Source Link (January 19, 2021)

You are my go to source for otome related news, reviews, and walkthroughs. I don’t often have time (or the patience) to find my way through storylines on my own. so your walkthroughs have been invaluable. Thank you for everything you do to make this genre more successful and accessible!

Source Link (January 28, 2021)

Thank you for the walkthroughs for Piofiore and Cafe Enchante! As long as I can, I feel like I need to start sending you catnip anytime I use your site to get through a game. I try to buy most console based otome games in order to support the genre. But I wouldn’t get nearly the same enjoyment, nor being willing to spend as much, without walkthroughs and reviews like yours. Thank you for providing us with such an amazing resource!