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Release Date: TBA
Developers: Midnight Springs
Publishers: Midnight Springs
Platforms:  PC (Steam,, Nintendo Switch


Apocalyptic Dream, or ApoYume for short, is a dual-protagonist otome visual novel set during a zombie outbreak. You play as twins Toshiro and Mikuru Aikyo, intermittently swapping POV.  Between the two, there are a total of 10 LI routes, with one Love Interest (herein referred to as “LI”) being bisexual (like Mikuru herself) and possible to romance as either twin. 

Mikuru is psychic, and thanks to that mixed bag of a gift, she dreams of the impending disaster shortly before things become out of hand. The head start she and her close friends are granted helps them have a leg up on what’s to come, but by no means does it serve as plot armor – it is possible for every single character to die.



  • Full game with all routes and artwork, partial english voice acting, over a dozen unlockable bonus chapters averaging between 3-5k words each, and custom GUI.
  • Main game script of at least 300,000 words.
  • Partially-animated opening credits, with わたあめ (Cotton Candy) by Kikuo as OP song (vocalist TBD).
  • OST of 6 tracks.
  • Around 40 CGs, upwards of 60 BGs.
  • 25 unique character sprites with variations, with 3 poses for all main characters: 2 casual, 1 fighting.
  • Blinking animations.
  • Digital copies for Steam, Switch, and (rated pending M for language, themes).
  • Reorder of golden syringe earrings, this time including clip-ons*.



In total, there are 6 romanceable characters as Mikuru, and 4 as Toshiro, making there a plethora of unique routes to go through. And if you decide to, you can even end the game with one or both twins single! 

While each ending is tailored to who you end up with, the endings themselves are based primarily on outside factors – such as the state of the world itself based on choices and discoveries made throughout your playthrough. 

Besides the love interest routes and endings, there will also be a few non-LI routes you’ll be able to unlock in ApoYume.

There are also over a dozen unlockable flashback chapters that give insight into multiple characters’ lives before the outbreak. Different side chapters unlock depending on the route you are on,  and who you have positive interactions with. 


Website / Twitter / Demo

Author’s Comments:

I have personally enjoyed ApoYume’s demo, and I am very excited about this project’s re-launch! For more information about Apocalyptic Dream, visit the game’s Kickstarter page to try out the demo and view the tier rewards, as well as their awesome physical merchandises that you can avail of along with the game!