The Charming Empire: Soichiro Sera Walkthrough


KOICHERO SERAYour faithful bodyguard turned lover.image

Take note, this is a walkthrough for the Happy End, to unlock the Normal End CG, just choose the opposite choices (the game only offers two choices).


Chapter 1
“I’m not worthy”


Chapter 2
Try again


Chapter 3


Chapter 4
“I want to walk around”


Chapter 5
“Are the houses okay?”


Chapter 6
State what I think


Chapter 7
Leave the room
“Did you used to train here?”


Chapter 8
Ask Sera


Chapter 9
Keep holding hands


Chapter 10
Say no


Chapter 11
“Can you leave?”
“I’ll think about it”


“Why are you doing this?”


Chapter 13
Tell the truth


Chapter 14
Stop him


Chapter 15
“Sacrifices are ridiculous”



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