finally got the stuffed animal out of the crane machine, felt really happy with his victory moment, and gave the prize to Yumi.😂 The next day, while Yumi was telling Yukari about yesterday’s arcade trip with Michinari, Yukari reveals to her on the spot that’s she’s in love with Michinari 😱 (wow this angst, I can’t!).😥 So now, Yumi is conflicted with her fondness for Michinari; she admits to herself that she likes him but didn’t wanna ruin her friendship with Yukari, so she keeps her feelings under wraps. A couple of days have passed, and Yumi continues to push Michinari to spend time with her friend Yukari. One morning, while Yumi was talking to Hayato in the hallway, Michinari abruptly cuts their conversation short and drags her away. He then asks her to come to the student council’s office after class. Yumi contemplates for a bit but then decides to yolo and head there anyway!😏 The moment she arrives, Michinari immediately pounces on her, kisses her, and tries to make out with her. He says he’s been really frustrated lately because she’s been avoiding him for the past how long, so his horniness skyrocketed!😳 He also admits he got irritated when he saw her talking to Hayato. Yumi tries to stop him not because she doesn’t want to do it with Michinari, but because she doesn’t want to hurt her best friend’s feelings. She tries to run away from him, but to no avail. Michinari pulls her close to him and says something about punishing her for refusing to do what he says.🥵 OMG! 🙈🙈🙈 their H-scenes were so wild! Holy smokes!🙈😂

The next day, Yumi feels weird about everything that happened, and at the same time feels quite guilty for betraying her friend’s trust. After class, Michinari comes up to her to try and confess his feelings  (lol isn’t it too late for this now?) but gets stopped by Yukari, who then outright confesses that she’s in love with him.😱😱😱 Michinari straight up dumps her on the spot, and Yukari bursts out into tears and runs away. Yumi chases after her friend, but Yukari tells Yumi to leave her alone. Things got awkward between the two girls after that. I swear they dragged this drama for so long, but I’m actually enjoying it, to say the least!🤭 A few days later, Yukari apologizes to Yumi and tells her she’s finally giving up on Michinari because she doesn’t wanna play the role of the villain in her best friend’s love life. With the help of Hayato, she sets up Yumi and Michinari to meet inside the student council’s office, so they can finally talk without any interruptions. There, Michinari apologizes for being too rough on their first sex and partially blames Yumi for being too irresistible?😂 Yumi proposes new rules for him and tells him he can’t go extremely wild like last time (rofl). They make up, make out and bang each other’s brains out, and this time Yumi was equally as aggressive as her man, that Michinari had to stop to take breaths.🥵 In his bad ending, Michinari and Yumi develop this do-s/do-m relationship where Yumi get’s “punished” by her senpai, in the kinkiest way imaginable, if she’s late or breaks school rules in the Academy. lol 🥵 🥵 🥵

***OMG, this route! I’m happy to say I’ve shamelessly enjoyed it and have no regrets! I love the drama between Yumi and Yukari, and unlike others, the (angsty) events here weren’t boring at all. I like that MC was a bit sexually aggressive here too. Not to mention, the foreplays in this route were just WILD.🥵 You can probably make a whole drama CD out of it. (laughs)😂 I also love Michinari’s uptight, do-s personality, but I’m also a huge simp for Toriumi, so this was probably half the reason why I’m biased with this character.😂


  • sensei route
  • soft

Onose-sensei became headmaster of St. Claus Academy at a very young age. He is a hard worker who has put everything into all his achievements in life. His politeness and calm demeanor, and of course, his alluring looks, are some of the reasons why he’s fairly popular with girls at school. Everyone raves about how his undisclosed age is one of the seven mysteries of St. Claus Academy.

So to actually get into Onose-sensei’s route, you’re required to be on another character’s route, get max points with Onose, and then break up with the current LI you’re dating. This will immediately direct you over to Onose’s story. Throughout the other bachelor’s routes, Onose-sensei will appear from time to time to comfort Yumi while she’s in conflict with the other LI. The choices you select during these cut scenes with him will determine if you have enough points needed to get to teach’s route. In my playthrough, I picked Hayato to break up with (because he deserves it).😤 Anyway, nothing much really happens here, apart from Yumi confessing her feelings to sensei, and getting immediately rejected. But then Onose-sensei magically takes it back the next day and promises Yumi, he’ll wait for her to graduate so they can be together.

In his good ending, Yumi graduates as an outstanding student and representative of her class. After graduation, she receives a letter from Onose, with directions to a hotel and a room key card lol.😏😏😏 So she heads straight to the place, no questions asked (dis girl couldn’t have been any faster haha). The moment she arrives, she’s greeted with a nice bouquet of flowers as a congratulatory gift for graduating with honors, and Onose-sensei was there waiting for her with a gentle but mischievous smile. And well… we all know what happens next…🥵💦 💦  A week later, Yukari visits Yumi’s apartment, and helps her pack all her stuff as she’s getting ready to move to another city. Yukari brings along Yoshitaka, Riko, Hayato, Michinari, and Itsuki, and they all assist her prepare for her big move while enjoying some light snacks. Finally, it’s moving day, and Yumi settles down in another city. There, she marries her now-boyfriend and soon-to-be husband, Onose-sensei, and they live happily ever after.

