Kitty Blabs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 2021

Hello, my beautiful kittens! It’s that time of the year where you’ll hear me blab about this website’s yearly progress as well as, mention certain highlights we’ve achieved in the Western Otome Community for the year 2021.

I’d like to start by saying how far we’ve come as a niche community. I remember in the vita years, where it’s almost a miracle to get at least 1-2 (localized) otome games to release in a year. It was an uphill battle of making it known that there IS a market for otome games in the west! And while we are still a few numbers behind the other popular VN genres like galge and yuri, I think it’s safe to say we’re currently heading in a positive direction!


✅There were 15 (localized) Otome Games that were released for the Switch console this year. Five Mobile Ports, two PC ports, 1 Vita Port, and 7 new switch titles!

Mobile Ports

  1. Her Love in the Force
  2. Ayakashi Romance Reborn
  3. Scandal in the Spotlight
  4. Kings of Paradise
  5. My Last First Kiss

PC Port

  1. EPHEMERAL: Fantasy on Dark
  2. Steam Prison

Nintendo Switch

  1. Yumemidori Nostalgia
  2. Byakko-tai Samurai Boys
  3. Code Realize Wintertide Miracles (PS Vita Port)
  4. Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi
  5. Bustafellows
  6. Olympia Soirée
  7. Cupid Parasite
  8. Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani

✅Seven New (Switch Exclusive) Otome Games will release next year!

  1. Variable Barricade (February 24, 2022)
  2. Even if TEMPEST (TBA 2022)
  3. Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei (Summer 2022)
  4. Piofiore: Episodio 1926 (Summer 2022)
  5. Lover Pretend (TBA 2022)
  6. Paradigm Paradox (TBA 2022)
  7. Kimi Wa Yukima ni Koinegau (TBA 2022)

✅Voltage announced their very first Nintendo Switch Exclusive Otome Game (that’s not a mobile port) this year. While the Otome Game Publishers, Voltage, is known to release a few of their mobile ports to the switch in the previous years, they have finally jumped into the console bandwagon and decided to release their newest title “even if TEMPEST” as a switch exclusive game. Even if Tempest, not only features a stellar cast of voice actors but also an amazing staff from the game’s writers, director to its sound producer.

Interesting move for the company I’d say! Funnily enough, everyone was completely flabbergasted when they announced this on their Twitter page out of nowhere! (laughs) 🤣 No one saw that coming!

✅Idea Factory International is back announcing otome games! That’s right! After bringing the beloved otome classics; Hakuoki and Amnesia Memories in the early Vita years of otome gaming (in the west), Ifi has stayed silent for almost three years in the Otome department. This year, they are back in full throttle! Announcing two known otome titles (Cupid Parasite, Birushana), and one mystery title.

✅(Rumor) PQube shows interest in announcing more otome game localizations, after the hit release of their first otome title, Bustafellows. The game Bustafellows was a massive hit in the west when it was released this year, that PQube had to restock more of the game’s Limited Edition after a staggering demand for it across western countries.

I think it’s safe to assume that if eXtend finally announces the release date of Bustafellows 2 in Japan, we’d most likely get its localization done by the same partnered publishers as well. *Fingers Crossed*

✅Blog milestone achieved! This year, Otome Kitten has reached 3 million views!🥳

I honestly have no words other than my deepest gratitude to everyone who’s supported Otome Kitten this year. Whether you’re here for the walkthroughs, for the reviews, or for some otome news, thank you very much for visiting this website! Your continued support means the world to me! Really, I mean it! Thank you! ほんとに ありがと ございます !!🥺🙏 

✅Otome Kitten has reached 67 supporters for the year 2021! I still could not comprehend the amount of love and support I’ve received from the community this year. It has been overwhelming and very much heartwarming, to say the least!😭 Thank you for all your generous donations. All the funds received were used to renew the site’s hosting plan, domain, as well as its monthly maintenance. To all those who donated, I have spotlighted your beautiful comments and kind words in the testimonial section of this blog. Your name will also appear in the credits section of my youtube videos.

✅Speaking of YT videos, I’ve tapped a little bit into vlogging, and have been creating otome-related informative videos on my Youtube Channel. This year, I’ve posted five videos altogether.

