Code Realize Future Blessings – Finis Walkthrough

NOTE: I highly recommend finishing the first Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth, before jumping into Finis’s route.

  • Choices in BOLD fonts leads to Happy Ending.
  • Choices in Gray fonts leads to Normal Ending.
  • Choices in Orange fonts leads to Bad Ending.




CHAPTER 1: Into the Darkness
– Not particularly
– Sentimental (NORMAL END)

(Create Save File 1 here)
– Take his hand



CHAPTER 2: Strange Bedfellows
– Stay in the room
– Try walking outside (NORMAL END)
– Why did you make so many Finises?
-Why did you put this poison inside of me? (NORMAL END)



CHAPTER 3: Desire
-Stay here
-Run Away (NORMAL END)



CHAPTER 4: Finis
(no choices)



CHAPTER 5: Tell me the love
– Finis…
-What of the outside…? (NORMAL END)


-Happy Ending-





Load Save File 1

-Refuse his hand



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    1. Future Blessings (localized) is available in VITA. ^^ Only Finis and Herlock Sholmes have routes in this game. The rest are all after stories (continuing the events after Guardian of Rebirth). Most of them are solely fan service! It’s reeeaally good. lol You MUST get this!!! XD

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