London Detective Mysteria – Sarah Marple Walkthrough


CHAPTER 1: Whiteley in Wonderland

-I’m alright
-The second witness
(Answering above correctly will earn you: Detective Up!)

-Give it to the child
-I’d flee the country with him


CHAPTER 2: A Most Precarious Afternoon Tea

-You ought to consider everyone’s feelings
-Right as rain!
-Write in my diary


CHAPTER 3: The Very Peculiar Boy

-You haven’t taken any notes?
-I’m dripping with curiousity
-It’s important to make friends
-Read a book


CHAPTER 4: Jean Lupin, Gentleman Burglar

-He’s only committing crimes to fight crime
-Investigate (Choose all options)

  • The safe
  • The window

-…open my eyes
-Write in my diary


CHAPTER 5: The Falsehood of Herlock Holmes

-Investigate (Choose all options)

  • The kitchen
  • The study
  • The stable


CHAPTER 6: When East Comes to West

-He’s amazing
-Write in my diary


CHAPTER 7: The Littlest Landlady

-I wouldn’t want to drink tea made like that
-What if the corpse had something contagious?
-Forgive me. It was never my intention to frighten you, young lady
-The stolen plate is false
-Someone close to Hudson
-Visit (Choose all options)

  • Mr. Curtis
  • Mrs. Blois
  • Mrs. Atlee

-Someone else
-Mr. Howard
-Write in my diary


CHAPTER 8: The Missing Man

-Why not?
-I’ll call out to them
-Classified documents on major crimes
-**Let the timer run out**
-**Let the timer run out**
-Give up


CHAPTER 9: A Gathering in Shambles

-Skip It!
-…silently take his hand


CHAPTER 10: Another Cup of Tea

(Charmed End)

(Recently Edited) Thanks Joey!


4 thoughts on “London Detective Mysteria – Sarah Marple Walkthrough

  1. Fantastic website. I think there might be an error in Sarah Marple route – after doing it twice by the walkthrough and not being able to complete it – I went to a different website and for chapter 3 – the choices I did are
    1)You haven’t taken any notes?
    2)I’m dripping with curiosity
    3)I want to get to know you better
    4)Write in my diary
    and for Chapter 4 my last two choices were:
    1)…keep my eyes closed
    2)Write in my diary
    as a result of this the choices in Chapter 9 are different as well – but this leads to the Another Cup of Tea Chapter.

    I’m really enjoying this novel but it is an acquired taste – and a lot the of routes are the same and lack variety as well as lacking any discernible conclusions – but fantastic music, decent voice acting and wonderful backgrounds set this one apart for me

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      1. Hello Joey!
        I ran another playthrough on Marple’s route using this walkthrough and you’re right! It pointed me back to Watson instead of giving me Marple’s charmed end. Omg thank you for this tip! I must’ve loaded the wrong save file while playing it. I apologize for the error! 😅

        I went through doing Marple’s rt again just now and the only thing I changed to get to her charmed Ending were the two choices in CH3 which are:

        -You haven’t taken any notes?
        -I’m dripping with curiousity

        The rest stays the same as the main goal was to even out your love points with the boys. 💕😃 Hey! Thanks again for pointing this out and I added your name on the “edited” for credits!

        Big hugs!!! ❤️


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