BL Game Tokyo Onmyoji is coming to the West!


Genre: BL (Boys Love)
Platform: PC (Steam)
Release Date: 2021 (Q4 -TBA)
Developers: Holicworks Co., Ltd.
Publishers: Moonchime Studios
ESRB: A (Adults Only)
Content warning: explicit sexual activity, violence

Voiced Game? YES

Moonchime Studios recently announced that they have partnered with the developers, Holicworks to bring the popular adventure, R-18 BL visual novel, Tokyo Onmyoji to international audiences!

Follow a strong-willed protagonist on a quirky, fast-paced story, filled with humor, thrill and action. Get to romance four love interests with charming and unique personalities, some of the protagonist’s relationships will be cute and warm, others intriguing and dangerous. This game is guaranteed to have something for every BL fan to like. The game is fully voiced and features beautiful art from Akira Sakamoto.


The year is 2014. Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Japan, where “onmyoji” is a recognized profession. Here lies the city of Tokyo, unscathed by major air raids for the entirety of World War II.

The era is a mixture of both the old days and the new. In the midst of what appears to be peaceful, everyday life, there are many incidents of people being harmed by demons. Having been previously banned at the close of the war, the practice of onmyoji is now used solely as a countermeasure for those incidents.

The world is on the brink of chaos. Tokyo is home to hollow, wandering souls. It is now known that most of the demons who cause harm were formerly humans. Why do humans transform into demons? What is the true nature of the darkness lurking at the root of all this? A mystery lies in this place of intersecting emotions.




Production: Holicworks, Inc
Art: Akira Sakamoto
Honami, Mio Kouji and others
Rin Kamikura
Localization & Renewed UI Design:
Moonchime Studios


About Moonchime Studios:

Moonchime Studios is a visual novel game publisher specializing in joseimuke games. Through the Moonchime Localization brand we publish localized Japanese games to most regions of the world. While we partner with bigger companies to help them reach their full potential, indies are also part of our vision to give a voice to creators that usually don’t see their works published outside of Japan.

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