Piofiore: Fated Memories – Nicola Francesca Walkthrough


START New Game
Select The main storyline (La Storia)


  • Some “Meanwhile Stories” in this route plays automatically. In this guide, I’ll only be listing the ones that should be played manually.
  • There are some “Meanwhile Stories” in this route that’ll only be viewable after completing Dante’s route.
  • You will need to play the “After Stories” (Storia Triste and Prologo 1926) to collect all the CGs.


-Good morning.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)(this will only be available after completing Dante’s route)

-Everyone is blessed. (This choice will be available after completing a route in the game)
-I think they had a reason to leave. (This choice will be available after completing a route in the game)
-(Politely decline.)

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”) – (this will only be available after completing Nicola’s route)

-(Ask for God’s blessing tomorrow.)


-I do think he’s a nice person, but…
-…It’s unusual to see someone so young. (This choice will be available after completing a route in the game)
-Just keep smiling.
-(Leave him be.) (This choice will be available after completing a route in the game)
-We’re in this together.

CHAPTER 01 – Antipasto

-Please save Elena.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-I can’t answer that.
-Was it the Lao-Shu?
-You seem powerful.

CHAPTER 02 – Primo Piato

-I’m sure you’ll like it.
-I’m here of my own will.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-It doesn’t.
-I’m not scared.
-For Dante.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”) (this choice will be available after completing a route in the game)

CHAPTER 03 – Saporito

-Rules are important.
-You’ve been through a lot.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)


PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

Create SAVE File 1 here

-Stay put.

CHAPTER 04 – Secondo Piato

-You’re kind.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-Nicola, I…

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 05 – Amaro

-Why are you talking to me again?
-I want to hear more.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-It’ll be dangerous.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-I want to stay with the Visconti.

CHAPTER 06 – Contorno

-Give him my name.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-Don’t kill him.
-I don’t need to be saved.

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-I thought you would be shot.

CHAPTER 07 – Aspro

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

-I’ll stay with Nicola.
-Why aren’t you denying what I said?

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

CHAPTER 08 – Dolce

Create SAVE FILE 2 here

-I’ll go.



Select “NICOLA” Chapter 7 Good with:
Affinity: LOW
Honesty: LO

CHAPTER 07 – Aspro

SKIP Meanwhile Story “Request” and “Rumors”

-I can’t make that call.
-Do you want to become boss?

SKIP Meanwhile Story “Prattle”

CHAPTER 08 – Salato

-I’ll go.


(TRAGIC) BAD ENDING (Unlocks 2 CGs):

Select “NICOLA” Chapter 6 with:
Affinity: LOW
Honesty: LOW

CHAPTER 06 – Contorno

-Stay silent.

SKIP Meanwhile Story “Converse”

-What are you saying?

SKIP Meanwhile Story “Treatment”

-I saw what was going to happen.

CHAPTER 07 – Insipido

(No Choices)

CHAPTER 08 – Digestivo

PRESS ▴ (to view “Meanwhile Story”)

~BAD (Tragic) END~


Bad End 1

Load SAVE File 1

-Try to escape.

Bad Ending 1

Bad End 2

Load Save File 2

-I won’t go.

Bad Ending 2


26 thoughts on “Piofiore: Fated Memories – Nicola Francesca Walkthrough

  1. Your guides are so easy to follow! I use them all the time! Thank you for your hard work! I look forward for your review of this game!🙂

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    1. When you play, occasionally something in the left upper corner will show up saying “Meanwhile” and it’s basically a different POV story where you get to see what’s happening elsewhere meanwhile you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing (hence “Meanwhile Story”) You press the up arrow to access them ^^


  2. I went through ma first meanwhile but wasn’t stated in the walkthrough (Dante) after Prologue 1 Day 1 ended and before they started Day 2.

    The start stated the ones stated are manual. What does it mean? I’m pretty sure the one that happened to me wasnt stated and they told.me to press ^. That’s considered manual right? Or was it automatic?


  3. So I tried to follow this walkthrough and the meanwhile story “questions” never showed up in Chapter 2. Also the game wouldn’t let be select “Anger” for the meanwhile story in Chapter 3. It went auto on reunion. Is this a bug or something.


    1. Hi, Meanwhile Story “Questions” comes after an automatic MS “Bad Omen”. You can manually play this MS by pressing ^ after the automatic one is through.
      Edit: Wanted to point out that “Questions” will only prompt if you’ve finished Dante’s route.

      MS “Anger” in Chapter 3 comes after the automatic MS “Reunion”.


  4. When I start Nicola chapter 7 with low affinity and low honesty, and follow the choices in the guide, I get the best ending instead of the normal ending. Any tips?


      1. I feel so stupid, lol. I already got the normal ending. But I thought it was the best ending. So I was missing the best ending, not the normal ending. Sorry! Thank you for the amazing guide!


  5. Hi I love your walkthroughs btw ❤

    Just wanted to mention there is a meanwhile story on PROLOGUE 2 – DAY 2 after "-…It’s unusual to see someone so young." called "Mission" I don't know if it's because of another route or not but it wasn't on the list.

    Thank you so much for your hard work on these walkthroughs ❤

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    1. Hello! Thanks for dropping by!
      I believe the Meanwhile Story “Mission” will only be available after finishing Orlok’s route or after finishing four routes in the game. I’ve listed this MS on Gilbert’s and the Finale. I assumed you’ve done Orlok’s before Nicola?

      Thanks for pointing it out though.


  6. hello! im playing piofiore for the first time and just completed nicola! but im wondering how to get his last cg? i already got all his endings, did the after story and prologo as well, but theres still one blank slot left in his cg gallery, and its the one at the end. did i miss something or am i gonna get it later?

    thank you btw for your guides! i used your collar x malice ones as well (both the OG and fandisc) 💜 your guides are amazing 👍

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    1. oh sorry! my bad, i didnt notice that there was a prologo for the bad end too asdfhfj i got the cg now! sorry for not looking hard enough lmao

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  7. Hello! Your guide was so helpful for me to get to 100% for Nicola. Thank you so much. I do have a question that may seem silly… I believe I finished playing the first playthrough, which is for Nicola, but I can’t seem to go to the next routes (Dante, Yang, etc.). Am I supposed to automatically be able to play the next route once I finish playing Nicola? I am so lost. Much guidance would be appreciated!

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    1. Hello! No prob and you’re welcome!😊
      To be able to get to the other routes, you’ll need to start a new game and pick the choices that’ll lead you to another bachelor’s route. Feel free to use my guides to unlock routes for other LI’s. Goodluck and enjoy the rest of the game!


      1. Ah, thank you so much! I love your page, by the way. I am definitely going to play other otome games you have recommended and reviewed. My next one is going to be Code:Realize! ^-^ Will definitely follow you~

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  8. Hello! Thank you so much for doing these walkthroughs. Would be completely lost otherwise! I am finishing my first route in this game, Nicola’s, and I was taking all to wrong options to see the dialogue, when a Meanwhile Story popped up after I chose -> You wouldn’t betray them, instead of -> You’re kind in chapter 4 called Devotion that isn’t in the walkthrough. Does it appear through another route too?


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