The Charming Empire: Soichiro Sera Walkthrough


KOICHERO SERAYour faithful bodyguard turned lover.image

Take note, this is a walkthrough for the Happy End, to unlock the Normal End CG, just choose the opposite choices (the game only offers two choices).

Chapter 1
-“I’m not worthy”


Chapter 2
-Try again


Chapter 3


Chapter 4
-“I want to walk around”


Chapter 5
-“Are the houses okay?”


Chapter 6
-State what I think


Chapter 7
-Leave the room
-“Did you used to train here?”


Chapter 8
-Ask Sera


Chapter 9
-Keep holding hands


Chapter 10
-Say no


Chapter 11
-“Can you leave?”
-“I’ll think about it”


-“Why are you doing this?”


Chapter 13
-Tell the truth


Chapter 14
-Stop him


Chapter 15
-“Sacrifices are ridiculous”