Taisho x Alice Epilogue Walkthrough



-Tell him he’s good with his hands

Create Save File 1 here

-Agree with him
-He seems a little different
-Feed him
-If only we could run it together!
-Comment on the tea
-Praise his effort
-Tell him he sounds confident

Create Save File 2 here


~Best Ending~

Load Save File 2


~Good Ending~


Load Save File 1

-Ask if he likes flowers
-He seems basically the same
-Ask him what ‘poppet’ means
-Well, that’s depressing
-Ask about the woman
-Ask about the ‘flawless’ thing

~Downer Ending~

Select “The Other Side of the Story”

(No Choices)
~The Other Side of the Story End~


6 thoughts on “Taisho x Alice Epilogue Walkthrough

  1. Thank you soo much for this!!! I’ve always been following your walkthroughs and tips for the Otome games I play and you’ve always been helpful! ❤

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  2. Thank you so much for all the walkthroughs! I really appreciate your effort in bringing the smooth gameplay to us! Just on the upper hand, are you going to make a review for TaiAli?

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    1. Hiiii thanks for the comment and you’re welcome! ❤️ I’ve been itching to write a review but I think I’ll wait for the devs to port the English version over to the switch. Crossing my fingers they’ll announce that soon enough! 🤞🏻


  3. I honestly cannot use any other walkthrough, for most Otome games. If I can’t find something from you, it makes me sad. Keep up the good work!

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