INDIE CORNER: Support the Romance Game “Birds of Paradise” on Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for the romance game, “Birds of Paradise” is currently ongoing and needs your support!

Birds of Paradise is a romantic comedy visual novel with dating sim elements and a diverse LGBT+ cast. The game incorporates suggestive themes, and makes reference to sexual activity between the main character (Robin) and much of the rest of the cast.


New city, new job, new apartment, new life!

Fresh out of college, Robin thinks she’s hit the jackpot after landing a position as assistant manager to the Birds of Paradise; an upcoming boy band with dreams of making it big. Robin is thrilled to be working with such high-profile clients… though not everything is as glamorous as it first seems.

Disastrously, Robin is left high and dry when her boss unexpectedly quits, leaving the fresh-faced recent grad fully in charge of the band. Robin soon finds herself overwhelmed by the boys’ flamboyant personalities.

Left to fend for herself and help the band find success, Robin must navigate constant aggravation as the band members vie for her attention. Still, she can’t help but find them endearing…

To make matters all the more complicated, rival femme fatale rock band the Birds of Prey are constantly trying to steal the boys’ spotlight.

Not only must Robin navigate her relationships with the Birds of Paradise and the Birds of Prey, but she must ensure both she and the band succeed… in life, love, and in the limelight!



  • 120,000+ words
  • 10 – 15 backgrounds
  • Broad original soundtrack
  • One friendship route (Callum)
  • One female romance option (Mavis)
  • Four male romance options (Jay, Lonan, Lark, Wren)
  • Updated character sprites with multiple outfits
  • Multiple endings (both good and bad)
  • Over 10 unlockable illustrations
  • Steamy, sexy romance
  • A whole lot of hilarity


Birds of Paradise is still in early production. This game will also be the second major release from the indie dev studio Fiendish Fiction after their serene psychological horror game, Up All Night.

If you want to get a feel of the title, Birds of Paradise, head to the it’s Steam and page and try out the game’s demo available on PC platform (Windows and Mac).



Developers: Fiendish Fiction
Rating: 16+ for suggestive sexual content, alcohol, recreational drugs, swearing
Release Date: TBD 2023
Storage: TBD (Demo is approximately 600MB as of 07/25/22)
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, via Steam and
Retail Price: $19.99 USD

Kickstarter | | Steam | Twitter | Website


Fiendish Fiction is an indie game dev studio founded by lifelong friends Terra Babcock and Johan Faulstich. The partnership was formally established as a business in 2020, though the duo has been developing stories together since kindergarten.

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