Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi – Keisuke Yamanami Walkthrough


-“What on earth was that about?”

CHAPTER 1: Birth of the Shinsengumi

(Conversation with) Keisuke Yamanami
-“There’s always gonna be a few rotten apples.”
(Conversation with) Kamo Serizawa
-“What is he doing?”

Bonus Event: Good For What Ails You (Serizawa-1)

(Conversation with) Keisuke Yamanami

Date Event: Mechanical Doll (Yamanami-1)
-“Can I try it out?”

(Conversation with) Genzaburo Inoue
-“Yup, off duty!”

MAIN 1: Birth of the Shinsengumi

-“They certainly stir the blood.”
-But, I’ll do my best!”
-“Wow… Serizawa is amazing!”
-I see it, now.”
-“It’s rather a shame…”
-“What an honorable, historic name!”
-“Yeah, yeah…”

Themed Event: Yamanami-sensei (Yamanami-1)

CHAPTER 2: Trouble Brewing

(Conversation with) Isami Kondo
-“Nothing we can do about it now.”
(Conversation with) Keisuke Yamanami
-“Do you have fun memories of the Shieikan?”
(Conversation with) Kamo Serizawa
-“How about Yamanami?”
(Conversation with) Keisuke Yamanami
-“Sure, I’d love to.”

MAIN 2: Trouble Brewing

-“Think about Serizawa.”
-“I’m sure it’ll be fine!”
-“Why don’t we have tea together sometime?”
-“I think you’re suspicious.”
-“Final showdown…”
-“This is to protect the Shinsengumi, right?”

CHAPTER 3: A Diamond in the Rough

(Conversation with) Hajime Saito
-“He looks kinda weak.”
(Conversation with) Keisuke Yamanami
-“Defending the emperor, you mean?”
(Conversation with) Kai Shimada
-“Was it Ume, by any chance?”
(Conversation with) Toshizo Hijikata
-“What should I do with my sword?”

MAIN 3: A Diamond in the Rough

-“*gulp* That’s kinda scary.”
-“Ask for details.”
-“Yamanami seems like he’s in pain.”

Themed Event: Akebono (Yamanami-2)

CHAPTER 4: Choshu’s Roar

(Conversation with) Keisuke Yamanami
-“Keep yourself together, okay?”
(Conversation with) Kanryusai Takeda
(Conversation with) Keisuke Yamanami

Date Event: In Times of Trouble (Yamanami-2)
-“How about, the next time I’m sick…”

(Conversation with) Sanosuke Harada
-“You’re personality totally changes when you’re drunk.”

MAIN 4: Choshu’s Roar

-“Pray for Katamori’s health”
-“Observe the state of the city.”

CHAPTER 5: A Breath of Fresh Air

(Conversation with) Kai Shimada
-“You sure are hungry, Shimada.”
(Conversation with) Kanryusai Takeda”
-“He’s sleeping underneath that tree over there.”
(Conversation with) Genzaburo Inoue
(Conversation with) Keisuke Yamanami

Date Event: Kaleidoscope (Yamanami-3)
-“If I…think it’s beautiful?”

Themed Event: Hesitation (Yamanami-3)

MAIN 5: A Breath of Fresh Air

-“I have!”

CHAPTER 6: Lamentations

(Conversation with) Takeo Hattori
-“You must be good with a sword.”
(Conversation with) Keisuke Yamanami

Date Event: A Cushy Job (Yamanami-4)
-“That’s not true at all!”

(Conversation with) Kashitaro Ito
-“Huh? Why?”
(Conversation with) Keisuke Yamanami
-But you’re the general commander!”

Bonus Event: What is Strength (Yamanami)
-“The ability to follow through with one’s intention.”

MAIN 6: Lamentations

-“Well, the truth is…”
-“If that person would lose themself, otherwise…”


To Complete Yamanami’s CG:

Select No.18 – Epilogue (Bonus)

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