BUSTAFELLOWS – Limbo Walkthrough


  • These walkthroughs will help you achieve 100% game completion.
  • You will need to play all of the endings + Side B story to collect ALL of Limbo’s CGs.
  • The last CG unlocks after completing the entire game.


-About this city’s crimes
-It was a shoehorn
(Let the timer run out)
-I thought you were handsome
-Honestly, I need the money


-There’s a smoking corner over there
(Let the timer run out)
-You all get along, huh?
-The classmates and teacher
-Let’s play for it
-Rub the coin’s outer rim with my index finger


-I hope I can meet her
-Let me take a puff


(No Choices)

Enter Route: LIMBO – Side A

Create Save File 1 here (Optional)

-Let’s not
-I don’t want to hear it
-You should listen to Valerie
-Don’t break up their fight
-Stay silent
-Hold his hand

Create Save File 2 here

-Don’t switch the glasses

Create Save File 3 here

-I won’t die, no matter what

(LIMBO: Side B “Greasy Chicken” Unlocked)


Load Save File 2

-I’m against it
(Bad End 1 ~ Unlocks 1 CG)

Load Save File 3

-Cast my life away for Limbo
(Bad End 2 ~ Unlocks 1 CG)

Load Save File 1

-Looks like fun
(Unlocks a CG variation)

3 thoughts on “BUSTAFELLOWS – Limbo Walkthrough

  1. Hi Chloe,
    I have difficulty accessing memorabilia 22 known as Limbo Clear LIMBO side: A with maximum likability. What do you advise since I still cannot access the extra joker part.


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