NEW: Official Cupid Parasite Goods by Idea Factory International Coming this Valentines Day!

That’s right otome fans! Today, Idea Factory International revealed their two new official merchandise for the hit Otome Game, Cupid Parasite!

Per their Twitter post, Idea Factory Int’l announced they will be selling two new Cupid Parasite goods:

  • Cupid Parasite cushions
  • Cupid Parasite hybrid charms/standees

Cupid Parasite Cushions

Cushion Size: 12 x 18 (inches)
Style: Double-sided print
Includes: Cushion and Cover
Price: 29.99 (USD)
Selections: One cushion for each main love interest (Ryuki, Shelby, Gill, Raul, and Allan)

Link to Store (NA) | Link to Store (EU)


Charm Size: 2 x 4 (inches)
Heart Standee Size: 6.25 x 5.5 (inches)
Style: Detachable character can be used with included phone strap
Price: 22.99 (USD)
Selections: One charm for each main love interest (Ryuki, Shelby, Gill, Raul, Allan) and the heroine (Lynette).

Link to Store (NA) | Link to Store (EU)

The sale starts on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022 (11 AM PST). In addition, the game, Cupid Parasite Limited Edition Set gets a ONE DAY 25% discount on the same day! Otome fans, don’t miss out on these deals and awesome goodies!

For more information about these otome merchandises, visit, subscribe and follow Idea Factory International’s official stores below:

IFI (North America) | IFI (Europe)


5 thoughts on “NEW: Official Cupid Parasite Goods by Idea Factory International Coming this Valentines Day!

  1. I am beyond ecstatic for the release of official goods without those proxy prices! I currently own Cupid Parasite but haven’t got around to playing it yet with my backlog of other Otome titles. Since the 14th is literally days away I wanted to ask your opinion on what love interest I would like based on other favorites from games I have played. Other love interests I have liked are Eltcreed and Adage from Steam Prison, Ignis and Rindo from Cafe Enchante, Shiraishi and Okazaki from Collar Malice, and Shiratsuki from Dairoku Agents of Sakuratani. I really want to support IfI for making these goods available to us! I hope if the sales do well they will continue the trend of bringing over more merch.

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    1. From your fav LI’s from other games, I think you may love Raul, Allan or ??? in CupiPara. All the boys are honestly lovely though! 🙂

      Totally agree! I hope ifi continues to provide us more otome merch for their current and upcoming releases and hopefully other companies follows the trend! ❤


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