Voltage. Inc.’s “Irresistible Mistakes” is Coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 18th

Voltage Inc. has announced that the release of their mobile hit game “Irresistible Mistakes”, in the popular mobile app Love 365: Find your story, will be heading to the Nintendo Eshop this coming August 18, 2022. Originally, Irresistible Mistakes was released as “Ano Yoru Kara Kimi wo Koi Shiteta” on the Japanese sister app, “100 Shiin no Koi+”.


Irresistible Mistakes is set at a major advertising agency, where a one-night stand marks the start of a sensual yet realistic modern love story. First released as a smartphone app in 2016, it’s currently available on “Love 365: Find Your Story” in English and “100 Shiin Koi+” in Japanese. 


You’re not the type to take risks.

So how is it you’ve had a one-night-stand with someone whose name you barely know?!

There’s no way a relationship could start from a chance encounter! Or so you think…

“I want to see you again tonight.”
A single comment from him sets off the spark for a sizzling, sophisticated love affair…



Shunichiro Tachibana

The brilliant star of the agency.


Toshiaki Kijima

The tough executive who takes his coffee black.


Toma Kiriya

The gifted and aloof copywriter.


Taku Hayama

A chance encounter.


Go Okubo

A sweetheart con artist.


■A Brand New Opening Movie!
To celebrate the title’s move to Nintendo Switch, the game will get a brand new opener! Fall in love with these characters all over again in this re-imagined opening movie!
Or, if you’re new to the series, discover what makes these intriguing men so captivating!

■Easy, Stress-free Gameplay Streamlined for the Nintendo Switch!
Contains Main Stories for all characters up to “Binding Hearts.”
New features – including dialogue history, quick saves, and quick loads – make the game more convenient than ever!

Title:Irresistible Mistakes
Release Date:Aug. 18, 2022
Price:$29.99 (Digital Only)
Languages:Japanese, English
ESRB Rating:M (Mature)
Developers / Publishers:Voltage Inc.

For more information about Voltage Inc.’s Nintendo Switch Otome Games, visit their official website here!


5 thoughts on “Voltage. Inc.’s “Irresistible Mistakes” is Coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 18th

  1. omg yoo I’m actually happy about this lol, I remember playing some of this in love 365 but just couldn’t deal with the system of the app so I never ended up finishing it. now this way I can easily finish it like any other otome! i generally don’t like love 365 stories but I actually quite enjoyed this one 😀

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  2. I’m laughing cause “The tough executive who takes his coffee black.” is just

    And yet I’m intrigued and wanna play this. Though mostly because of Yosei and your comments.

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    1. LMAO I didn’t take notice of this until you pointed it out! HAHAHA I’m cackling now!
      I’m a 90% black coffee haver as well and this just makes it too funny. rofl xD

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  3. okay, not done with the first route yet, but I like it. It’s surprisingly well written, and uh, whew if this spicyness level continues it’s going to be a scorcher folks! (Also it’s quick? Like, it’s easy to just do a bit and put down. And while I love the “I can’t set this down” titles, it’s nice to have something I can set down available that’s still like Good.)


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