Collar x Malice: Aiji Yanagi Walkthrough



NOTE: Aiji’s route will only unlock after finishing all of the other route’s Happy Ending. After, finishing your 4th route, make sure to start a NEW GAME and choose “CHAPTER 0: AIJI YANAGI” for his prologue.


Although these scenes are a little similar to the others’, Aiji’s common route definitely offers different conversations and had a variety of dialogues that are not found in the usual common route so make sure to watch what you’re skipping (if you’re fast forwarding it).

-Don’t report it
-Lie to him
-You don’t care if I die?
-I understand
-Is working for the SP hard?
-A Roman numeral and coin
-To revive Japan
-The victims of the X-Day crimes
-Killed out of revenge

(Create Save File Here 1)

-Ask what Yanagi’s goal is
-(Go to) Forensics



Chapter 1
-I want to investigate Adonis
-Leadership might have changed
-Mistaken arrests
-Internet bullying




Chapter 2
-Why me?

(Create Save File Here 2)

-Ask for help

-(Go to) Field Operations Support Team
-(Go to) Forensics
-(Go to)  Field Operations Unit
-(Go to) Firing Range (Practice Trigger Mode)
-(Go to) Investigation Headquarters

-Agree with him




Chapter 3
-The location might be…
-It’s a young woman
-“Anyone with a curious nature would wonder”
-She wore a miniskirt and rabbit ears

Investigation (Ichika’s Dream):
1. Splattered Blood
2. Screaming Man
3. Chain on Wrist
4. Stained Glass
5. Black Monster (Investigate 3x)

-I’ll learn from you
-Saeki’s just a friend!




Chapter 4
-Leave it to me
-Don’t mention Akito
-About Kazuki…
-Tell me about Adonis

(Create Save File Here 3)
NOTE: Do not forget to SAVE when Ichika had convinced Yanagi to save both the victim and suspect, the part where Yanagi puts his hand in his holster. You can go back to this scene in case Trigger Mode fails.




Chapter 5
-I’m not scared
-You must be stopped
-Find the person who gave me the collar
-Just kidding

-(Go to) Reception
-(Go to) SRCPO
-(Go to) Field Operations Support Team
-(Go to) Field Operations Unit
-(Go to) Forensics
-(Go to) Investigation Headquarters
-(Go to) Rooftop

-I know someone
-Shove him




Chapter 6
-Please hold my hand

(Create Save File Here 4)

-Don’t shoot him
-Please try it




Chapter 7
-What happened ten years ago?
-Play drunk
-I’m happy
-He wanted me to stop him
-Waiting for me
-To erase sorrow

(Create Save File Here 5)

-He wanted to kill me
-The church in Shinjuku Garden

(Create Save File Here 6)

-Report it

(Create Save File Here 7)
NOTE: DO not forget to SAVE when Ichicka plans to “make him drop his weapon”. You can go back to this scene in case Trigger Mode fails. (Will need to complete three trigger modes)






Tragic Love End:

(Load Save File 7)
-Intentionally fail Trigger Mode


(Load Save File 1)

-I shouldn’t pry
-Common Route Bad End 


(Load Save File 2)

-Discreetly follow him on my own
-Adonis Bad End


(Load Save File 3)

-Intentionally fail Trigger Mode
-Bad End 1


(Load Save File 4)

-Raise my gun
-Trigger Mode Success
-Bad End 2


(Load Save File 5)

-I was his friends and colleague
-Bad End 3


(Load Save File 6)

-Don’t report it
-Bad End 4


Bad End 5
After clearing the GOOD ENDING, Go to”Chapter” on the main menu, select chapter 4 of Yanagi’s route and set your Trust to “Low”

-I want to look into things a little more
-Mention Akito
-About X-Day…
-Give yourself up

Trigger mode doesn’t matter 


(Congratulations! You have finished Aiji Yanagi’s intense route!image You can read the new chapter titled “CRIMINAL” on the MAIN MENU).




WHEW! That’s a wrap! 

