Taisho x Alice Episode 2 – Kaguya Walkthrough

Which Reflection will you choose?
-The man wearing a mask and a cheeky grin



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-Encourage him to eat it himself
-Play along

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-Deny it
-I decided I liked him
-Ask about his lip

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-Change the subject

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-Do you have amnesia?

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-Stroke his hair

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-The answer is still yes
-Make something up
-A massage?
-Hold yourself back

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-Because it’s the right thing to do
-Keep him here on Earth

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-Grab Cinderella’s arm

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-A kitchen knife

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(Happy Ending!)


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-Turn him down
(Bad Ending 1)

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(Bad Ending 2)

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-Revel in the moment
(Bad Ending 3)

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-Are you cutting yourself?
(Bad Ending 4)

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(Bad Ending 5)

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-Ask him why he kept it from you
(Bad Ending 6)

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(Bad Ending 7)

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-On second thought, never mind
(Bad Ending 8)

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(Bad Ending 9)

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-Grab Kaguya’s arm
-A kitchen knife
(Bad Ending 10 with CG)

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-The exchange diary
(Bad Ending 11)

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(Bad Ending 12)

Load Save File 4

-Scold him
-Do you have amnesia?
-Stroke his hair
-I don’t know
-The answer is still yes
-Say nothing
-Be honest with him
-Something R-rated?
-Snap back at them

Create Save File 14 here

-Because I love him
(Bad Ending 13)

Load Save File 14

-Because it’s the right thing to do
-Let him go home to the moon
-Grab Kaguya’s arm
(Bad Ending 14)

(Bad endings are uniquely fun! Try it!) 😆