I have to admit, I’ve been having lots of fun making these videos, and wish to continue creating more video content for the next years to come!

✅The Writers for Olympia Soiree (Yuma Katagiri) and Cupid Parasite (Ririka Yoshimura) replied to my fanmail and complimented my reviews for their games!😭😭😭  I’ve reached the fangirl level of 101/100 when my favorite otome game writers acknowledged my reviews for their games. Yuma Katagiri, the scenario writer for Olympia Soirée, and Ririka Yoshimura, overall writer for Cupid Parasite, were kind enough to reply to my fan mail regarding their games. I wrote to them in Japanese, but it was nice of them to write back in English. 

In her email, you can see Ririkaさん being really happy with Cupid Parasite’s positive reception in the west, and hints that if there’s a new game coming out, she hopes we’ll enjoy it as well. Since she’s the scenario writer in charge for Bakarina, I am now convinced that the game will be picked up soon enough for localization (loljk pls don’t quote me on this!🤣)


If you’ve been following me on social media, you’ve probably witnessed my chaotic shenanigans when it comes to simping over Douma Daishi 🤪 (LOL). And this year, two of my favorite artists were kind enough to surprise me with their wonderful fanart of my beloved king! *cackling* These illustrations were soo good I just had to post them here!

They’re so beautiful, I could cry! 😭 Thank you to the talented Grace and Stelle! If you like their art, please consider giving these artists a follow!💖

👎I have only streamed twice this year. Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to, I realized streaming is not for me schedule-wise. I work a crazy amount of hours during the day and sometimes get unnecessary surprise overtimes to a point where if I had any free time to chill and relax, I’d just want to spend it lying in bed. I did enjoy the two streams I had this year,😅  especially with Hakuoki SSL. I certainly aim to do more streaming next year if my schedule allows it. But no promises! 🙇🏻‍♀️ 

👎 I failed to review Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi this year.😔 I’d like to apologize to everyone who somewhat anticipated my review for this game. I know I promised to get the review out before the year ends. But life, unfortunately, happened that I had to pause my gaming activities for a month. I will be getting back to it this January though! That is, for certain!💪 

👎Jack Jeanne localization when? This is not exactly “bad” or anything of the sort. While Broccoli, teased that they’re going to make the game available worldwide last March 2021, we’ve heard nothing from them ever since. Can we hope for a possible follow-up next year?🙏🏻 

👎The two otome-related projects I’ve planned for 2021 were postponed due to some unfortunate events that happened this year. I’m hoping I’d get back to fulfilling them next year though! *fingers crossed*

**TW: Death, grief, depression (this post can get too personal, feel free to skip this section if you want)

**Eight months after my father’s death last year, my mom’s passing followed suit. These sudden consecutive losses have been incomprehensible to bear, and I’ve just been stuck in a loop of grief, that I feel very tired and empty most of the time. My mom was diagnosed with Klatskin tumor (or bile duct cancer), and in just one week after her diagnosis, she died. In one week, I witnessed her lively beautiful self, deteriorate in the worst possible way. It was a very painful sight.

Ngl, I don’t think I have fully accepted both my parents’ sudden deaths yet. It’s hard. They were both my rock and my life’s biggest support system. This is probably, why I’ve paused BakuRenka so many times. The amount of incomprehensible deaths in that game has taken a toll on my struggles with grief lately.

Both my parents’ passing in a span of one year reminded me how life is too short to wallow in negativity. And while I’m just the saddest person inside, I try my very best to keep a stiff upper lip every day.**

This year, I have also bought my first house. It’s quite embarrassing that it took me this long to buy my first real estate property while my friends are already buying their second or third…🤯 Ah well! Fast forward to the new house, I thought buying a new construction home would be the best course of action, thinking it’d be less work for us, boy was I wrong! The builders that built our house were terrible. There are just so many things wrong with it. Garage door gaps, uneven floors & bathroom tiles, dented new appliances, crooked walls, doors won’t properly close, paint splashes everywhere on the windows and floors, etc., etc. It was a nightmare! This whole experience has caused me so much stress, especially during the last two months of this year. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here, as the rest of this post is probably well suited for the subreddit /offmychest. ðŸ˜… 

On the brighter side of things, despite all these tragic mishaps. I’ve continued my healing therapy through otome games, RPGs, and some retail therapy (aka douma merch hoarding). Cupid Parasite has really helped lighten things up for me this year, and with that said, this game has truly found a special place in my heart.💓  I know it’ll be a while for me to overcome loss and grief but I am determined to slowly approach things in a healthy & positive manner, going forward.