Collar x Malice: Kei Okazaki Walkthrough


KEI OKAZAKI (´ ε ` )♡


Hoshino’s Route (Common Route)

(Create Save File here 1)

-Don’t report it
-Lie to him (this choice will be available after completing a route in the game)
-You don’t care if I die?
-I understand


(Create Save File here 2)

-What are you trying to protect?
-Review All X-Day Cases


(If you made the correct choices so far, you will get Kei’s route next chapter)image


Chapter 1
-…I can’t say
-The scope of broadcast
-They only wanted the cops to know?
-They wanted to throw off the investigation
-The crime was poorly planned

(Create Save File here 3)

-Follow Kazuki
-Isn’t this inappropriate?
-Prioritize the evacuation




Chapter 2
Investigation (Examine everything twice):
1. Crime Scene Situation
2. State of the Body
3. Ground
4. Murder Weapon
5. Persons of Interest Data

-That Ogata stabbed him in the heart
-Go see Ogata
-Sugawara and Ogata are accomplices
-Ogata went that far
-It was a substitute murder

(Create Save File here 4)

-Is very reliable




Chapter 3

(Create Save File here 5)

-I don’t want to run from him
-That’s fine




Chapter 4
-Field Operations Unit
-No, with Okazaki
-I’m here to learn about him
-Accept his offer
-They’re linked to the countdown crimes
-Narrow it down to publicized scandals
-Someone who got away with a crime

(Create Save File Here 6)

-Let’s retreat




Chapter 5
-I won’t run




Chapter 6
-I don’t want to lose you
-I hate you now, Okazaki

(Create Save File here 7)

NOTE: Do not forget to SAVE after you meet with Mikuni Rei. You can go back to this part, in case Trigger Mode fails. 

image-GOOD END-image


(Load Save File 7)

-Miss the Trigger Mode and you’ll get the TRAGIC LOVE END.




(Load Save File 1)

-Report the incident
-Common Route Bad End 1


(Load Save File 2)

-Is working for the SP hard?
-Common Route Bad End 2


(Load Save File 3)

-Follow the other guy
-Adonis Bad End


(Load Save File 4)

-I can’t lie to her
-Bad End 1


(Load Save File 5)

-I don’t want him to shoot me
-Call him
-Bad End 2


(Load Save File 6)

-I’ll chase him
-Bad End 3





Genbu Kaiden (Fushigi Yuugi) Manga Review

This is my first manga review and what better way to start than to tackle up Watase Yuu’s classic mangas. 




Mangaka: Yuu Watase
Manga Release Date: August 2003 (early chapters in Japan)  September 2005(North America)
Chapters: 40
Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Reverse Harem

I am really picky when it comes to reading fantasy mangas. I planned to read this when the first 11 chapters came out but held back because I wanted to binge on this manga so bad without getting stuck on cliffhangers, not to mention, the whole waiting game for the next chapters to come out… and boy I’m glad I did! This here is one of Watase Yuu-sama’s masterpiece! image

Although Genbu Kaiden was a prequel to the original FY (Mysterios Play), the story can perfectly stand alone on its own. Those who have not heard of the first FY would still be able to fully enjoy this book. In addition, those who were a fan of the first FY will automatically fall in love with Genbu Kaiden. 

Fun Fact: There is an otome game created for this manga. It also has it’s very own drama CD, and the opening song for the drama CD “Towa no Hana” sounds very fitting for the series.




Set in the early 1920s of Japan. The story revolves around the main character Takiko Okuda, a 17-year-old girl who lives with her sickly mother and a father, who’s a well-known scholar that’s been currently busy obsessing about translating a particular book (The Universe of the Four Gods). When her mother passed away, Takiko blamed her father for his neglect and decided to destroy the book out of sheer anger. The moment she opened The Universe of the Four Gods book, she was transported into an unfamiliar foreign land called Hokkan, where she gets caught up in a difficult dilemma she couldn’t easily shake off. In order to get back to the real world and to save Hokkan from doom, Takiko must fulfill her destiny as the chosen Priestess and summon the celestial beast of Genbu together with the seven celestial warriors as the prophecy has foretold.

Okay, so plot-wise, it’s not anything different compared to the original. It still follows the same storyline: Gather the celestial warriors and summon the great beast! But mind you, once you start reading the story you’ll notice how much different the story events are portrayed. Genbu Kaiden has more depth and details and is probably a little darker compared to the first FY series.image


To start off, the main character Takiko is by far the most promising character in FY Genbu Kaiden. She is very different from Miaka (Suzaku Priestess from the first Fushigi Yuugi). She’s smart, athletic, can fight battles on her own and her way of thinking is very realistic, selfless and mature. I believe  Yuu Watase has improved in brandishing a stronger heroine this time after taking into consideration countless feedback from fans regarding the main heroine of the first series (Mi-chan).  Unlike most MCs in reverse harems, Takiko Okuda has the will and prowess of how a real priestess should be and it’s definitely not in a Mary Sue kind of way. This chick got some backbone!image