***I was expecting the forbidden romance trope of ‘student x teacher‘ but to my surprise, there wasn’t any of that here. This route was actually very soft and vanilla, and even their explicit scenes were wholesome. I like it though, so I’m not complaining at all!🤭 I still couldn’t understand why Onose fell for Yumi like that, but hey, the rest of the LIs pretty much did the same thing, so I sort of just shrugged this off.¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Yumi Higuchi is a 2nd-year high school student who transferred into St. Claus Academy due to her parents’ job relocation overseas. She’s a normal, cheerful girl who can get along with anybody.

Yumi is the typical high school protagonist in Otome Games. A bit ditsy, a little innocent, clumsy, and randomly trips on her feet. She pretty much acts like any other high school teenager, which I didn’t really mind at all. She doesn’t have much of a personality either. So nothing about her stood out to me…┐(‘~`;)┌ I do like her in Yoshitaka’s bad end, where she literally becomes a sugarbaby and was like “Idc if he’s flirting with others, as long as he showers me with fancy gifts, I might as well enjoy it while I can” LOL😂 She was also pretty aggressive in provoking Michinari’s “urges” in their second canoodling at the student council’s office, so I enjoyed seeing her being sexually forward like that. Bold & horny MCs are always welcome in my book. Apart from these, she’s pretty much bland all-around. (shrug)


The game’s system was very straightforward. Nothing special really. It’s what I’d expect from an old game released more than a decade ago. I did appreciate how easy it was to navigate between save files. I also like that you’re able to revisit route chapters. It made replaying some *cough* smut scenes *cough* very painless.😂

Another small detail that I enjoyed was the character selection menu, where the sprites of each LI blush whenever you hover over them. It’s cute, and you can kinda see that the devs put in some effort in adding this simple quirk to the game’s UI, at least. There wasn’t any completion CG after unlocking every ending though, which I find unfortunate.

What are the chances for this game to get picked up by localization?
Negative. The developers, Chocolatier, according to VNStat, have been defunct for years, and it appears that they never released any other visual novels apart from this one? So yeah, getting this officially localized is like wishing for pigs to fly. Never happening.



This game was fairly short. I think I’ve spent about 15-20 hours in total completing it in its entirety. Each route has two endings (good and bad), save for Onose, who only gets one (good end). The game didn’t have too many choices either, and only one choice (usually found during or after your first date with the LI) will determine whether you’re heading towards the good or the bad ending. All of the routes offer three H-scenes, except for Onose (he only gets one, unfortunately).

Story-wise, I thought the main characters were poorly thought out, heroine included. Most of the lines and dialogues were your typical copy-paste scenarios in high school otome games. None of the romance felt believable.😔 The guys pretty much just fell in love with Yumi instantly for no reason. Some irrelevant convos between the characters dragged the story far too long; examples were; Yumi and Istuki’s ‘plant talks’, and Hayato complaining and being picky with his food (it wasn’t cute). While I understand these were added nuances for character development – it was so boring and uninteresting, it made me fall asleep a few times.😔 I do wanna point out that the game gives you a hefty amount of CGs to gawk at. You can unlock up to 60 CGs for each LI, except for Onose-sensei, who only got 30. The horny CGs have tons of variations too, which I immensely appreciate.

For the LIs and their routes, I believe I enjoyed Michinari, Yoshitaka, and Onose. Michinari was my favorite simply because I liked his kinky do-s-tsundere persona.🙈🤭 Itsuki was an adorable cinnamon roll, but his route thoroughly got me depressed.😢 Hayato (in his own route) was straight-up trash, and not in a good way. 

Do I recommend this game? NO.
To be perfectly honest, despite my complaints above, I admit I still enjoyed this game for what it is. This was probably because I was actively seeking a slice of life-ish R18 title to play, and this game was on sale right in front of my face for only 500¥.  So yes, I played this solely for the smut and satisfyingly got what I wanted, hook line and sinker!🤣 Plus, paying five bux to hear your fav. seiyuus moan and whisper their sexiest in-game sweet-nothings is an absolute steal! (laughs). I wouldn’t recommend this game if you’re looking for some good R18 romance, though. But if you’re someone like me who just wants a decent smut game to pass the time, then this title might tickle your fancy.😉


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  1. I really appreciated this review – it’s a game that is, as far as I can tell, not available in English, and my Japanese is not good enough to justify even 500¥.

    But, like all your other reviews, this was well-written and entertaining as heck to read xD It actually made me want to be able to play it despite the score and lack of recommendation. (Sometimes we all need terrible smut in our lives.)

    Also given this review I have a title I think you’d enjoy, but it feels weird to make a recommendation unprompted for something saucy (well, and in this case more HILARIOUS than anything else).

    Anyway, I at least wanted to share my appreciation for this review ^_^

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    1. Thank you Quin!
      LOL True, sometimes all we need is some random terrible smut to pass the time and this game is it. rofl

      Glad you enjoyed the review! And always feel free to recommend stuff (whether smutty or not haha), that you think I might like, and i’ll add it to my backlog! 😀


  2. This review was so fun to read ! Thank you for posting it. Actually, it was so fun to read that it made me curious and i wanted to buy it, then i understood that it was only in japanese.
    I can’t help it! I never played a game with smut so i wanted to see what it looked like + you made it quite interesting. I feel like your writing has that quality that makes me curious about every game !

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