Amnesia Memories Review

Release Date: August 25, 2015 (North America)
Developers:  Idea Factory, Otomate
Publishers:  Idea Factory
Platforms:  PS Vita, Steam, Mobile (iTunes, Android)
ESRB Rating: T (Teen)



In this visual novel, you’ll play as the Heroine whose life depends on hiding your recent loss of memory while you navigate complex relationships with five men. Choose your romantic path from the start to piece together that which was forgotten. Will you write the lasting love story you deserve, or will your love – and life – come to an end?


First of all, the artwork is a perfect ten. All of the CGs were stunning, and we have the artist, Hanamura Mai to thank for that. The character designs were very fun, easy on the eyes, and I appreciate how the characters’ outfits bear a resemblance to the Visual Kei fashion in Japan.


Everything from the opening theme, Reverberation to the soothing BGMs were very fitting for the gameplay. I believe my favorite soundtrack, was the ED theme, Shinai naru story. It’s one of those defining ED themes that gives you so much feels after playing a game.

Voice Acting

Tetsuya Kakihara “Shin”Victor Frankenstein (Code Realize), Suboshi/Ameboshi (Fushigi Yuugi SUzaku Ibun),

Kishou Taniyama “Ikki” – Ren (Kiniro no Corda), Taru Majima (TMGS2), Natsuki (Utapri)

Akira Ishida “Kent” – Shuya Tokita (CLOCK ZERO), Kotaru (Starry Sky), Byakuya Togami (Danganropa)

Hino Satoshi “Toma” – Kiriya Etu (Kiniro no Corda), Noiz (Drammatical Murder)

Kouki Miyata “Ukyo” – Peter White (Heart no Kuni no Alice), Chichiri (Fushigi Yuugi Suzaku Ibun)

Game Concept

The game starts by letting you (the heroine) choose a world to play in the beginning. One thing to note about Amnesia Memories is that there is no common storyline or plot. Each world offers a completely different story on its own and all of the characters are portrayed differently in every route.

With that said, one character can be a vicious criminal in the world of hearts but becomes your best friend in the world or spades. The only character that stays the same, no matter which route you choose to play, is Orion, the spirit who ended up colliding in your head by accident, causing your Amnesia in the first place.

Read the game’s prologue, here.


Routes and Worlds

For a better gaming experience, I recommend the play order below:

  1. Shin ♡ (Word of Hearts)
  2. Ikki ♤ (World of Spades)
  3. Kent ♧ (World of Clovers)
  4. Toma ♢ (World of Diamonds)
  5. Ukyo 🃏 (Joker World)

You can only unlock Ukyo’s route after finishing the good endings of the four worlds.

The Guys


It’s hard for me to pick a favorite character since I actually enjoyed all of the boys in Amnesia Memories as well as all of their stories. ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ

Shin  (Heart)Your childhood friend turned lover.


I started with Shin’s route because tsunderes are just adorable in my book! There was a lot of teasing in his route that I admit, got me falling for him, day one. (* ^ ω ^) Although he can be harsh sometimes with his words, I truly believe Shin’s personality in the game showed how much he genuinely cared for the heroine. I guess you can say his sweet gestures make up for his foul mouth? (lol) Shin is also a very strong-willed character and he’ll actually do anything, to the best of his capabilities to protect the heroine from harm. His story, on the other hand, leaned more on the murder mystery type plot. It had less romance compared to the other routes in the game.

Kent  (Clover) Your most adorable math whiz boyfriend.


Kent’s route was the most lighthearted story in Amnesia Memories. I had my doubts at first that I wouldn’t enjoy his character that much but heck! his route turned out to be one of my favs!