💡 Definitely more otome reviews and walkthroughs are coming your way in 2022, that’s for sure! My most anticipated game for next year is Birushana because I just love historically themed games. On a side note, I’m also rather curious about the premise of even if TEMPEST (lol). And like everyone, I’m very excited for Piofiore’s sequel as I’ve heard this one is a lot better in terms of plot than the first game so that’s something I’m most looking forward to. Apart from otome games, I am very excited for Touken Ranbu Warriors’ release next year as well as the upcoming RPG game in the PS4/PS5, ‘Stray’.🥺

💡 I plan to release more video content on my YT channel in 2022. While the topics of these videos will mostly be centered on otome and joseimuke, they will not be limited to these alone. So expect lots of surprises in that department! YAY! As for streaming… Well, I will try to play it by ear and will get back to it the moment my schedule allows me to!^^

💡 Once I’m all settled in with the new house, I will be working on setting up an otome merch cave to display all the otome merchandise, I’ve hoarded for the past years. I’ll also finally be able to set up a proper douma shrine! (cackles) 🤣

This year, I would like to express my deepest thank you to everyone who’s been extremely supportive of this website. Special shoutout to those who bought me catnips this year! I’ve come to realize that Otome Kitten won’t be what it is today without everyone’s love, encouragement, and support. With this, I am truly grateful! Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart!😭❤️

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank those who’ve reached out to me in these trying times. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement, & positivity. To my friends who’ve sent their cute pet pics to cheer me up, to my twt mutuals who’ve been nothing but pleasant and fun all around to interact with, thank you very much! No words can express how much I’ve treasured these little kiki-ings we have.

To all my old and new subscribers, commenters, visitors, and readers, YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! Thanks for sticking around this year, and I hope to see you again next year for more otome fangirling with your resident catgirl!

Enjoy that bottle of champagne! Here’s to more years of simping and suffering on hot 2D handsome men together! Happy New Year Everyone!!! Cheers!♥



16 thoughts on “Kitty Blabs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 2021

  1. I’m so happy for the good.
    I wouldn’t stress the bad, you’re awesome.
    As for the Ugly, I just want to hug you so much. I had a big loss this year myself, not either of my parents, so I can’t even begin to understand, but it was sudden and a dear friend.
    Stories, otomes, your posts, and other things have definitely brightened my days when I needed it most.

    I say it’s okay to be sad when you’re sad, you don’t gotta stiff upper lip it all the time, that stuff can be exhausting! But, I hope however it can get better for it, it does. Whatever shape that takes. I look forward to much and more from you and I am so glad I stumbled into your site some time ago.

    (My condolences in dealing with houses and having them built. ganbatte tomodachi – hontoni ganbatte. Cause oh-my-good-gods that is a HEADACHE.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Quin!🥺 I appreciate all your love and support this year! Always enjoy seeing all your witty and funny commentaries on the games we both play and enjoy! I’m very sorry for your loss as well. Indeed, grief is hard to deal with. I appreciate your encouragement. You’re right, we don’t have to force ourselves to look strong all the time. It’s certainly OK to be sad when you’re sad. Thank you for reminding me this!♥️ *hugs* Happy happy new year friend! Here’s to more otome games to chat with and enjoy in the upcoming years! Cheers! ^^

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  2. Congratulations on 3 Million views!!!
    I use this website a lot this year (and the years previously) for walkthroughs and to check out your reviews on new releases. It’s my go-to site for any otome needs I have, judging from the volume of people coming here I guess everyone’s probably the same!lol Thank you for maintaining this very helpful space for us otome gamers! You are the MVP in the community Chlo! Im so sorry to hear about your losses this year and last year. I could not begin to imagine how that feels. I know how depression feels like but dealing with grief is entirely a different kind of depression, I hope the healing process continues for you…sending hugs!