NGL, I like Miaka and her story in the first FY… but then Takiko happened… and I’m just like “woah this babe is hardcore!”image


Celestial Warriors
Although I love the Suzaku seishis to heart, the Genbu celestial warriors are the REAL DEAL. I’m not even exaggerating. I fell in love with all of them. Each character has strong back stories that didn’t come out forceful in the plot line. I think Yuu Watase has profoundly written the Genbu Seven as these fierce likable individuals to set an example for the next set of seishis and priestesses to come. They do not play around when it comes to where their loyalty stands and the hardships they put up with in this series are AGAINST ALL ODDS.

My favorite episodes are probably the last 5 chapters where we get to see all of the Genbu Seven fight 100,000 enemy soldiers. They are indeed the best and probably the strongest of all the seishis in the Universe of the Four Gods.


One of the reasons why I love reading Yuu Watase’s works are her drawings, they are absolutely beautiful. Even the details of each character’s clothing were as clear as day. She did make an itty-bitty change with her art style in Genbu Kaiden compared to her old works e.g. the first Fushigi Yuugi, Alice 9, Ayashi no Ceres (like the character’s eyes and the shape of their faces seemed more elongated)  but it is not something to frown upon really. The characters, as expected are still gorgeous.image



Of course, what’s a Yuu Watase branded manga without her famous romantic tropes?  Expect love triangles, through-thick-and-thin romance, sudden breakups and makeups and a band of extremely gorgeous men swooning over the main heroine. (ohoho!)image


My whole reading experience with Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden is a very gripping one. I had to take a few breaks just to calm my nerves image(laughs). It’s a very enjoyable ride. I like how the story did not focus on the romance factor alone. I believe that it had the perfect blend of comedy, captivating drama toppled with a lot of compelling action-packed moments. I have gotten attached to these characters to a point where I’ve cried with them, laughed with them and fell in love all at the same time. The bittersweet ending broke my heart to pieces but seriously, it is worth all the tears.
Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden is such a beautiful story and undoubtedly a superior reverse harem manga choice. I would rate this a 10/10 and would recommend this to all shoujo fans out there, a must read!( ´ ▽ ` )


Code Realize Guardian of Rebirth – Saint Germain Walkthrough


A rich mysterious count with a dark past who will break your heart in to pieces with his undying true love. image




Chapter 1 (London Steam)
– Take his hand
– Remain defensive



Chapter 2 (The Strongest Stalker)
– I want to go with Victor
– Come out



Chapter 3 (A Girl’s Education)
– Ask Saint-Germain to teach me
– Go to Central London
– Ask Saint-Germain to teach me
– Mysterious



Chapter 4 (Train Robbery)
– Can’t decide
– Check on Saint-Germain
– Leave the station
– Speak with Saint-Germain



Chapter 5 (The Vampire’s Requiem)
– Isn’t there another way?
– Persuade him
– Don’t ask



Chapter 6 (Negotiated Solution)
– Keep walking down the main street
– …



Chapter 7 (The Bouyant and the Bellicose)
– I’m having a lot of fun
– Prepare for a counterattack!



Chapter 8 (Nobody Understands the Truth)
– Thank you



(If you’ve made the correct choices so far, you will get Saint Germain’s route next chapter) image




Chapter 9 (Twilight)
– What do you think of me?
– … will stay here

BAD END: …want to go back to the old mansion

– Resist

BAD END: Don’t Resist



Chapter 10 (Seeker)
– Is that the only way?
– Try picking the lock

BAD END: Keep using the poison



Chapter 11 (Saint-Germain)
– All right



Chapter 12 (Time For Decision)
– Don’t hesitate

BAD END: I’m still uncertain



Chapter 13 (Promise)
– … accept her terms (HAPPY END)image

NORMAL END: …reject her terms




Code Realize Guardian of Rebirth – Impey Barbicane Walkthrough


Your sweet and hot engineer lover who wants to go to the moon with you. image




CHAPTER 1 (London Steam)
-Take his hand
-Allow It



CHAPTER 2 (The Strongest Stalker)
-I’ll accompany Impey
-Come Out



CHAPTER 3 (A Girl’s Education)
-Ask Impey to teach me
-Wait in Anticipation
-Ask Impey to teach me
-“Are you sure?”



