(2021) Otome Localization Survey Results

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that this survey is mainly for data gathering purposes and will NOT guarantee whether a certain title will be picked up for localization or not.

Hey, kittens and all you beautiful MCs! Last November 2020 to February 2021, I’ve conducted an Otome Localization Survey, where we (otome players across the world) all vote for the (Japanese) otome games we want to see localized. As promised, here are the results of this year’s Survey.




Big thanks to everyone who participated in this survey! Let’s make sure to do this again next year!
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16 thoughts on “(2021) Otome Localization Survey Results

  1. Thank you for your hard work compiling all the data and making a whopping 40 minute video 😤 loved the presentation.
    I seriously hope localisation companies take note of this survey so we can see more of these great titles come to the West.

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    1. Thanks for all your help Billy!💖 and thanks for watching the longass vid ahah! I had a lot of fun compiling all these games, though all the talking burned me out! LOL! 💪😅 Also, crossing fingers, loc companies pay attention to what their market wants, that way they can get their sales and we can get our games! lol


  2. I voted for Nil Admirari and sad it didnt make it to top 10! 😥
    I watched the video and felt like its an “Otome Direct” (lol i wish!). I screamed when Cupid Parasite was number two! and Taisho Alice Heads and Tails number 3! I Am soo hoping these two games will make it to the West someday. I am inlove with Cupid Parasite’s art and Yurika Arisu from Taishoxalice is one of my fav heroines! Please localization gods let us have these games! Thank you for your hard work otomekitten, i enjoyed this post a lot.

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    1. Hi Jackie! Thanks for this comment & I’m glad you enjoyed the video! Agreed! Cupid Parasite and TaiAli FD are def on my top spot too! Here’s hoping we get to see these games localized one day! ❤

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  3. I was expecting for Paradigm Paradox to enter in TOP 10, but oh well (…at least Lover Pretend made it) XD
    Still hoping for a localization of it, tho, I’m likes, sooo intrested *^*

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  4. Thank you so much for your hard work! ありがとうございます!!! I am glad to see Cupid Parasite as no. 2… that game is soooooo funny… I played it a bit and it would definitely sell well if localized… in my opinion anyway. I didn’t know that hanafura will (maybe) be made into an otome game?! Okay, cool… to be quite honest the hype is getting too much for me… not that I don’t like the light novel or manga or anime, but it is starting to become too overwhelming… but as a game I may be excited again as I love otome games, haha.

    Another game which wasn’t in the survey but is actually pretty cute is Gensou Menagerie btw… I know that this title will never get here, I am not quite sure but I think sales in japan were not that well, but the game is cute from the routes I played and the characters are adorable. Fingers crossed that some of the games from the survey will be picked up… we need more Otome games to play 🤤

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    1. I just saw that gensou menagerie WAS in the top ten… oops…. hahaha… I watched the video again…. I am aooo embarrassed 😅

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    2. Definitely agree with you on Gensou Manège! It’s a very pretty game! Hanging on to a sliver of hope that Mages considers localizing that one! 😀


  5. One minute onto the video, and already loving/respecting the amount of editing that went into it! Even if this doesn’t mean anything in terms of actual localization, it’s always interesting to have info on the otome audience — this must’ve taken quite a lot of time to compile! Some of the results made me curious. Episodio 1926 being top of the Otomate list makes sense but games that aren’t even out like Tokejikake no Apocalypse or Shuuen no Virche make the cut is a bit surprising (though seeing the latter’s trailer and pedigree, I’d love to see it translated as well, to be honest).

    As far as non-Otomate games are concerned, I always find it pretty fun to see DiaLovers end up on top of localization surveys… meanwhile I’m in the corner pining for Ken ga Kimi. ^^/ I’d also really appreciate Yoshiwara Higanbara (that was my top pick for MangaGamer’s survey not too long ago), but I’ve seen a Steam page for a CN localization not too long ago; if that means that the company selling it to CN-speaking audiences is proprietary of *all* distribution rights for the game outside Japan, then I can kiss my dream of an EN localization goodbye D:

    Here are my “probably never going to happen” picks:
    – Amnesia FDs (for all times’ sake)
    – Ken ga Kimi/Yoshiwara Higanbana, and more plot-heavy Waafu games in general
    – Kenka Banchou Otome (not a fan of school settings normally but this game is genuinely amazing)

    My “could happen” list would probably be Cupid Parasite and TaiAli FDs ^^;

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    1. Thank you!!! I appreciate this comment very much! ☺️ Honestly, everything about Virche (from the artist to the writers involved) is very promising! I can’t wait for them to reveal the seiyuu cast!

      Ahh, and KgK was just announced recently for the switch so I wasn’t able to include it on the survey but yes, this game is definitely one of the popular ones I’d def want to see localized! If only Rejet would give the overseas market a chance 🥺😩 Spike Chunsoft p much already put a nail in the coffin with KBO lol so yeah def agree with you there that’s it’s never gonna happen! 🤣

      Thanks again for dropping by! (*^ω^*)

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  6. I love the video you made and subscribed on YouTube but can’t find the video anywhere. Looking forward to new content and thank you so much for your walkthroughs and reviews 😁

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