Kent is blunt and very logical. He pretty much has a logical explanation for everything. He’s also an unintentional stubborn character (apparently, he’s not aware he’s being rude). ( ̄ω ̄) It was actually very refreshing to play his story since everything he does for the heroine is done with good intentions but always comes as out as rude or awkward. One impressive characteristic about Kent is that he’s intelligent & brilliantly knowing, and a bright future is already ahead of him before he’s met the heroine. I think his character development was the best out of everyone since his story was basically him changing his ways as the heroine’s lover, learning how to let go of his inhibitions as he falls in love – and as boring & vanilla as this sounds – I can assure you, you’ll end up adoring this man and his route, like I did! (laughs)

Ikki  (Spade)  Not your average playboy suitor.


I’m not a huge fan of the playboy type characters so I perhaps have mixed feelings for Ikki and his story. He is not only romantic to you but also towards other women in his fan club. Yes, he has a fan club and you’re just gonna have to deal with it. ┐( ´ д ` )┌ 

Despite this, Ikki won me over his sexy drunken late-night calls, and pretty much, I ended up falling for him in the end! lol. Kiiyan’s voice acting didn’t made it easier to avoid him either (cackles).

Toma  (Diamond) Your overprotective brother.


LOL, I know “overprotective” is an understatement but I’ll leave it at that as I don’t want to give out any major spoilers in his route. I find Toma’s character the most interesting in the game. He has more character depth than I expected and because of this, I found his route so much fun, in an odd kind of way. (˘∀˘) Though, I understand how his route can also be uncomfortable to others. To put it simply, his romance is not for everyone.

Ukyo  (Joker) True Route. No Contest.


Ukyo was perhaps my favorite route in the game. I admit, after finishing his story the first time, it took me nearly two weeks to get over this character. I never expected his ‘good ending’ to be so intense and heartbreaking. It robbed me off of words.

Ukyo…how should I say this? He is a very sweet, and caring man that will literally do everything for the heroine. If his strange and questionable behavior (in other worlds) piqued your curiosity, playing his route will explain all of his startling actions, not to mention, all the cryptic lines he throws at you throughout the entire game. I thought it was wise for his route to be played last – to get a better grasp of his story and to understand the depth and complexity of his character.



Great game! Probably took me around 30-35 hours to finish everything.
I can say that Amnesia Memories is definitely one of those otome titles that’s truly unforgettable. If you’re new to the otome genre, this one is a good game to start. Plot-wise, it’s not too overwhelming compared to Otomate’s bigger titles like Code Realize, Hakuoki, Norn9, etc.

I like all of the main casts of this game, as well as the side characters. A special mention to Waka-sama, a side character I really wanted to date but can’t! lol My favorite route was Ukyo’s because I am such a sucker for tragic characters, second was Kent because you gotta admit, the boy is charming in his own awkward way and he definitely deserves some lovingiven how good his ending turned out! I’ve also realized how much attached I’ve become with Orion’s character and I always get this itty bitty separation anxiety whenever it’s time to part with him. ORION, you are the game’s MVP!!!

Do I recommend this game? YES
Amnesia Memories is an otome visual novel that focused more on ROMANCE and I would totally recommend this title to all those who enjoy a fluffy title topped with of course, very good storytelling.

Chlo’s Rating: 8/10

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  1. Nice review! I didn’t like Ikki at first too… but, when he freakin’ cried, let’s just say he totally stole my heart lolololol. And yeah, Ukyo’s totally the best. It’s hard to get over his route 😦

    Btw, have you played the other versions of Amnesia yet? Like Amnesia World, etc?

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    1. Hey Qiara! Thanks for dropping by! … and right?! I got all them feels too when Ikki started crying and his drunken phone call was the best! nyaaan!(ΦωΦ)Ukyo on the other hand, is a whole new level of feels ofc! >_<

      I was tempted to buy the physical version of Amnesia Later and Crowd but decided to hold off of it for now, since I can't read kanji sob!
      /ᐠ_ꞈ_ᐟ\ rumor has it that Idea Factory may (or may not) localize the two amnesia games so I was bit hopeful they would and soon! 🙂

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