INDIE CORNER: Space Romance Visual Novel – ‘My Celestial Journey’ Demo is out!


In the year 20XX, space travel and exploration is a common occurrence. Astronauts venture to other planets and meet aliens for trade and treaty. Our player is one of them, he/she sets out for a mission on day but unexpectedly finds romance across galaxies.

Release Date: Coming Soon!
Developers: Crownea-VN
Publishers: Crownea-VN
Platforms:  PC (Windows, Linux)

View the game’s official site here.

My Celestial Journey is a Romance visual novel that let’s the player choose to either be a Female or Male protagonist.

The player can visit which planets he/she wants to explore. Ultimately after experiencing them all, the player can only choose one option.


  • Early Demo includes 10K words
  • Different worlds/scenarios for each celestial body
  • Mini explorations to talk to the characters or learn about the world.
  • Multiple Choices
  • 5 Route + 1 Hidden Route
  • 3 Endings per Character Route (for finished product)


Aeiki is  from a natural satellite called Zirom. Shunned from society, the people all seem to despise him. ‘What have I done wrong?’, he would wonder with eyes filled with sadness. This led him to become a broken individual who grieves day after day. All he wishes for is to be accepted into society. 

Rekua is one of the two ministers that rule Lilitu.  Lilitu is a dying star. No one knows how it hasn’t exploded in millenniums or how it even have inhabitants. Not only does the star have a mystery but so does Rekua with his mischief. He likes a little bit of entertainment now and then to take a break from his duties.

Venalla is from the planet Yinarus, which is home to two species. Those on land, the Keses. And the sea people, the Mareas. Venalla is a proud commander of the Mareas Army. He is prideful tend to flaunt his position often. Though he can be hot-headed and arrogant at times, he care deeply for his people.

Farrako is from Serheca, the land of the desert. In this barren land, he travels as a wandering nomad. He’s a chivalrous man with manners. Sometimes he break away from his gentle facade to show his real emotions buried within. Behind that smile hides disgust and hatred. A persona that he tries to hide from everyone.

Qusaven is an innocent young man from the dwarf planet, Xenshi. He’s from a small village and he treats the people like family. He loves to play around and care for the weak. On the outside, the village looks like an ordinary cheerful tribe, but something sinister is occuring on the inside.

Nikolai is a comrade that you can rely on. He will accompany you on every journey. He acts like an older sibling at times, worrying and taking care of his teammates. But maybe his feelings will change to something less platonic depending on the choices.

Play My Celestial Journey’s demo here.