7’scarlet – Yuzuki Murakumo Walkthrough



NOTE: This route unlocks after completing the other character’s happy ending.

(Start NEW GAME and choose Yuzuki Murakumo’s Route from Scenarios)


August 3

-Those flowers are beautiful
-Ignore him

August 4

-Stay silent
-Be quiet

August 5


(Create Save File 1 here)
-I was so scared

(Create Save File 2 here)
-Ask him what happened to Tsuzuri

(Create Save File 3 here)
-I’m not sure


August 6

(no choices)


August 7

-Is it Yasu?


August 8

(no choices)


August 9

(Create Save File 4 here)
-Throw something





Tragic Love Endings:

Load Save File 3

-I do
-Is it you, Yuzuki?
-Throw something
-Tragic Love Ending 1

TIP: After clearing the True Route, go back to Yuzuki’s route and unlock his Tragic Love Ending 2

Load Save File 3 (this ending unlocks after clearing True Route)

-I do
-Is it you, Yuzuki?
-Throw something
-Stare at it
-Tragic Love Ending 2



Load Save File 1

-You’re late
-Ask him what happened to Tsuzuri
-I do
-Is it you, Yuzuki?
-Throw something
-Bad End 1


Load Save File 2 

-Ask him about the Ensepulchers
-Bad End 2


Load Save File 4

-Run away
-Bad End 3



TIP: The True Route unlocks after completing Yuzuki’s happy ending.


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