CHAPTER 4 (Train Roberry)
-Check on Impey
-Leave the Station
-Speak with Impey



CHAPTER 5 (The Vampire’s Requiem)
-Really I can’t say
-Capture him
-Don’t Ask



CHAPTER 6: (Negotiated Solution)
-Keep walking down the main street
-Can’t let him do this



CHAPTER 7 (The Bouyant and the Bellicose)
-I’m having a lot of fun
-Prepare for a counterattack!



CHAPTER 8 (Nobody Understands The Truth)
-You wouldn’t understand


(If you’ve made the correct choices so far, you will get Impey’s route next chapter)image




CHAPTER 9 (Steampunk)
-It made me happy
-I’ll protect you



CHAPTER 10 (Captured)

BAD END: Fight them!

-Yes, it was all for love



CHAPTER 11 (Criminal Intent)
-Is it all right for me to stay?



CHAPTER 12 (The Grandest Dream)



CHAPTER 13 (Fly Me To The Moon)
-… That’s what I was going to do
-Let’s keep going

BAD END: We should head back

-… step forward
-Stay with him (HAPPY END)

NORMAL END: Have faith in Impey





The First Nintendo Switch Otome Game – The Men Of Yoshiwara

Note: I wrote this around early February (2018) and forgot to publish. I am fully aware that there are now at least three new otome games for the Switch Console. The recent one that was just released was The Charming Empire.


The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya

Release Date: Feb 1, 2018
Digital Download of the NSwitch game here.

I can’t believe we are finally getting the first ever Otome Game for the Nintendo Switch!  Thanks to D3Publisher Inc. they have just released The Men of Yoshiwara (localized) for the Nintendo Switch Port. This is nothing but awesome news to Nintendo Switch owners who are huge fans of otome games.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming!

Another good news is that they’re also porting the sequel for this game: The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya. They don’t have the release date for it yet, but the game is probably under wraps for completion by now since it’s already in their Nintendo Switch page.

EDIT: The game was just recently released around Mar. 8, 2018. Click the link above for its digital download. ^^

One tiny gripe I have for this Switch game though is that they ported the PC version instead of the one in Vita. PS VITA, of course, gets character voices, a bonus character, and a physical version of the game. As expected, from being the ultimate Visual Novel console, the PS VITA gets more goods. image

But then again… even though the switch gets an inferior version of the game, as long as I get to see my hot courtesan boyfriends dominating my 55″ tv screen, I don’t really mind…

The game so far
I just picked up the digital download of the game recently so I’ve yet to play all the routes but I’ll make sure to do a separate post of my own personal review of the game soon. But, le’mme tell you right now, this game is STEAMY af! omg I have no regrets nyan!  image

Amnesia Memories Review



Release Date: August 25, 2015 (North America)
Developers:  Idea Factory, Otomate
Publishers:  Idea Factory
Platforms:  PS Vita, Steam, Mobile (iTunes, Android)
ESRB Rating: T (Teen)



Amnesia Memories is one of the first Otome Games I’ve played and ofc one of my all time favorite games, the kind you usually come back to and re-play countless times.^^

First of all, the artwork is a perfect ten. It is absolutely stunning, and we have Hanamura Mai, to thank for that. The characters were drawn beautifully and they were made to match their personalities in the game. Clothing style reminded me of Visual Kei fashion which was interesting.

Everything from the opening theme, Reverberation to the soothing BGMs were very fitting for the gameplay. I believe my favorite soundtrack, was the end theme, Shinai naru story. It’s one of those ending themes that gives you so much feels after playing a game. I bawled so many times after finishing a route and hearing this melody tune in.

Game Concept
The game starts by letting you (the heroine) choose a world to play in the beginning. Although almost all the game characters appear in every world. Each world offers a completely different story on its own. There’s no common storyline or plot. With that said, one character can be a vicious criminal in the world of hearts but becomes your best friend in the world or spades. The only character that stays the same, no matter which route you choose to play is the character Orion, the spirit who ended up colliding in your head by accident, causing your Amnesia in the first place.

Read the game’s prologue, here.

Routes and Worlds
For better gaming experience, follow the play order below:

  1. Shin ♡ (Word of Hearts)
  2. Ikki ♤ (World of Spades)
  3. Kent ♧ (World of Clovers)
  4. Toma ♢ (World of Diamonds)
  5. Ukyo 🃏 (Joker World)

You can only unlock Ukyo’s route after finishing the good endings of the four worlds.