    That letter from the cupid parasite writer has also convinced me that MY next life as a Villainess will prolly get localised soon! haha (i hope) and thats awesome of her to praise your review! ❤ I'm looking forward for more content from you this year and cant wait to see your merch cave! Happy new year! :)))))

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  3. My deepest condolences on your loss and congratulations on buying your first house. The start might be a little bumpy but nothing beats having a place of your own you can call home. Love your reviews and detailed walkthroughs so much! Will keep supporting in 2022. Happy New Year and wishing you all the best!

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    1. Hello! Thank you very much for the warm wishes! I agree! It really is nice to finally have a place you can call your own ^^. Thank you for the continued support! I really appreciate it. Happy happy new year! 😀


  4. Sorry to hear about your tragic losses 😦 Losing a parent is always hard but both in one year?? Glad to hear there are good things in 2021 to offset the bad!! Thank you always for keeping us in the loop about new releases and more importantly what games to avoid 🙂 We appreciate you so much – keep up the awesome work, and may your 2022 be a great one!

    I have a question regarding the Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side series – the new one came out on the switch this past October – and it’s the one series there’s zero coverage of on this site. Is it because of the complexity of the gaming system, or the fact that it’s NOT a visual novel like the games you cover, or both? Just curious. I mean the guide book has more copy than a novel – I’d imagine there’s no easy way to do a comprehensive walkthrough anyway. But quite frankly if one can get past the language barrier it’s the one series that’s given me the most feels… (and the most weird looks as I’m jabbing my DS with a touch pen furiously 😉 )

    Thank you again for everything that you do!!

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    1. Hi Iris! Thank you for the lovely wishes and the continued support! ❤ I appreciate it!
      Regarding TMGS4, I didn’t cover it because there’s no official localization for it. While I do play JP games sometimes, I choose not to cover them in here unless they’re localized. I agree! TMGS series is one of those games that I’ll forever hold dear… 🥺 Glad you loved it too! YAY Havent picked up 4th heart yet though! I should probably soon! 💯 Happiest new year! ❤ ^^


  5. Hello, Chlo. I’m a long time lurker on here. However, I just want to say that I love everything you do here. It’s completely understandable that life is doing life things. Personally, all I ask is that you be sure to take the time to be kind to yourself. Grief isn’t something that just goes away, don’t pressure yourself it can take years. I am one of the people looking forward to the BakuRenka review, however if you’re not in a good mention space to enjoy making said review then by all means walk away from it for now. You help bring joy to so many people and I just hope you remember to do the same for you. Also, I wish I could hug you, but hopefully a mental one will be acceptable?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Charity! This comment really touched me. Thank you! 😢 Sometimes, we are get so fixated in doing what’s “right” that we tend to neglect our physical, emotional well-being in the process. Thank you so much for reminding me this needed advise, and for being sweet and thoughtful! Really, thank you, I appreciate it!💗 And Yes, and mental hugs are welcome! *hugs back*

      I hope the start of this year has been great for you so far! Take care!


  6. Lurker here! Hang in there Chlo <3. Thank you for all you've done on this website, I'm a noob to otome games, and having a site like this with someone so focused and passionate about these games has really helped me get the most out of them. Everything I read feels so in-depth and full of love! I trust your reviews to determine which game I should spend my money on, and then I come back for the walkthroughs to get spoiler-free help on why I suddenly died. (lol)

    Please take good care of yourself through the tough times and don't sweat the small stuff. Thanks again.

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    1. Hi Sabel! Thank you for your kind thoughts and comments! I appreciate it very much!🥰 I def will! You take care as well! 💗💗


  7. hey! a silent reader here! i really enjoy your website so much ❤ Being able to find out the latest news on everything otome from a very beautifully done website makes me so happy!! Also, congrats on the house! It's such a big acomplishment!! And, lastly, please give yourself time to have breaks and do anything for self love that may help ❤ From experience, very small things can trigger and lead people to spiral super easily, take the time you need to process ❤ and thank you for this site, happy new year! to lots and lots of drool-worthy 2d fellas! (one day there'll be a woman you can date in one of them…)

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    1. Hi Catchub! THANK YOUUU for this comment, and for the thoughts and well wishes! <3🥺 I rly appreciate it! Happiest New Year to you too! Haha looking forward to more 2dfellas to simp on this year, and going forward indeed! 🥰


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