The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya – Kagura Walkthrough


KAGURA – considered as the most refined man in Yoshiwara.

NOTE: This guide is for the SUPER HAPPY ENDING. To get the HAPPY ENDING CG, simply start from Chapter 13 (likability should be  at 0%). It shouldn’t matter what your last two choices are. 

Chapter 1
-I asked for Kagura-san
-…Nice to meet you
-I don’t have money for that


Chapter 2
-You should have told me that
-Please stop…
Chapter 3
-Yes, we talked about Western studies
-Yes, of course


Chapter 4
-This is boring
-I want to chat


Chapter 5
-I’ll try the rest on my own
-I trust you


Chapter 6
-Go inside Kikuya
-Yes, I do mind


Chapter 7
-Thank you for helping me


Chapter 8
-I’m a little disappointed
-Of course not


Chapter 9
-I’ll buy it now
-I know everything about him


Chapter 10
-Close your eyes


Chapter 11
-I wanted to see you right away


Chapter 12
-What do you mean?


Chapter 13
-Touch Kagura-san
-I love you, Kagura-san



-Super Happy Ending-