The Guys


It’s really hard for me to pick a  favorite among the boys in Amnesia since I LOVE ALL OF THEM and their stories! ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ


Shin  (Heart)Your childhood friend turned lover.


I really liked Shin and his route tbh. I’m always a sucker for the tsundere type characters, they’re just so ugh adorable..! and in his route, there is enough teasing that got me falling for him, day one. Shin’s personality in the game shows of how much he genuinely cares for the heroine. Although he can be harsh sometimes with his words. His sweet gestures make up for his foul mouth. Shin is a bit controlling and is overall forceful towards you (which I really didn’t mind at all). He’s also a very strong-willed character and he’ll actually do anything, to the best of his capabilities to protect you from harm. His story, on the other hand, ventured more into the murder mystery type plot. It had less romance compared to the other routes of the game.


Kent  (Clover) Your most adorable math whiz boyfriend.


Kent is another fan favorite. His route was the most lighthearted among the rest and believe it or not, it’s surprisingly good! He’s blunt and very logical. He pretty much has a logical explanation for everything. He’s also an unintentional stubborn character, apparently, he’s not aware he’s being stubborn. ^^;; It was actually very refreshing to play his route since everything he does for the heroine is done with good intentions but always comes as out as rude or awkward. (*´▽`*) One impressive characteristic about Kent is that he’s brilliantly knowing & intelligent and a bright future is already ahead of him before he met you. I could say, his character development was the best. His story was basically him changing his ways after meeting you, learning how to let loose and fall in love and as boring as this may sound – I assure you, it is one of the best routes in the game! SQUEEEEE 


Ikki  (Spade)  Not your average playboy suitor.


Ngl, I actually have mixed feelings for Ikki and his story. Ikki’s was probably my least fav. route since I’m not really into the lady’s-man type. He is not only romantic to you but also to other women in his fan club. Yes, he has a fan club and you’re just gonna have to deal with it. Despite this, Ikki won me over his sexy drunken late night calls. Pretty much, I ended up falling for him too. (chuckles) 


Toma  (Diamond) Your overprotective brother.


Haha, I know “overprotective” is an understatement but I’ll leave it at that since I don’t want to give out any major spoilers in his route.  Lol, I know Toma gets a lot of hate from fans (esp. in the west).  But not from me. No sir. I guess I have a soft spot for “these types” of guys ha! but, I can also understand how his route got some people uncomfortable. Toma’s character is really interesting, it’s deeper, darker and has more character depth than I expected. To put it simply, his romance is not for everyone. Regardless, I love Toma,  IMO, the extent of his actions towards you (the heroine) was a last resort – all to protect you from harm. That’s just how his character shows his undying love. It may be a little too over the edge for some though.


Ukyo  (Joker) True Route. No Contest.


Ukyo was my favorite route. I admit, after finishing his route the first time, it took me a couple of weeks to get over this character. His story robbed me of words.  Whoever came up with his story in Idea Factory deserves a freakin‘ raise! I’ve never expected his good ending to be that ultimately heartbreaking and intense. I ended up crying for almost an hour after getting to the good end of his route. His story was a slow burn, it had so much feels I couldn’t even put it to words (without giving out spoilers). Ukyo is a very sweet, caring man that will literally do everything for you. I started getting really curious about this character after his strange and startling appearances in other worlds. Playing his route, explained some of his actions and most of his lines all throughout the entire game. This is why it is really important to play his route last – to get a better grasp of his story and to understand the depth and complexity of his character.




Amnesia Memories is definitely one of those titles that are certainly unforgettable. If you’re new to the otome genre, this one is definitely a good game to start. Plot-wise, it’s not too overwhelming compared to Otomate’s other bigger titles. In my course of perhaps four (or five???) years of otome gaming, I have played this game quite a few times and never got tired of it. I’ve also realized how much attached I’ve become with Orion’s character and I always get this painful heart squeeze feeling whenever it’s time to part with him. ORION, you are the game’s MVP!!!

Amnesia Memories is also a game that focused more on ROMANCE. So If you’re more into a game’s fluffy romantic content with, of course, a really good story ground, Amnesia Memories is a perfect choice.

It’s a shame that the game’s sequel Amnesia Later and Crowd is never getting localized. (Though, I still have this tiny sliver of hope in me that someday maybe it will? who knows). ┐(︶▽︶)┌ 


Chlo’s Rating: 8/10